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December 11, 2000 - Industry News

More Than 200 Drivers Denied Vision Exemptions

The Federal Motor Carrier Administration has published a list of 247 drivers the agency has turned down for exemptions to federal vision standards

December 10, 2000 - Industry News

Hours of Service Deadline Approaching

If you have anything more to say about the hours of service rules, now is the time to speak up. The deadline for comments on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s controversial proposal is this Friday, Dec. 15. The docket already is huge – 60,000 comments and growing, according to an agency spokesman. This massive outpouring is the consequence of a proposal that would fundamentally change trucking industry operating practices

December 8, 2000 - Industry News

Court Says Mack Didn't Violate ERISA By Not Rehiring Workers

In a case involving former Mack employees, a U.S. District Judge has ruled that employers don’t violate the Employee Retirement Income Security Act when they choose not to rehire workers because they would then become vested in pension plans

December 8, 2000 - Industry News

Disabled Drivers: Trucking Struggles with Safety and the ADA

The Americans With Disabilities Act has created a cottage industry in litigation. Because the Act was drafted with very broad language, the courts have been left with the task of applying concrete meaning and determining how

December 7, 2000 - Industry News

RSPA May Lower HazMat Fees

Citing an "unexpended balance" in the Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness grants fund, the U.S. Research and Special Programs Administration has proposed to temporarily lower registration fees for hazardous materials haulers

December 5, 2000 - Industry News

Moving Industry Says HOS Proposal Would Hit Hard

A report commissioned by the American Moving and Storage Assn. found that the federal government's proposed hours of service regulations would cost the moving and storage industry an estimated $114 million a year

December 4, 2000 - Industry News

Oregon OSHA Looking at Tarping Falls

The Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration is asking carriers if tarping loads poses a safety hazard for drivers

December 4, 2000 - Industry News

Pennsylvania Supreme Court to Decide if Unloading is "Operating" A Trailer

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court will consider whether or not loading and unloading a trailer is "operating or maintaining" a motor vehicle under the state’s workers’ compensation law

December 4, 2000 - Industry News

FMCSA Issues New Haz-Mat Routing Guide

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has published a new listing of restricted, designated, and preferred road and highway routes for transporting radioactive and non-radioactive hazardous materials

December 1, 2000 - Industry News

NHTSA to Public: Are Tire Makers Giving You Enough Information?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has taken the first steps toward implementation of new recall laws, with a lengthy request for public comment on tire labeling and information

December 1, 2000 - Industry News

MCS-150 Forms Due Every Two Years

Motor carriers now must update MCS-150 information every 24 months

November 29, 2000 - Industry News

DOT Recommends Improvements to Driver Licensing System

State and federal officials need to do a better job of monitoring commercial driver licenses, says the Department of Transportation. The Illinois and Florida CDL scandal, in which truckers obtained licenses through bribes of state officials, shows the system can be abused if officials are not paying close enough attention, according to a DOT report released this week

November 29, 2000 - Industry News

Tank Truck Carriers Seek Changes in Hours Proposal

Tank truck carriers want to see significant changes in the federal proposal to revise driver hours of service rules

November 28, 2000 - Industry News

Local Police Can Now Enforce CB Rules

It’s official: Last week, President Clinton signed a law sponsored by Rep. Vernon Ehlers (R-Mich.) allowing state and local governments to enforce Federal Communications Commission regulations on CB radios. The impetus for the new federal law was complaints of illegal, overpowered CB base stations interfering with commercial broadcast and cordless phone signals.

November 27, 2000 - Industry News

New Character Review for Government Contractors

The U.S. Office of Management and Budget is reportedly poised to issue a final rule that would require government contracting officers to consider compliance with all federal regulations when reviewing companies bidding on government contracts

November 17, 2000 - Industry News

DOT Releases Truck Parking Study

The U.S. Department of Transportation has released a study that focuses on the shortage of available parking for big rigs on or near interstates, and trucker fatigue that is so closely associated with the issue

November 14, 2000 - Industry News

BTS Schedules Seminars on Financial Reporting

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation Statistics will hold a series of half-day sessions in four cities to review financial reporting requirements

November 13, 2000 - Industry News

Business Interests Sue to Stop Ergonomics Rule

Business interests launched a court challenge intended to kill the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s new ergonomics rule – and accused the Clinton administration of playing politics as its term comes to a close

November 13, 2000 - Industry News

OSHA Issues New Ergonomics Rule

A common complaint of truck drivers, backache, may come under government regulations with a sweeping new ergonomics standard from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The rules, which apply to all industries but construction, maritime, agriculture and

November 12, 2000 - Industry News

OSHA Expected to Issue Final Ergonomics Rule Today

The federal government is expected to issue a final rule today requiring employers to create programs to protect workers from repetitive motion injuries -- a rule that has been strenuously opposed by industry, including the American Trucking Associations. According to The Washington Post, which obtained a copy of the final rule, Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials expect trucking to be one of the industries that will need to make the most changes in the workplace

November 9, 2000 - Industry News

Household Good Movers Propose Changes to Loss/Damage Options

The Surface Transportation Board has asked for comments on a request by the Household Goods Carriers’ Bureau Committee to change released rate provisions for household goods shipments

November 8, 2000 - Industry News

OSHA Revises Ergonomics Proposal

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has reportedly revised its controversial ergonomics proposal

November 8, 2000 - Industry News

Insurance Companies Can File Certificates Online

Insurance companies and other financial institutions can now file insurance certificates and other federally required motor carrier compliance information via the Internet

November 8, 2000 - Industry News

What Does the Election Mean for Trucking?

As close and uncertain as the election results are, it looks likely that we'll have Republican control of the White House and both houses of Congress for the first time in 48 years. We will have to

November 2, 2000 - Industry News

Bush Leads In Poll of Truckers, Gore Running Far Behind

The nation’s truckers have made it known who they prefer in the race for the White House. The latest poll conducted by truckinginfo.com gives an almost 4-1 margin of victory to Republican nominee George W. Bush


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