Tire Report: Factory Settings vs. 'As-Driven'

If something is set to factory specs it must be just right, right? In the alignment world, "factory specs" really means it's close enough. Close enough, however, might not be good enough when your tires are being chewed right off the wheels

Too many tires are pulled from service prematurely due to extensive irregular wear. In most cases, alignment would solve those problems.


Tire Report: The Art & Science of Alignment

Vehicle alignment is a great example of why they teach geometry in high school. How many times did you wonder when you would ever use Euclidean geometry or the Pythagorean theorem?


Long-Life Trailer Specs

Everything has a life span, but some of the things we make die sooner than they used to. For trailers, shortened lives usually can be blamed on corrosio

Understanding the knowledge shortfalls in your shop is the first step to designing a training program.


Training Technicians - Part One

Training has probably never been more valuable or important than it is in 2011. That's true no matter what the trucking job, but it's especially true in the shop

Storing tires and maintaining a current inventory is the task that never ends. There are easier ways to manage tire inventories. (Photo: Jim Park)


Tire Storage & Inventory Management

Even when your tires aren't out on the road getting used and abused, they're still costing you money. Stacked in a warehouse or in a storage trailer on the back forty, they're taking up valuable floor spac


Tips for Packing a Tapered Roller Bearing

Improper lubrication causes over half of all the bearing damage that we see in the aftermarket. Timken offers these helpful procedures for packing a bearing with grease


More Than a Temporary Corrosion Covering: Chemically Bonded Phosphate Ceramics

Fighting corrosion in trucks, ships, tanks, planes and equipment costs the Pentagon $22.9 billion a year

Rolf Lockwood, Editor at Large


Too Much Fine Print? Warranties Can Be Hard to Understand, But Effort Is Necessary

Big fleets often write their own terms when it comes to claims on a manufacturer's warranty

Where a coolant's neutralization number is related to the quantity of acid- or base-forming materials in a solution, pH indicates their intensity - and can indicate things going wrong in the cooling system.


12 Things You Should Know About Oil & Coolant Analysis

Oil and coolant are like your blood and your sweat, respectively, and they have to work together to keep you aliv

In many cases, the cost of two or three service calls will pay for an automatic tire inflation system.


Tire Report: Automatic Tire Inflation Systems Guard Against Premature Failure

Next to the click-click-click sound of your starter on a cold winter morning, a trucker's most dreaded sound has to be the hiss of a slowly deflating tire

How a Collaborative Approach To Fleet Fuel Maintenance Can Improve Vehicle Uptime
Find out how Penray’s collaborative approach to fleet fuel maintenance can improve vehicle uptime! Penray’s Fuel Doctor program addresses individual fleet needs through testing, independent lab analysis, recommendation of treatments and tank cleaning as well as long term maintenance program planning.
The Process of Turning Maintenance Data Into Actionable Information
Maintenance providers can help fleets gather crucial maintenance data and integrate it into the entire data stream to create intelligence that will improve operations.

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