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May 2012, - Feature

Western Star Introduces New Powertrain Options for the 6900

New options for Western Star's 6900 include the DD16 and Tier 3 engine.

Western Star announced new powertrain options for its 6900 truck model

May 2012, - Feature

Western Star Hopes New 4700 Series Tractor Will Boost Sales

New tractor version of the 4700 series was shown off yesterday at the Las Vegas Speedway. Like previously announced truck models, the tractor comes only as a daycab.

By Tom Berg, Senior Editor

Western Star executives hope a new regional-tractor version of their 4700 Baby 8 model will help with a new push for sales of their products. They have begun showing off all models of their tractors and trucks to dealers, customers and the trade press during a two-week effort in Las Vegas

May 2012, - Feature

Getloaded Introduces Free Android App

Getloaded, an Internet-based logistics freight matching site, introduced a new Android mobile app to give members easier access to its load board

May 2012, - Feature

Sloan Introduces MaxxDuty Pogo Stick

The MaxxDuty pogo stick eliminates the need for zip ties, allowing operators to run hydraulic and wrapped lines through the hoop.

Sloan Transportation Products says its new MaxxDuty pogo stick is the industry's first made of composite materials

May 2012, - Feature

TireStamp Unveils TireVigil TPMS

The Service App helps monitor drivers by tracking where a vehicle has been, its speed and when the ignition was turned on and off.

TireStamp's new TireVigil tire pressure monitoring system meets the new TPMS 2.0 standard for commercial tire monitoring products

May 2012, - Feature

Balqon Corp. Introduces MX30 Class 8 Electric Tractor

Equipped with standard 600 Volt lithium batteries, the MX30 has the energy to travel up to 150 miles under unloaded conditions on a single charge.

Balqon Corp., a developer of electric drive system technologies for trucks, tractors and buses, introduced a new on-road Class 8 electric tractor, Model MX30, for short haul drayage and inner city applications

May 2012, - Feature

Triangle Adds Lightweight Replacement Spring for Mack Camelback

The 62-143 version for 46,000-pound suspensions with 55-inch axle spacings provides fleets with a savings of approximately 300 pounds per vehicle without sacrificing performance.

Triangle Suspension Systems is adding a second lightweight replacement leaf spring for Mack camelback suspensions. The 62-143 version for 46,000-pound suspensions with 55-inch axle spacings provides fleets with a savings of approximately 300 pounds per vehicle without sacrificing performance

May 2012, - Feature

Blue Giant Launches Electric Vehicle Restraint

With a restraining force of 32,000 pounds, the HVR303 prevents forklift damage, worker injury, and other dangers associated with unscheduled truck departure.

Blue Giant Equipment Corp. added a new model to its StrongArm vehicle restraint series, the StrongArm HVR303

May 2012, - Feature

Precision240 Nut Available Option on Hendrickson Wheel-End Packages

The Precision240 nut, designed for tapered spindles, will be an available option with Hendrickson's HVS and HLS wheel-end packages beginning third quarter 2012.

Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems is incorporating its patented Precision240 two-piece spindle nut system into its line-up of Ready-To-Roll proprietary wheel-end packages

May 2012, - Feature

Hendrickson Launches Next-Gen Front Steer Axle

SteerTek NXT includes continuous beam architecture, which minimizes stress points for added durability while providing a strength-to-weight ratio.

Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems now offers its next-generation SteerTek NXT axle on select International truck models. SteerTek NXT is the standard axle offering on International ProStar+, TranStar and LoneStar models

May 2012, - Feature

Parker Hybrid Drives Systems Division Offers Wells Fargo Leasing Program

Wells Fargo Equipment Finance will provide an equipment leasing program for select U.S.-based Autocar dealerships, says Parker Hannifin Corp.'s Hybrid Drives Systems Division

May 2012, - Feature

Meritor Adds New Clutches to Aftermarket Solutions Portfolio

Expanding its aftermarket offerings, Meritor unveiled its line of 14-inch and 15.5-inch clutches in standard and easy-pedal-effort models, designed for medium- and heavy-duty trucks. Both models will be available under the company's Euclid brand through North American distribution centers

May 2012, - Feature

Blue Tree Systems Available On Windows CE and Windows Mobile Devices

Blue Tree Systems, a provider of trailer tracking, reefer monitoring and fleet management solutions, now offers its R:COM fleet management software on any Windows CE and Windows Mobile device

May 2012, - Feature

Ken-Tool Offers Mega AirBlast Bead Seating Tool

The Ken-Tool Mega AirBlast uses pressurized air to uniformly force the tire’s bead onto the rim before inflating the tire to the correct pressure.

