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Hair testing has gotten better over the years. Labs have standardized their procedures. And demand is rising, which will presumably continue to drive quality up and cost down.


A Better Way to Drug Test? Hair Testing Reveals Disturbing Facts About Driver Drug Use and DOT Requirements

In late 2005 and early 2006, two J.B. Hunt drivers were involved in accidents that claimed three lives. Both drivers had clean records, but both tested positive at the scene for cocaine. The Arkansas-based transportation and logistics company decided it was time for a change.


Cargo Theft Trends and How to Keep Cargo Safe

Cargo theft has impacted nearly every industry, from paper products to televisions

Research shows that making 'chores' socially competitive is a sure-fire way of provoking behavioral change.


Technology, CSA, and a Culture of Safety

Technology is not only changing what the driver looks for in the job, but also what the job looks for in the driver

Don Lacy, TCA's 2011 Safety Professional of the Year


TCA's Safety Professional of the Year Sets the Tone

When Don Lacy implemented weekly safety meetings as one of his first actions as director of safety at Prime Inc.


Fair Credit Reporting Act Affects Driver Hiring

Last May, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admini­stration began its pre-employment screening program service, or PSP. The PSP service compiles information regarding driving records of commercial drivers for use by motor carriers in making employment decisions

Carriers want fair and consistent enforcement of regulations that are  understandable and teachable.


CSA's Cargo BASIC Demands More from Flatbed and Open Deck Carriers

Open-deck carriers will have a lot on their minds going forward

Testing demonstrated that even minor cuts in the sides of the tested straps caused failures at much lower tension than expected.


Synthetic-Web Strapping Under Scrutiny

What do you know about the synthetic web strapping you use to secure cargo? What you need to know is that it has a label, tag or stencil showing the manufacturer's name and/or trademark, and the working load limit of the strap in pounds or kilograms. You've got all that? The label even says the strap is DOT approved. You're good to go, right? Guess what? There are no DOT standards for cargo strapping


Government Cracks Down on Distracted Driving; What's a Fleet to Do?

It's a fact: Fleets with the highest safety performance records also have stringent policies on in-cab cell phone use, according to the recent Strength in Numbers Fleet Benchmarking Study sponsored by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety


The Future of Roadside Inspections

You're driving down the road and approaching a truck weigh/inspec­tion station. An amber light blinks on the dash, advising that your driver and vehicle credentials, vehicle condition and trip information are being gathered and transmitted to the inspection station's computers for analysis. A few moments later, the light blinks green.


FleetMind White Paper Offers Tip and Tools to Ensure Waste Fleet Safety

FleetMind Solutions, Inc., has released a white paper called "Waste Fleet Safety: Tips and Tools to Ensure Safe Driving" that discusses strategies for improving waste fleet safety

12-point Buying Guide to Video-Based Safety Systems
Fleets of all sizes and across all industries are leveraging video to improve driver performance and eliminate risky driving that leads to collisions and drives up costs. Download this free 12-point Buying Guide that outlines the selection criteria to consider whether you’re just getting started with video technology or looking to upgrade your current program.
The Ultimate ELD Survival Guide
You wouldn’t travel to an unknown place without guidance, so why navigate the new ELD mandate by yourself? Our Compliance Team has 49 years of industry to share the essential information to get you up to speed and rolling.
7 Best Practices for Your Fleet Safety Program
How does your fleet safety program stack up with your peers? Learn about 7 winning strategies that leaders employ to optimize their fleet safety programs.
7 Benefits of Bundling ELD & Fleet Tracking Solutions
While the ELD mandate may add a seemingly burdensome requirement to fleets, it can be an opportunity to increase operational efficiencies by bundling electronic logging devices and telematics solutions— resulting in a powerful, integrated data stream. Download this eBook to find out the benefits of combing your electronic logging device solution and a telematics solution.
Why Fleets Should Be Looking Beyond ELD
With the ELD Mandate deadline looming, fleets are understandably focused on ensuring they are compliant. But many fleets are planning to minimally comply, investing as little as possible in ELD technology – for those fleets, ELDs will always be a cost center. For fleets taking a long-term view, ELDs can be a profit center.

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