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12 Ideas For Lightweighting Your Trucks
By Tom Berg
Over the years, manufacturers have designed vehicles and components to reduce weight, and fleets have tried many of them. From their wisdom, we offer a dozen lightweighting ideas for Class 8 trucks and tractors.
Technicians can set various engine parameters with a laptop or a specialized reader, often dedicated to a particular engine maker. Generic tools are available as well. Photo: Jim Park
Optimizing Engines To Improve Fuel Efficiency
By Jim Park
The engine is an often underused fuel-saving device. Optimizing the engine parameters of new trucks could improve fuel efficiency by 5 to 8%.
Testing aerodynamic add-ons on a track allows testers to monitor and control for a number of variables such as wind, driver performance, equipment conditions and more. Photo: Richard Wood
The Slippery Slope of Aerodynamic Testing
By Jim Park
Is SmartWay verification enough to calculate the return on investing in add-on aerodynamic devices?
Rolf Lockwood, Executive Contributing Editor
Commentary: Good News Coming?
By Rolf Lockwood
For the first time in recorded history, the EPA and NHTSA are sort of your friends.
TMC Survey Reveals Misinformed View of Fuel-Efficient Tires
By Jim Park
Do the fuel savings of low-rolling-resistance tires outweigh the assumed shorter miles-to-removal? A TMC survey found a disturbing lack of knowledge among members about their own fleet operations.
Are You Prepared For Winter?
Brought to you by PEAK BlueDEF
By Peak
Winter has a way of sneaking up on us and if your fleet is not prepared you can find yourself with trucks stuck in the yard, at docks or at truck stops unable to start.

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Photo via Wikimedia.
Natural Gas Vehicle Sales Fall 6.5 Percent
While the NGV medium- and heavy-duty segments increased by 30 percent and 24 percent respectively, the NGV light-duty segment decreased by 34 percent.
Congressmen Call For Fair Taxes On Alt Fuels
A bi-partisan group of congressmen seeking a fair excise tax on liquefied natural gas and propane introduced the Alternative Fuel Tax Parity Actwas on Thursday. Reps. Todd Young (R-IN), John Larson (D-CT), Mac Thornberry (R-TX), and Ron Kind (D-WI) jointly authored the bill.
Eaton Expands Advantage Product Line, Adds Coast Mode to AMTs
By Jim Park
Eaton now offers is Advantage Series transmission in more configurations to broaden its appear to different long-haul, linehaul and regional markets. The Advantage Series automated models now come with a fuel-saving coast mode to decrease parasitic drag on the drive train when operating on hilly terrain.
Photo courtesy of Clean Energy Fuels.
Dean Foods Rolling Out 64 CNG Trucks, Fueling
Dean Foods, one of the nation's largest food and beverage companies, will begin adding 64 medium- and heavy-duty trucks powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) and a fueling station at its Houston plant under a new agreement with Clean Energy Fuels Corp.
The MY-2016 Nissan Titan XD will be equipped with a Cummins 5.0L V-8 Turbo Diesel. Photo: Nissan
Cummins Launches Two-Stage Turbocharger
Cummins Turbo Technologies, a manufacturer of turbocharger technology, will officially launch its new two-stage turbocharger powering the 2016 Nissan TITAN XD.
Photo: Dave Cullen
Dana Preparing ‘Dual Range Disconnect’ 6x4-6x2 Tandem
By Tom Berg
Dana engineers are working on a Spicer Dual Range Disconnect tandem rear axle that combines the traction advantages of a dual-drive 6x4 configuration with the fuel economy of a single-drive 6x2.
Photo: Peterbilt
Peterbilt Highlights Efficiency with 579 Epiq
During its presentation at the 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show, Peterbilt reported up to a 14% improvement in fuel efficiency reached with its Model 579 Epiq.
Freightliner's SuperTruck. Photo: Stephane Babcock
Daimler Achieves 115% Efficiency Improvement with SuperTruck
By Stephane Babcock
Daimler Trucks North America unveiled its futuristic SuperTruck at the 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show, saying the project exceeded the company’s expectations. The DTNA SuperTruck has achieved 115% freight efficiency improvement, surpassing the Department of Energy program’s goal of 50% improvement.
Predictive Cruise Control uses GPS to predict hilly terrain ahead. Image via Kenworth
Kenworth Makes Predictive Cruise Control Standard
The Kenworth Predictive Cruise Control is now standard on Kenworth T680s and T880s with the PACCAR MX-13 engines. The option was originally introduced last fall.
Jim Fier discusses the movement of EPA emissions regs from particulate matter and NOx to greenhouse gases and fuel economy. Photo by Evan Lockridge
Cummins Unveils ISX Efficiency Improvements
By Deborah Lockridge
LOUISVILLE, KY -- Under the theme of "redefining efficiency," Cummins Tuesday night announced fuel-saving enhancements to the 2015 ISX15 big-bore diesel and a peek at the 2017 ISX15, which will feature a lighter and smaller aftertreatment system along with a more efficient turbocharger and reduced parasitic loss.


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Photo: Goodyear Goodyear Adds Retread for Fuel Max Long-Haul Tire Goodyear has introduced the precure Fuel Max LHD G505D retread, which is designed to extend the life cycle of the Goodyear Fuel Max LHD G505D long haul tire.
EcoFit Single-Module Exhaust Aftertreatment Cummins Emission Solutions is introducing the first of a next generation of compact, ultra-high efficiency aftertreatment systems, the EcoFit Single Module to be shown at next week’s Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville.
FleetAdvance App Finds Low Fuel Prices Comdata launched the FleetAdvance Mobile app to help drivers find the lowest fuel prices in the area or along a route.
Auxiliary Power Generator Runs on CNG The Cummins Onan Series 5500 NG 5.5 kW generator designed to run on compressed natural gas and provide auxiliary electric and optional hydraulic power for commercial trucks.
Alliance Autogas Has Bi-Fuel Conversion for Transit Vans Alliance AutoGas has developed a bi-fuel propane-gasoline system for the Ford Transit’s 3.7-liter V-6 engine.
Understand the difference between OAT and N-OAT coolants
In the past, Fleet Managers faced a difficult choice when it came to coolant. With advances in organic chemistry in long-life coolants and the advent of test strips, Fleet Managers should have the confidence to go with an OAT Coolant.
The Impact of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard and Cap and Trade Programs on California Retail Diesel Prices
A report done for the California Trucking Association examines the effects of the state's Low Carbon Fuel Standard and Cap and Trade program.
Barriers to the Increased Adoption of Fuel Efficiency Technologies
A new fleet survey and research conducted by The North American Council for Freight Efficiency has identified what stands between fleets and better fuel economy.


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