Ken-Tool is now offering the 31444 Ken-Tool Mega AirBlast bead seating tool, designed to seat the bead of tubeless tires to the rim

May 2012, - Feature

Qualcomm Enhances MCP50, Expands Installation Services

Qualcomm is adding two applications to its new Mobile Computing Platform 50 that will have particular appeal to private and delivery fleets. It also announced an installation program to make it easier for fleets to get up and running with the new, lower-cost device

May 2012, - Feature

PHH InterActive for Drivers Mobile

PHH InterActive for Drivers Mobile gives drivers easy access to their vehicle and operator information from touch screen smartphones (including iPhone, Android or Blackberry Touch or PlayBook devices).

With PHH Arval's new PHH InterActive for Drivers Mobile, drivers can complete fleet-related tasks from their smartphone

May 2012, - Feature

Michelin Offers Retread Tires for On-/Off-Highway

The XZY3 retread compound protects against aggression, chipping and cutting, while a center groove bottom protector guards the center channel from any stone drilling and also assists in ejecting any stones or debris from the groove.

Michelin Retread Technologies is enabling mixed-use fleets and owner-operators to take on the challenges of on- and off-road applications with the new Michelin XZY3 Pre-Mold retread

May 2012, - Feature

Karmak Introduces Business Software Solution for Repair Shops

Focusing on the small business repair shop's bottom line, Karmak designed a business management system, Karmak Velocity

April 2012, - Feature

QuikQ, EFueling Partner for Cardless Fleet Fueling

EFueling Technologies has allied with QuikQ. The firms are working together to offer a cardless system in which the entire fueling transaction is activated, managed and tracked through RF communication

April 2012, - Feature

Cadec Makes PowerVue More Versatile

Cadec's new PowerVue Enterprise fleet management solution features a new, more intuitive graphic interface.

By TruckingInfo Staff

Cadec Global announced a new version of its PowerVue fleet management solution, PowerVue Enterprise. It's the company's first major product release since it was acquired by BlackBern Partners in August

April 2012, - Feature

Reelcraft Offers DEF Dispensing Hose Reels

Reelcraft has introduced its DEF dispensing line of spring retractable hose reels

April 2012, - Feature

Mac Tools Launches Macsimizer Tool Box

The MB7432 is a 74-inch-wide workstation that is 32 inches deep and 46 inches tall. The system features a 5-inch-deep, 66-inch-wide drawer for storing sockets and 3-inch-deep, extra-wide drawers for wrench

Mac Tools now offers the MB7432 Macsimizer Tool Box. It features a push-to-open laptop storage drawer with two outlets and a USB and Internet connection the company says is not available in competitors' tool boxes

April 2012, - Feature

Vigillo Offers Crash Management System

Vigillo's new Crash Management System gives carriers a cloud-based application for tracking DOT reportable and non-reportable crashes and tow-aways in a single plac

April 2012, - Feature

PrePass Updates Technology, Expands Services Offerings

PrePass weigh station service, offered by Help Inc., is redesigning its offerings to better meet the needs of law enforcement, state departments of transportation and motor carriers nationwide.

April 2012, - Feature

Talbert Manufacturing Offers 35-Ton SRG Double Drop Trailer

The 35-ton SRG trailer has a 29-foot deck length with a rated 35 tons distributed and 30 tons in each 10 feet of deck length.

Talbert Manufacturing introduced its 35-Ton SRG Double Drop Trailer, which features aluminum pull-outs, adding a full two-feet on each side

April 2012, - Feature

Phillips Plug/Socket Designed to Eliminate Cable Corrosion

Phillips Industries has introduced the Sta-Dry QCMS2 plug/socket, designed to eliminate corrosion damage from road contaminants entering the electrical system of a heavy-duty vehicle

April 2012, - Feature

Ox Bodies Introduces Next Gen Ox SuperDump

The new Ox SuperDump features four-, six- or seven-axle configurations, increasing payloads up to 25 tons and 80,000 GVWR.

Truck Bodies and Equipment International unveiled its next generation Ox SuperDump at the 2012 World of Asphalt Show in Charlotte, N.C

April 2012, - Feature

Teletrac Releases Latest Version of Fleet Director

Teletrac, a GPS fleet tracking and telematics provider, released the latest version of its core software platform, Fleet Director

April 2012, - Feature

TeleType Offers Server-Based Routing App for Android

TeleType has released SmartTruckRoute, an Android application allowing commercial truckers to use the built-in GPS in a phone or tablet to create truck-friendly routes with live map updates and live traffic

April 2012, - Feature

Maxxforce Engines for Sutphen Emergency Response Vehicles

Sutphen Corp. is now offering Navistar's MaxxForce brand diesel engines in its Sutphen mid-mount aerial platforms and Monarch custom pumpers.

April 2012, - Feature

Jacobs Presenting New Shock Technology to SAE

Jacobs Vehicle Systems this week will present to a major engineering gathering a system that could recover waste energy from shock absorbers/suspension dampers

April 2012, - Feature

Volvo Brings XE16 Package to LCV, High GVW markets

A common configuration in Canada, the 137,800-pound B-train is will be a popular application for XE16.

