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September 6, 2001 - Industry News

U.S., Mexican Presidents Talk Trucks In Meetings

Waving from the White House balcony, President Bush welcomes Mexican President Vicente Fox Sept. 6.

President Bush and Mexican President Vicente Fox wrap up a series of meetings today. One topic of the meetings was the issue of Mexican trucks gaining further entry into the United States

September 5, 2001 - Industry News

DOT Inspector General Unveils Revamped Web Site

The U.S. Department of Transportation Inspector General today announced the official launch of its revamped web page at

September 5, 2001 - Industry News

Hours of Service Decision Awaits Clapp’s Confirmation

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is continuing to work on truck driver hours of service reform, but don’t look for substantive decisions until after the Senate has confirmed Joseph Clapp as administrator

September 3, 2001 - Industry News

Oklahoma Faces IRP Sanctions

Oklahoma may face sanctions by the International Registration Plan if it can’t provide evidence of compliance by early November

August 28, 2001 - Industry News

NTSB Recommends Tougher DOT Physicals

The National Transportation Safety Board, wrapping up its investigation into a fatal 1999 bus crash, is recommending tougher physicals and procedures for prospective employers to find out about drug problems

August 27, 2001 - Industry News

NTSB Wants More Action On Collision Avoidance

The National Transportation Safety Board says while collision avoidance technology is being adopted by industry, the government should do more to encourage it

August 22, 2001 - Industry News

Runaway Truck Tire Kills Bystander In Colorado

Improperly tightened lug nuts are suspected in a fatal Colorado accident where a tire came off a tractor-trailer and killed a ma

August 22, 2001 - Industry News

FMCSA Extends Comment Period on Drug Test Reporting

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has given the public another 30 days to comment on whether or not positive drug tests should be included in state driving records

August 17, 2001 - Industry News

FMCSA Issues Revisions to Drug/Alcohol Test Rules

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has published revisions to controlled substance and alcohol testing rules for commercial drivers

August 15, 2001 - Industry News

DOT: When Should A Carrier Know It's Carrying HazMat?

When should a carrier or driver reasonably be expected to know if a shipper has violated hazardous materials transportation laws

August 10, 2001 - Industry News

Nevada Senators Decry Nuclear Transport

Nevada's U.S. Senators want closer scrutiny of hazardous materials shipping after a damaged nuclear waste container was found on a truck bound for the Nevada Test Site

August 10, 2001 - Industry News

Jury Awards $7 Million In Fatal Crash

The California Department of Transportation, a construction contractor and a trucking company have been ordered to pay a total of $7 million resulting from a 1999 fatal crash

August 9, 2001 - Industry News

Connecticut Cracks Down On Speeders, Truck Violations

Every Wednesday this month, Connecticut officials are cracking down on I-95, which extends more than 100 miles in the state

August 9, 2001 - Industry News

DOT Reaffirms Pre-Employment Drug/Alcohol Inquiry Rule

All transportation employers, including maritime companies, will have to obtain drug and alcohol test histories for new employees in safety-sensitive functions, says the U.S. Department of Transportation

August 8, 2001 - Industry News

RSPA Wants Haz-Waste Manifest to Accompany Shipments

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Research and Special Programs Administration has proposed revisions to the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest rules that would make sure emergency personnel had the proper information, even when electronic manifests are used

August 7, 2001 - Industry News

Brake Safety Targeted In Inspection Blitz

Truck and bus safety enforcement agencies throughout the United States and Canada will conduct 16 hours of brake safety roadside inspections Sept. 5 as part of Operation Air Brake

August 5, 2001 - Industry News

Crossing the Border: The Struggle Continues

Congress went into its August recess without resolving the fight over cross-border trucking between the U.S. and Mexico. While members are in their home districts, taking the pulse of the electorate, their staffs on Capitol Hill will search for ways to reconcile differences that threaten to ignite a trade skirmish between the U.S. and Mexic

August 2, 2001 - Industry News

California Border Inspections Praised

If all Mexican border inspections were as thorough as California's, maybe Congress and President Bush wouldn't be locked in a battle over letting Mexican trucks into the United States under the terms of the North American Free Trade Agreement

August 2, 2001 - Industry News

RSPA Extends Comment Period on Loading/Unloading Authority

The Research and Special Programs Administration has extended the comment period on proposed changes that would give it juridiction over hazardous materials loading and unloading, and has scheduled two public meeting to discuss the issues

August 2, 2001 - Industry News

House Passes Bush Energy Plan

President Bush may be losing ground when it comes to Mexican trucks, but not when it comes to his energy plan

August 1, 2001 - Industry News

Senate Clears Bill With Tough Mexican Entry Rules

The Senate yesterday approved a transportation appropriations bill that would set tough entry standards for long-distance Mexican trucking companies

July 31, 2001 - Industry News

Effectiveness Of Red Light Cameras Debated

Red light cameras: Are they proven technology that helps reduce accidents, or do they just serve to fill government coffers and actually make intersections more dangerous? That's the debate as a congressional committee tries to figure

July 31, 2001 - Industry News

FMCSA To Issue Diabetes Exemptions

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has asked for public comments on a program that would allow insulin-using diabetics to operate commercial vehicles in interstate commerce

July 29, 2001 - Industry News

FMCSA Hits Road To Reauthorization

Julie Cirillo

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is less than two years old, but it is already starting work on a reauthorization bill for 2003. About 50 people attended the first of the agency's "listening sessions" on the subject Thursday in Atlanta

July 29, 2001 - Industry News

Mexican Truck Fracas Continues Today in Senate

Senators return to the fray today in their slugfest over the North American Free Trade Agreement. Late last Friday advocates of tough rules-of-entry for Mexican truckers failed in a bid to cut off debate, setting the stage for a showdow


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