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April 2012, - Feature

McLeod Software Releases LoadMaster and PowerBroker Version 11.0

McLeod Software released LoadMaster Enterprise and PowerBrokerPowerBroker Version 11.0., which includes enhancements such as service failure analysis and a lane analysis tool, as well as new third-party integration solutions

April 2012, - Feature

Comdata Offers New Way to Manage Pilot Car Orders

Comdata Corp., provider of electronic payment solutions, announced a new way to manage pilot car orders

April 2012, - Feature

Zonar, Esri Integration Offers Real-Time GIS Mapping

A new integration between fleet telematics provider, =Zonar, and geographic information system provider, Esri, delivers real-time fleet data layered with geographic map information.

A new integration between fleet telematics provider Zonar and geographic information system provider Esri delivers real-time fleet data layered with geographic map information

April 2012, - Feature

2013 Ram 1500 Has Engine, Transmission, Styling, Infotainment Advances, Chrysler Says

By TruckingInfo Staff

Chrysler says its 2013 Ram 1500 pickups are substantially upgraded with more power, better fuel efficiency, smoother aerodynamics, active air suspension, and a host of electronic infotainment features that make the half-ton models superior to competitors

April 2012, - Feature

Navman Wireless Releases App for Fleet Tracking System

Navman Wireless released an expanded mobile app for its OnlineAVL2 fleet tracking system, enabling dispatchers, fleet managers and executives to monitor and manage fleet activities from their iPhones or iPads

April 2012, - Feature

Isuzu Expands Warranties for Gold Star Used Trucks

Isuzu's Gold Star pre-owned trucks are getting expanded optional powertrain warranties, to as long as 24 months/50,000 miles (whichever comes first) on qualified vehicles

April 2012, - Feature

Sloan Redesigns HD Pogo Stick

Sloan Transportation Products released a redesigned 45-inch heavy-duty pogo stick for over-the-road use.

April 2012, - Feature

Wabco Launches Electronic Tire Pressure Monitoring

LOUISVILLE, KY -- Wabco's Integrated Vehicle Tire Pressure Monitoring system provides drivers with real-time tire pressure information. The announcement was made at the Mid-America Trucking Show in March

April 2012, - Feature

Peterbilt Makes Stability Control Standard

LOUISVILLE, KY. -- The Bendix ESP full-stability system with Automatic Traction Control becomes standard equipment in May 2012 on most Peterbilt Motors Company's heavy-duty trucks and tractors

April 2012, - Feature

Noregon Releases JPro Fleet Diagnostics v5.2, Adds Sprinter Coverage

New from Noregon Systems is JPro Commercial Fleet Diagnostics software v5.2, offering a new coverage module for 2007-2012 Sprinter (Dodge, Freightliner and Mercedes) 2500 and 3500 vehicles

March 2012, - Feature

ASA, Jensen Heavy Duty Offer Digital Wireless Camera and Receiver System

The camera and receiver system allows the addition of Voyager's wireless back-up or side view cameras to an existing wired monitor.

ASA Electronics and Jensen Heavy Duty have introduced the WVRXCAMTC digital wireless camera and receiver system, which allows a user to add one of Voyager's wireless back-up or side view cameras to an existing wired monitor

March 2012, - Feature

AME Introduces Nut Buddy Wheel-Nut Remover

The Nut Buddy is a tool that can remove wheel nuts that have been over-tightened by an impact wrench.

AME International has introduced the Nut Buddy, a tool that allows wheel nuts that have been over-tightened by an impact wrench to be removed by hand

March 2012, - Feature

AME Offers New Mobile Web Site

To view AME's mobile web site on your smartphone or tablet, enter into the browser.

AME International, a manufacturer of tire changing tools and equipment, released a new mobile web site that can be accessed from any smartphone or tablet computer

March 2012, - Feature

Networkfleet to Offer 365-Day Reporting

Networkfleet will offer 365-day reporting to help companies improve vehicle, driver and fleet management

March 2012, - Feature

LED Headlamps Now in Round, Rectangular Versions; Kit Converts Markers to Brake Lights

LED headlamps are now available in 7-inch round and 5x7-inch rectangular versions. They emit bright, white light to help drivers see clearly and far ahead.

By TruckingInfo Staff

Truck-Lite now offers LED headlamps with a horizontal diode array and in two familiar shapes: 7-inch round and 5-by-7-inch rectangular. And modular LED lamps are now available for aerodynamic headlights produced by truck builders.

