Fleet Management


Software Users Hear About Trucking Industry Trends at Conference

From the rise in truck intermodal to shippers' use of 3PLs to the coming black box, the changes we're seeing in the trucking industry were front and center during the opening general session of the McLeod Software User's Conference


Shipper-Carrier Relations: Coca Cola Supply Looks for a Better Way

We're at a familiar point in the business cycle, a dismal one from the perspective of many carriers


Fleet Fuel Card Shopping

Your company has decided to get its first fleet fuel card, or perhaps you are tired of your current vendor. How do you go about shopping for the right fuel card


The Bees Are Still Buzzing: Handling Fuel on a Daily Basis

Summer may be over, but our offices are still beehives of activity. In the fleet fuel management business, it never seems as if there are enough hours in the day or days in the wee


Mobile On-Site Fueling

If you are exploring ways to improve your fuel management program, on-site fueling could be the right solution for your fuel planning process


Fleet Fuel Price Negotiating: Details, Details

Many companies large and small have no idea how to negotiate fleet fuel prices and discounts.

As an alternative to in-cab devices, cell phones can provide a way for fleets to track drivers, especially when they're doing work outside of the truck.


A Mobile Industry: Cell Phones Useful to Stay Connected With Drivers

Cell phones today are nearly second-nature. You can walk down the street and see almost everyone holding one. And it's almost impossible to imagine how the trucking industry did without the


How Do You Audit Your Fleet Fuel Invoices?

The Sokolis Group performs a lot of audits of fleet fuel invoices, reviewing hundreds of thousands of fuel transactions a month

Trade shows like The Work Truck Show provide the opportunity to research new bodies, equipment and components from a number of manufacturers in a single location.


Get More Work Out of Your Work Trucks

Maximizing fleet productivity starts with getting the most out of your vehicles

By leasing trucks, Mims Meat could update its fleet immediately without straining the corporate credit line. Dan Mims says buying 16 trucks would have been tough financially.


Lease vs. Own: Re-thinking Truck Ownership As Technology Changes

Several years ago, many fleets thought owning their own trucks made the most financial sense

Turning Big Data into Actionable Safety Intelligence
The ability to access or analyze big data, especially in real-time as it streams in, can have an enormous impact on a business, particularly if it is used to predict the onset of an event or provide insight into how to transform a process or operation. Some fleet managers are beginning to call this “Actionable Safety Intelligence.” Here’s why.
The Right ELD
Driving Profitability From The ELD Mandate. With paper logbooks gone and the ELD now standard, how can trucking companies of all sizes meet the FMCSA ELD Mandate and boost productivity and efficiency?
Connectivity: How Advanced Vehicle Technology Is Changing the Transportation Industry
In this report, you’ll discover the new types of advanced vehicle technology that is changing the industry, how these technologies affect your fleet, and how you can prepare for the future of the transportation industry.
7 Benefits of Bundling ELD & Fleet Tracking Solutions
While the ELD mandate may add a seemingly burdensome requirement to fleets, it is also an opportunity to increase operational efficiencies. Download this ebook and learn 7 possible benefits of bundling an ELD solution with a telematics solution.
7 Best Practices for Your Fleet Safety Program
How does your fleet safety program stack up with your peers? Learn about 7 winning strategies that leaders employ to optimize their fleet safety programs.

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