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October 2010, - Feature

Study: Mandatory Alcohol Testing Cuts Risk of Alcohol Involvement in Fatal Crashes

A study by scientists at Columbia University found that mandatory alcohol testing programs for commercial truck drivers may have contributed to a significant reduction in alcohol involvement in fatal motor carrier crashes

Tags: compliance

June 2010, - Feature

Driving With the Wingman Collision Avoidance System

An arc of red lights along the top of the speedometer and an audible beeping alert the driver when something's too close up ahead. (Photo by Volvo)

By Tom Berg, Senior Editor

Think of any rear-end accident you've ever seen or heard of, where a truck slams into a stopped or slower-moving vehicle. What was its cost in injuries, lives and property damage

Tags: Equipment & Technology

June 2010, - Feature

Safety Specs: A Crash Course

By Steve Sturgess, Executive Editor

Spec'ing truck components for the safest possible operation is the right thing to do, but it comes at a cost. But it may be a cost you cannot afford to avoid

Tags: Equipment & Technology

May 2010, - Feature

Safety Technologies & Lawsuits

By Deborah Lockridge, Editor

Widespread adoption of high-tech safety technologies, such as collision warning systems with adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning systems, stability control, fatigue warning devices and other technologies, could have a significant impact on litigation in the futur

Tags: Topics & Trends

May 2008, - Feature

Searching For Middle Ground In Highway Debate

By Oliver Patton, Washington Editor

Oliver Patton's monthly update from Washington includes a report on the federal highway program, the Highway Trust Fund, and congestion pricing in New York City.

Tags: Volvo, Clean Air Retrofit

February 2008, - Editorial

Student Driver Scam

By Deborah Whistler, editor

Swindlers are using carrier data to steal from trainees.

Tags: Driver Training, Crime & Fraud

February 2008, - Cover Story

Risky Business: The Pitfalls of Not Managing the Dangers in the Shop

By Deborah Lockridge

OSHA Fines, Worker's Comp Claims, Lost Productivity, Lawsuits, Higher Insurance Costs, Equipment Downtime. The Pitfalls of Not Managing the Dangers in the Shop

Tags: Productivity, OSHA, lawsuits, shop management, Workers' Compensation, insurance costs, equipment downtime

February 2008, - Feature

Getting 'Em Back On The Road - Fast

By Steve Mitchell, managing editor

Used to be, when a driver's rig stopped dead in its tracks, that driver was in for some serious downtime. He had to put out the cones, lock up the cab, then walk or hitch a ride to the nearest pay phone.Then, seemingly overnight, the cell phone arrived, an invention that could turn a daylong nightmare into a few hours of inconvenience.

Tags: GPS, Cell Phone Use, breakdown products

December 2007, - Cover Story

Fleets as Test Labs

By Deborah Lockridge, HDT editor

Real world testing by savvy fleets makes for better products.

December 2007, - Feature

New CARB Rules Loom

By HDT Staff

In a year, older diesel-powered reefers — even those meeting federal emissions rules — will no longer be welcome in California.

Tags: CARB, Reefers, Reefer

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