March 2012, - Feature

Diesel Destined for Ford's Transit; Fuel-Environment Calculator Ready for Fleets

By TruckingInfo Staff

Ford Commercial Truck says its upcoming Euro-style Transit full-size van will have a diesel as well as gasoline engines and reiterated that the Transit will get at least 25% better fuel economy than the E-series vans it will begin replacing next year

March 2012, - Feature

Detroit Creates New Options for StepUP Service Program

Detroit will offer new StepUP overhaul options for EPA '07 Series 60 and MBE 4000 engines starting in Spring 2012

March 2012, - Feature

Daimler Trucks Announces Elite Support Dealer Service Network

Daimler Trucks North America has launched Elite Support, a collaborative program between DTNA and its truck dealers, to improve the customer experience at Freightliner and Western Star dealerships. The new program provides quality assurance, rapid diagnostics, faster turnaround times and consistent communication

March 2012, - Feature

Alliance Truck Parts Announces All-Makes Fuel Tanks

Alliance Truck Parts now offers cylindrical fuel tank replacements for all makes of medium- and heavy-duty trucks. The new replacement fuel tanks meet or exceed OEM specifications and are leak-tested

March 2012, - Feature

Firestone Industrial Products Introduces Airide Integrative Air-Damping System

Firestone Industrial Products introduced the Airide Integrative Air-Damping System

March 2012, - Feature

Air-Weigh and Blue Tree Systems Announce Product Integration

LOUISVILLE, KY -- Air-Weigh has aligned with Blue Tree Systems to provide a data interface between its QuickLoad Trailer Scale and the R:COM Trailer Tracking and Temperature Management System

March 2012, - Feature

Ingersoll Axles Introduces line of suspensions

LOUISVILLE, KY -- Ingersoll Axles (An IMT Company) has introduced a line of suspensions. The unique customization offered by Ingersoll Axles results in a suspension that is designed to fit your trailer, not a trailer designed around a suspension

March 2012, - Feature

Continental Brings Wide-Single Drive Tire to Market

Following last year's challenge to Mid-America Trucking Show attendees to provide feedback on tire designs, Continental Tire the Americas unveiled its first wide-single drive tire at the Mid-America Trucking Show

March 2012, - Feature

ContiPressureCheck System Warns of Tire Inflation Problems

LOUISVILLE, KY -- Continental Tire the Americas, LLC has introduced its own tire pressure monitoring system, called ContiPressureCheck. It's an advanced tire pressure monitoring system specifically designed for commercial vehicles

March 2012, - Feature

Haldex Offers Spring Brakes and Service Chambers with Welded Clevis

Haldex now offers the Gold Seal and Life Seal spring brakes with the OEM specified welded clevis pushrod assembly

March 2012, - Feature

Peterbilt Extended Day Cab for Medium Duty Product Line

Peterbilt now offers its extended day cab feature for its entire lineup of medium-duty vehicles

March 2012, - Feature

Kenworth Adds Cummins Westport ISX12 G to Natural Gas Engine Line

Kenworth will offer the Cummins Westport ISX12 G heavy-duty natural gas engine for use in regional haul, vocational and refuse markets.

Kenworth is now offering the Cummins Westport ISX12 G heavy-duty natural gas engine for use in regional haul, vocational and refuse markets. This new engine requires a single fuel source and can run on either compressed or liquefied natural gas

March 2012, - Feature

Navistar Introduces OnCommand Connection for On-Highway Trucks

Navistar Inc. introduced its new vehicle support program, OnCommand Connection

March 2012, - Feature

Kenworth To Offer Bendix Wingman Advanced

 Kenworth will offer Bendix Wingman Advanced for the Kenworth T660, T680, T700 and T800 (above).

Kenworth will offer Bendix Wingman Advanced, a collision mitigation technology, as an option for the Kenworth T660, T680, T700 and T800

March 2012, - Feature

TravelCenters of America Launches RoadSquad Connect Nationwide Service

TravelCenters of America launched an expanded roadside breakdown recovery service called RoadSquad Connect, providing professional drivers coverage for emergency roadside services across the country, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

March 2012, - Feature

Kenworth Introduces 10-Spoke Wheel with New Kenworth T680

Kenworth's new 10-spoke wheel features an Alcoa Dura-Bright surface treatment, which requires only soap and water to clean.

Kenworth is introducing a new Kenworth proprietary 10-spoke forged aluminum wheel in conjunction with the launch of the Kenworth T680

March 2012, - Feature

Kenworth Offers Bendix CVS SmarTire for Select Class 8 Trucks

SmarTire will be available as a factory-installed option on the Kenworth T660 and Kenworth T700 later this year, with plans to offer it on other Kenworth Class 8 trucks soon after.

By Truckinginfo Staff

Kenworth will offer SmarTire Tire Pressure Monitoring System from Bendix Commerical Vehicle Systems as an option on select Class 8 trucks

Tags: Tires, Kenworth, TPMS, Bendix

March 2012, - Feature

Utility Offers K2 Kaptive Decking System for Van Trailers

Kinedyne's decking system safely supports a second tier of cargo without stacking, and folds into the ceiling when not needed.

Utility Trailer Manufacturing is offering a new optional double-deck loading system for its dry van trailers

March 2012, - Feature

Carrier Readies Tier 4 Reefers for EPA 2013 Compliance

Carrier Transicold says its next-generation transport refrigeration units will use a familiar diesel with enhanced controls and more efficient components to meet 2013 exhaust emissions limits.

