Extended drain intervals don't mean you can ignore the truck in between oil changes. Here, technician Bill Reeb of W.W. Williams in Birmingham, Ala., checks the oil level during a routine preventive maintenance check. (Photo courtesy of WheelTime Network)


How Oil Filters Can Help Fleets Extend Drain Intervals

High diesel and crude oil prices may make headlines, but the cost of engine oil has risen, as well, making an extended-oil-drain strategy more appealing

Skagit Transportation Maintenance Manager Bob Dorsey looks after a fleet of 90 tractors and 200-plus trailers, and he does it with the help of the long-established TruckMate software.


Managing Maintenance With Software, Part Two

Many fleet operations are too small to benefit from a sophisticated maintenance-management software system. They may be right, but probably not because there isn't a software product that would suit them


Regular Tire Pressure Checks are Worthwhile

Weekly tire pressure checks might seem unrealistically ambitious, but given what's at stake in terms of tread wear and tire life, it's a worthwhile goal. Regular tire inspections should, obviously, include pressure checks


Protecting Your Investment With Proper Tire Inspections

There's more to a proper tire inspection than kicking it with a cold boot

Testing for parasitic loads: A multi-meter is connected to a battery and to the vehicle wiring. There is an inline fuse along the negative cable that is used to prevent current from the electrical system from blowing the multi-meter fuse.


Parasitic Loads and Battery Life

It used to be when you turned the vehicle off, all electrical loads went away. Now that today's trucks use electronics full time, including the extra hotel loads for driver comfort, these electrical loads (parasitic loads) increase the demands on the vehicle electrical system

Younger people don't much want to read training manuals, and they're adept at computer use. Tailor your training accordingly.


Training Technicians - Part Two

In part one, we talked about how important it is to train technicians, and how classroom training that affords hands-on experience is the best. However, it's not always feasible to send your techs off for training or even to allot hands-on time at your own location

O&S Trucking in Springfield, Mo., uses software to track each individual piece of equipment from cradle to grave and understand all the costs.


Managing Maintenance With Software, Part One

The need for first-rate maintenance of our trucks and trailers is obvious, so let's not start this article blathering about the necessity of cost control and the ever-increasing challenge of safety compliance. All that's a given


Bendix Announces Schedule for 2012 Brake Training School

The schedule for Bendix's 2012 Brake Training School, a three-day course designed for both new and experienced technicians, includes 20 cities in the U.S. and Canada

Many fleets keep a technician trained on wheel and tire procedures to look after the day-to-day work, but farm out the mounting and dismounting, retreading, etc. to a vendor. Photo by Jim Park.


Outsourcing Your Tire Program

The service truck arrives at 8:30 Sunday morning, as usual. The two tire techs unload 16 freshly mounted and balanced, retreaded drive tires, eight new steer tires on reconditioned wheels, and a take-off drive tir

Wheel reconditioning can't be done in house because of the painting or powder coating and bead-blasting. Vendors can set up and get economies of volume and get good ROI on that equipment. Photo by Jim Park.


Dispense With the Grief of Managing Tires: Let a Service Partner Do It for You

The service truck arrives at 8:30 Sunday morning, as usual. The two tire techs unload 16 freshly mounted and balanced, retreaded drive tires, eight new steer tires on reconditioned wheels, and a take-off drive tir

How a Collaborative Approach To Fleet Fuel Maintenance Can Improve Vehicle Uptime
Find out how Penray’s collaborative approach to fleet fuel maintenance can improve vehicle uptime! Penray’s Fuel Doctor program addresses individual fleet needs through testing, independent lab analysis, recommendation of treatments and tank cleaning as well as long term maintenance program planning.
The Process of Turning Maintenance Data Into Actionable Information
Maintenance providers can help fleets gather crucial maintenance data and integrate it into the entire data stream to create intelligence that will improve operations.

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