By Jim Park, Equipment Editor

TORONTO -- Volvo Trucks is adding two XE powertrain packages to its 16-liter D16 engine: a 140,000-pound-GVW option for the North American LCV market, and an 80,000-pound-GVW configuration for fleets demanding superior performance and exceptional fuel economy

April 2012, - Feature

Meritor Announces 12,500-Pound Front Steer Axle Rating

Meritor is adding a 12,500-pound rating for its front steer axles. This new rating enhances steering control, improves durability and lowers maintenance costs, according to the company

April 2012, - Feature

LLumar UV Window Film Meets FMCSA Standards

Solutia's LLumar AIR80 window film meets the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's clarification to safety regulations regarding window visibility in commercial trucks

April 2012, - Feature

TomTom WebFleet Offers Dispatch Feature

TomTom WebFleet now includes a new dispatch feature based on shortest travel time that will help businesses respond more rapidly to customers

April 2012, - Feature

Knaack Offers New Weather Guard Van Storage Equipment

New Weather Guard van storage equipment includes professional trade packages, bulkheads and shelving, accessories and specialty and secure storage.

Knaack released new Weather Guard van storage equipment including professional trade packages, bulkheads and shelving, accessories and specialty and secure storage.

April 2012, - Feature

Descartes Unveils Cloud-Based Transportation Management Suite

Descartes Systems Group has a new cloud-based Transportation Management suite that includes transportation execution capabilities for better control across fleet and for hire operations and help with carrier compliance for small package shipments

April 2012, - Feature

Life-Time Fenders Expands Mudflap Hanger Line

Life-Time Fenders, a subsidiary of Betts Spring Co., expanded its spray suppression bundle with popular mudflap hanger part numbers

April 2012, - Feature

TripPak Services Offers Xerox Mobile Scanner for TripPak Mobile

TripPak Services, a Xerox company, now offers the Xerox Mobile Scanner for TripPak Mobile users. The scanner provides improved image quality for Android smartphone users

April 2012, - Feature Launches New Tool for Brokers

Freight matching service has made its controlled posting tool available to all brokers and logistics professionals

April 2012, - Feature

Goodyear DuraSeal Tire Survives 367 Punctures Without Losing Pressure

This is the 367th nail hole in the Goodyear G394 SST wide-base trailer tire at the tire manufacturer’s booth at Mid-America.

Mid-America Trucking Show attendees last month drove 367 nail holes into a Goodyear G394 SST wide-base trailer tire at the tire manufacturer's booth -- without any impact on tire inflation

April 2012, - Feature

Aljex Introduces Driver Pay Dashboard

Aljex Software's new Driver Pay Dashboard is a new software tool that displays all the information to manage and pay owner-operators on a single screen

April 2012, - Feature

Great Dane Re-Engineers Its Everest Reefers; Improves Vans, Flats

The Everest CL is designed for specialized, foodservice and multi-temp applications

By Tom Berg, Senior Editor

Great Dane says it has re-engineered its entire line of Everest refrigerated, Champion van and Freedom flatbed trailers for greater strength, longer life and better performance

April 2012, - Feature

Air-Weigh Scales Now Standard on Sidump'r Trailers

Sidump'r Trailer, the Plainview, Neb., manufacturer of side-dump trailers, is making Air-Weigh's QuickLoad Trailer Scale a standard feature on its products

April 2012, - Feature

McLeod Software Releases LoadMaster and PowerBroker Version 11.0

McLeod Software released LoadMaster Enterprise and PowerBrokerPowerBroker Version 11.0., which includes enhancements such as service failure analysis and a lane analysis tool, as well as new third-party integration solutions

April 2012, - Feature

Comdata Offers New Way to Manage Pilot Car Orders

Comdata Corp., provider of electronic payment solutions, announced a new way to manage pilot car orders

April 2012, - Feature

Zonar, Esri Integration Offers Real-Time GIS Mapping

A new integration between fleet telematics provider, =Zonar, and geographic information system provider, Esri, delivers real-time fleet data layered with geographic map information.

A new integration between fleet telematics provider Zonar and geographic information system provider Esri delivers real-time fleet data layered with geographic map information

April 2012, - Feature

2013 Ram 1500 Has Engine, Transmission, Styling, Infotainment Advances, Chrysler Says

By TruckingInfo Staff

Chrysler says its 2013 Ram 1500 pickups are substantially upgraded with more power, better fuel efficiency, smoother aerodynamics, active air suspension, and a host of electronic infotainment features that make the half-ton models superior to competitors

April 2012, - Feature

Navman Wireless Releases App for Fleet Tracking System

Navman Wireless released an expanded mobile app for its OnlineAVL2 fleet tracking system, enabling dispatchers, fleet managers and executives to monitor and manage fleet activities from their iPhones or iPads

April 2012, - Feature

Isuzu Expands Warranties for Gold Star Used Trucks

Isuzu's Gold Star pre-owned trucks are getting expanded optional powertrain warranties, to as long as 24 months/50,000 miles (whichever comes first) on qualified vehicles


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