March 2012, - Feature

Chevron Offering Premium Oil for Natural Gas Engines

By TruckingInfo Staff

Chevron Lubricants's new Delo 400 NG SAE 15W-40 is a premium oil for use in compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) engines

March 2012, - Feature

Trail King Mechanical Detachable Gooseneck

The new MG trailer is 750-1,000 pounds lighter than previous models.

Trail King introduced its new Mechanical Detachable Gooseneck trailer

March 2012, - Feature

Drivewyz Offers Inspection Bypass, Toll Payment Service

Drivewyze software adds transponder functionality to iPhone, Android, and Blackberry smartphones or other in-cab technologies .

Drivewyze, from Drivewyz, is a new web and GPS-based service that provides inspection bypass and toll payments in the U.S. and Canada via a smartphone

March 2012, - Feature

Pedigree Pays: Mack Boosts Benefits of Integrated Powertrain

LOUISVILLE, KY -- Mack Trucks Inc. launched two new product and service offerings that reflect the benefits of powertrain integration, the Mack Super Econodyne powertrain, and the Mack Pedigree Uptime Protection service and support package

March 2012, - Feature

Bridgestone Rolls Out Total Tire Fuel Savings Solution

Bridgestone's Ecopia tire and casing solution could save up to 5% in fuel costs.

LOUISVILLE, KY -- Five new steer, drive, and trailer tires in the Bridgestone Ecopia line, and four new tread designs in the Bandag FuelTech line provide drivers and fleets a fuel-efficient and eco-friendly option from new tire through retread

March 2012, - Feature

Michelin Introduces Super-Regional Drive Tire, X One XDN2 Retread

Michelin's X Multi Energy D drive tire delivers enhanced fuel efficiency, optimized traction and long tread life.

LOUISVILLE, KY -- In response to changing traffic patterns, and the emergence of regional operations as major segment of the trucking industry, Michelin Americas Truck Tires has launched a drive tire with on-highway fuel efficiency and protection from the bumps and scrapes of urban service

March 2012, - Feature

Dana Tandem Saves Weight, Offers Wide-Base Tire Flexibility

By TruckingInfo Staff

LOUISVILLE, KY - Dana is introducing its Spicer SelecTTrac housing option on its Pro-40 tandem axle, which offers customers the flexibility to convert between wide-base single tires with low off-set wheels and standard dual wheels with a single housing.

March 2012, - Feature

Volvo Trucks Adds Natural Gas Power

The natural gas-powered Volvo VNL daycab is optimal for regional transport, intermodal distribution, fuel distribution or pickup and delivery.

LOUISVILLE, KY -- Volvo Trucks has added a natural-gas fueled truck to its VNL lineup. The truck was on display at the Volvo booth at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville

March 2012, - Feature

Detroit's Automated Gearbox Set for Sale Next Year, DTNA Says

Detroit automated mechanical transmission will initially be available with Detroit engines in Freightliner's Cascadia road tractor.

By Tom Berg, Senior Editor

LOUISVILLE, KY -- Daimler Trucks North America said its Detroit Transmission, a previously disclosed 12-speed automated mechanical unit based on a Mercedes-Benz design, initially will be available next year in Freightliner Cascadia tractors with Detroit diesels

March 2012, - Feature

Talbert Releases 50CC/RP Hybrid Trailer

With a deck length of 26-feet, the new 50CC/RP offers the space for full construction fleet loads and features a slope to allow easy transport of rollers and pavers.

Talbert Manufacturing's new 50CC/RP hybrid trailer combines the benefits of a close couple lowbed design with a roller paver model and offers a longer loading incline and better lift capacity, according to the company

March 2012, - Feature

Reyco Granning Adds RideMaster Family to Trailer Air Ride Offerings

RideMaster suspensions are specifically designed for heavy-duty, fixed-axle applications.

Reyco Granning's family of fixed-axle air ride trailer suspensions now includes the RideMaster family, which offers two integrated axle models containing narrow bushings and three wide-bushing U-bolt axle connection models

March 2012, - Feature

Rand McNally IntelliRoute TND In-dash GPS Available in International Trucks

Rand McNally's custom in-dash version of the IntelliRoute TND 710 truck-specific GPS system will now be available for International Trucks

March 2012, - Feature

Pana-Pacific, Mobileye Partner to Distribute ADAS Technology

Pana-Pacific has agreed to distribute Mobileye's advanced driver assistance systems for collision avoidance and mitigation to the commercial vehicle market

March 2012, - Feature

Getloaded Introduces $29.99-per-month Membership Package

Getloaded introduced a $29.99 per month load board membership

March 2012, - Feature

Yokohama Unveils New 709ZL Drive Tire

The 709ZL employs Yokohama's Zenvironment technology, which combines the latest in casing design, rubber compounding and tread design

LOUISVILLE, KY -- Yokohama Tire Corp. debuted its new drive tire, the 709ZL, at the Mid-America Trucking Show this week. The 709ZL is available in 295/75R22.5 and 11R22.5 sizes

March 2012, - Feature

Jacobs Develops Engine Brake for Cummins ISX12 G

Jacobs Vehicle Systems has developed its first natural gas Engine Brake for the Cummins ISX12 G


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