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(L-R): Mike Cain, Michelin vice president of original equipment, co-sponsor of the award; Mark Seymour, president of Kriska Holdings; Denise Elliot, safety manager, Kriska Holdings; Senta Brookshire, director of safety and driver development, Britton Transport; Jim Stockeland, president of Britton Transport; and Göran Nyberg, president of Volvo Trucks North American sales and marketing.
Creating a Safety Environment
By Stephane Babcock
Winners of the 2014 Volvo Truck Safety Awards believe safety starts at the top, but the driver is the most important part of the equation.
Technology comes with many benefits, as well as some vulnerabilities.
Protecting Data Is Key to Good Business
By Steven Martinez
Understanding what data your company has is just as important as protecting it in the information age.
3 Things Drivers Need to do in Workers’ Comp Claims
By Corey Lile
Falls from loading docks or trailers, back sprains from throwing tarps, slips on icy truck steps -- truck driver injuries can lead to workers' comp claims. Make sure your drivers know these key areas of responsibility that are in their hands.
Truck-Lite's senior vice president and chief technology officer, Brad Van Riper, supervises the headlamp changeover between the test runs at the company's Falconer, N.Y., assembly plant.
QuickSpin: LED Headlights vs. Halogen
By Jim Park
A comparison between a set of standard halogen headlamps and LED headlamps reveals, well, there is no comparison.
Even if it doesn't appear to be a serious accident, the driver should get photos at the scene.
Safety & Compliance: Preparing For a Crash
By Deborah Lockridge
Drivers and others at your company need to know what to do in the aftermath of a serious accident.


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J.J. Keller Puts Newsletters Online J.J. Keller is now offering all of its 17 newsletters in an online format. The newsletters are aimed at providing access to regulatory news and best practice information for transportation, workplace safety and HR professionals.
In-Cab Camera System Adds Audio, Infrared and 3G MiX Telematics has upgraded the MiX Vision in-cab video system to incorporate audio, infrared recording and a 3G cellular connection to improve clarity on incidents.
Fleetmatics Adds HOS Logging to Reveal Fleetmatics has upgraded its Reveal fleet management service with improvements to hours of service logging.
Rand McNally Expands HD 100 Compatibility Rand McNally announced software improvements to the HD 100, expanding its compatibility with more devices and platforms.
ALK Products Featured in J.J. Keller’s Fleet Management Tool ALK Technologies announced that its ALK Maps and PC*Miler web services products are now available with J.J. Keller’s Encompass with E-Logs premium edition online fleet management dashboard.
An Intro to Hybrid Navigation
What is Hybrid Navigation? Virtually all commercial navigation solutions available today rely on just the computing power of the on-board device alone to make directional decisions. Hybrid Navigation takes a completely different approach and philosophy to navigating the worldwide road network.
Have You Checked Your Brakes Today?
In order to properly inspect and maintain air brakes, it is important to have a basic understanding of how air brakes function. J.J. Keller's Tom Bray explains how they work and what can go wrong.


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