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Monarch Beverage in Indianapolis retrofitted its large shop with gas-safe light fixtures, methane detectors and ventilation fans as part of a conversion to CNG-powered tractors. Photo: Tom Berg
Navigating A Natural Gas Shop Conversion
By Jim Park
If you’re planning to add natural gas trucks to your fleet, you will likely have to make some modifications to your shop. That exercise could go smoothly or not, depending on how much homework you do in advance.
Diesel particulate filters help cleanse exhaust and give us cleaner air to breathe, but they cause frequent grief and expense.
Diesel Particulate Filters: Blessing and Curse
By Tom Berg
Diesel particulate filters help cleanse exhaust and give us cleaner air to breathe, but they cause frequent grief and expense.
Rolf Lockwood, Executive Contributing Editor. 
Commentary: Trucks Could Borrow From F1 Hybrid Tech
By Rolf Lockwood
The latest hybrid V-6 Formula One engines are marvels of technology that may give us a glimpse into the future of truck efficiency and performance.
Mike Roeth, Executive Director of the NACFE. 
Q&A: NACFE Executive Director Mike Roeth
By Deborah Lockridge
Mike Roeth is the executive director of the North American Council for Freight Efficiency. We talked to him about his group's mission, fuel economy and freight efficiency in general.
Inspecting Your Tires
By Pressure Systems International
Inspecting tires on a routine and regular basis is the key to succeeding in maximizing your tire removal miles. The goal of every tire program is to ensure that the tires are running smoothly and evenly without irregular wear.
The Right Coolant & The Right Maintenance: A Winning Combination
Brought to you by PEAK BlueDEF
Like oil, coolant is an essential fluid for the efficient operation of a commercial vehicle. Commercial vehicle engines have evolved over the years, and coolant has had to change to meet the demands of these newer engines. Today’s emissions compliant engines are giving off more heat, which makes the cooling system even more important.

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TA Opens South Carolina Location off I-20
A new TA location opened in Columbia, South Carolina, announced truckstop chain TravelCenters of America, operator of the TA and Petro Stopping Centers brands.
New York Ends LNG Storage Ban
New York is ending a more than 40-year ban on LNG storage by adopting stringent regulations for LNG distribution permits, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has announced.
TMC to Hold Fuel Efficient Tire Discussion at Annual Meeting
Members of the Technology and Maintenance Council will discuss fuel efficient tires at the organization’s 2015 Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Expo next month in Nashville,
EPA 2010 and later engines emit virtually no soot, as illustrated by this clean exhaust pipe. Photo by Jim Park
Study: Clean Diesel Exhaust Safe for Animal Lungs, Probably Humans
By Tom Berg
Modern diesels burn so cleanly that laboratory rats suffered no lung illnesses during a lengthy study of their exposure to exhaust gases, according to the Health Effects Institute.
Will overhead catenary lines fuel electric/hybrid truck growth in some specialized applications?
Frost & Sullivan Offers Sunny Outlook for Electric, Hybrid Truck Market
Declining fuel prices has reduced the attractiveness of hybrid and electric powertrains in commercial vehicles, yet the long-term regulatory and energy outlook shows promise for these systems.
Average Diesel Cost Near 5-Year Low of Under $2.87
By Evan Lockridge
Fuel prices are showing no signs of throttling back from their large and recent declines that started months ago, with oil nearly hitting a six-year low on Monday.
Preliminary Approval Given to ‘Hot Fuel’ Settlements
Following years of litigation a federal court in Kansas City, Missouri on Friday gave preliminary approval to settlements with more than two-dozen oil companies and fuel retailers over claims of selling “hot fuel.”
The signing ceremony for the Copper Free Brake Initiative. Photo courtesy of MEMA.
Copper-Free Brake Initiative Signed by Trucking Groups
Several motor vehicle industry associations including the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association and Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association pledged to reduce the amount of copper in brake pads.
Ryder Converts Bulk Oil Program to High Efficiency Oil
Ryder is now using 10W-30 grade oil to service all Ryder lease, rental and maintenance customer vehicle as part of the company’s preventive maintenance program.
Constellation Acquires 7 CNG Fueling Stations in Midwest
Constellation will acquire seven compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations in Indiana and Ohio under an agreement with CNG Fuel, Inc., the company has announced.


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Fuel Additive Dissolves Sludge in Diesel Tanks Dieselcraft’s Technol 246 is a fuel additive that penetrates and dissolves diesel sludge buildups to solve filter plugging problems in diesel fuel tanks.
Duron Low-Viscosity Engine Oil Promises Fuel Economy Petro-Canada Lubricants released the Duron-E UHP 5W-30 full synthetic, low viscosity oil for heavy duty diesel engines. The heavy duty diesel engine oil delivers better engine protection and better fuel economy.
Ursa Super Plus EC SAE 10W-30 Designed for Fuel Economy Chevron’s new heavy-duty motor oil, Ursa Super Plus EC SAE 10W-30, was designed to improve fuel economy in heavy-duty diesel trucks in both on- and off-highway applications.
Agility Adds Lighter, Higher Capacity CNG System Agility Fuel Systems launched an improved high capacity behind-the-cab compressed natural gas fuel system. The new system holds 160 diesel gallon equivalents – up from 155 DGE - and weighs 500 pounds less than the previous model.
Toyo Drive Tire is SmartWay Verified Toyo Tire U.S.A. released the Toyo M650, a commercial drive tire that is SmartWay verified. The tire is designed for regional haul service and higher-torque operating conditions.
Understand the difference between OAT and N-OAT coolants
In the past, Fleet Managers faced a difficult choice when it came to coolant. With advances in organic chemistry in long-life coolants and the advent of test strips, Fleet Managers should have the confidence to go with an OAT Coolant.
The Impact of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard and Cap and Trade Programs on California Retail Diesel Prices
A report done for the California Trucking Association examines the effects of the state's Low Carbon Fuel Standard and Cap and Trade program.
Barriers to the Increased Adoption of Fuel Efficiency Technologies
A new fleet survey and research conducted by The North American Council for Freight Efficiency has identified what stands between fleets and better fuel economy.


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