Tire mileage turned to dust: Tread scrubbing machines remove all traces of old tread to sculpt the casing for the new tread.


Tire Casing Cost Recovery

Think of a tire casing as a foundation. It's the foundation of the whole tire, but also the foundation of a successful tire-cost management program


6 Steps to Cleaner Fuel

If you take the plunger out of one of today's fuel injectors and hold it in your hand, the warmth of your hand will make the metal expand so you can't get the plunger back inside the barrel.

Trained technicians are sent to inspect and record any issues with tire pressures, tread depth, trailer lights, wheel seals, air valves, air lines on the trailer's suspension and braking system, and even reflective tape and mudflaps.


Carrier Improves CSA Score With Trailer Readiness Program

With just two full-time facilities to handle maintenance on a fleet of more than 2,700 trailers scattered across the lower 48 states and Mexico, conducting regular trailer inspections can be a daunting task for Murray, Ky.-based Paschall Truck Lines.


Nine New Task Forces to Meet at TMC Meeting

The American Trucking Associations' Technology & Maintenance Council has created nine new task forces that will meet for the first time at TMC's 2012 Fall Meeting, Sept. 10-13 in Pittsburgh, covering topics such as tires, corrosion, CSA and visibility


Top 5 Vehicle Maintenance Violations

Vehicle maintenance violations are a huge threat to a carrier's safety record. There are close to 200 separate violations on FMCSA's list of point-carrying infractions, and many carry ratings of 5 points or higher

Shocks are a small components with big 
performance implications. Look for oil residue on the shock tube, and check for bushing wear.


Keeping An Eye on 
Axles and Suspensions

Although the maintenance-free tractor-trailer is still a few years off, there are really only two big maintenance items left when it comes to axles and suspensions: the shock absorbers and the air springs. Some historically large maintenance items today are designed to almost outlive the trucks

Instead of a traditional look-and-touch routine, a driver’s pre-trip inspection would be faster and better if key components had sensors wired to transponders that would broadcast their status.


How Automated Pre-Tripping of Trailers Could Help Fleets with CSA

There always have been a lot of reasons for drivers to do effective pre- and post-trip inspections on trailers and power units. Starting in 2010, we've had another: Compliance, Safety, Accountability better known as CSA

Drivers must check for obvious signs of wheel and fastener damage, but many faults will be hidden, especially over-torquing which will eventually lead to failure.


How to Prevent Wheel-offs

There's no shortage of information on wheel integrity: posters, pamphlets, simple one-page instruction sheets and a bunch of YouTube videos, not to mention mandatory day-long wheel-installation courses. We're inundated with education on how to make sure wheels stay attached to the truck

Extended drain intervals don't mean you can ignore the truck in between oil changes. Here, technician Bill Reeb of W.W. Williams in Birmingham, Ala., checks the oil level during a routine preventive maintenance check. (Photo courtesy of WheelTime Network)


How Oil Filters Can Help Fleets Extend Drain Intervals

High diesel and crude oil prices may make headlines, but the cost of engine oil has risen, as well, making an extended-oil-drain strategy more appealing

Skagit Transportation Maintenance Manager Bob Dorsey looks after a fleet of 90 tractors and 200-plus trailers, and he does it with the help of the long-established TruckMate software.


Managing Maintenance With Software, Part Two

Many fleet operations are too small to benefit from a sophisticated maintenance-management software system. They may be right, but probably not because there isn't a software product that would suit them


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