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Improving Your Trailer Appearance
Tips for vinyl signage and images, plus refurbishing trailers.
<p>Fontaine Renew can completely refurbish a standard flatbed trailer in about two and a half days on average.</p> By Kate Harlow
Tips for vinyl signage and images, plus refurbishing trailers.
Auxiliary Power For Work Trucks
<p>Bill Decker&rsquo;s Miller welder, stashed against a tool box on the front wall of his Wilcox truck body, doubles as an APU and makes 220-volt power to run heavy tools. The genset at his feet produces 110 volts for work lights and smaller tools.</p> By Tom Berg
Any work truck with a serious electric welder also has an auxiliary power unit, because the engine-driven device doubles as an APU to run smaller welders, heaters and power tools. And soon, purpose-built APUs will report for duty on work trucks.
Commentary: How Much do Your Technicians Know About Wheel Integrity?
In spite of endless service bulletins and instructional videos and even mandatory training programs, the worst still happens.
By Rolf Lockwood, Executive Contributing Editor
Executive Contributing Editor Rolf Lockwood discusses wheel integrity and the importance of technicians being well-versed in the rules of fastening wheels properly.
Avoiding Common Maintenance Mistakes
Are you overlooking key areas?
<p>Drivers need to be trained to distinguish when a fault code means the truck needs to be brought in immediately and when it is okay to wait for the next scheduled maintenance <br />appointment.</p> By Denise Rondini
Fleets try to do a good job of keeping their trucks in top operating condition, and most recognize that maintenance plays an important role in achieving that goal. Still there are some things that get overlooked by even the most seasoned fleet manager.
Are Your Aftermarket Truck Parts the Real Deal?
There’s a big business in counterfeit aftermarket parts that can spell big trouble for your company.
<p><em>Image source:</em></p>
<p>&nbsp;</p> By Jane Clark, NationaLease
Phony designer handbags…fake Rolex watches…buy these without realizing it and you’ll undoubtedly overpay for inferior products. Your wallet and your ego will both take a hit, but you’ll survive. But if you purchase fake aftermarket truck parts, the results can be disastrous.


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Oil Analyzers Introduces Oil Analysis Kit Oil Analyzers has expanded its oil analysis kit offerings by adding a new Value Kit as a low-cost option when a full fluid analysis is not required. Oil analysis is a beneficial tool that allows consumers to gauge the current condition of the oil and whether it’s suitable for continued use.
Webb Wheel Releases Webb Vortex Unlimited Brake Drum with Cool Running Technology Webb Wheel Aftermarket has released a new Webb Vortex Unlimited brake drum featuring patent-pending Cool Running Technology vents that increase air flow producing 15% cooler operating temperatures for better braking performance and adding 25% to brake drum life.
Bridgestone Creates Tire Advisor Mobile App Bridgestone Commercial Solutions introduced a mobile app designed to help fleets and dealers quickly access and compare information about the Bridgestone family of commercial tire brands.
Bee Line Announces Laser Computer Alignment System Bee Line has announced the LC7580 Laser Computer Alignment System, which will allow a shop to align the smallest passenger vehicle, the largest commercial tractor and everything in between.
Accellos Announces Integration between Prophesy Dispatch and MacroPoint Accellos, a provider of supply chain execution software solutions, announced at the Transportation Intermediaries Association Conference new integration between their Prophesy Dispatch TMS product and MacroPoint, a service which provides location tracking for brokered loads.


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