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October 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Department

Don't Miss This Critical Step in ELD Implementation

Photo: J.J. Keller & Associates

By Mark Schedler

There’s more to complying with the electronic logging device mandate than putting the devices in your trucks. Will your new ELD policies and procedures pass FMCSA’s scrutiny as adequate safety management controls?

Tags: J.J. Keller, ELDs, ELD Mandate, Drivers, Safety & Compliance, Telematics

October 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Oilfield Company No Renegade When it Comes to ELDs

Renegade Wire Line Services has been running on J.J. Keller ELogs for more than three years. Photo: Renegade Wire Line Services

By Deborah Lockridge

Todd Caughey was a state trooper for 25 years who retired and took on a new career as HSE/DOT Compliance Supervisor for Renegade Wire Line Services. The company put in electronic logs back in 2014, so he has an unusual perspective on enforcement of the electronic logging device mandate.

Tags: J.J. Keller, Safety & Compliance, ELDs, ELD Mandate, Oilfield Services

September 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Fleets Talk ELDs, Specs, Self-Driving Trucks on FTR Equipment Panel

From left, Greg Eddy, president and CEO of Venture Logistics; Don Hinkle, vice president of equipment services at YRC Worldwide; and  Maverick Vice President of Maintenance Mike Jeffress. Photo by Evan Lockridge

By Evan Lockridge

How fleets think about equipment, electronic logging devices and even the future of autonomous vehicles were in the spotlight Wednesday afternoon at the annual FTR Transportation Conference in Indianapolis, as three trucking fleet people spoke on a panel about the challenges they face in today’s uncertain trucking environment.

Tags: Spec'ing, Safety & Compliance, FTR, Maverick, YRC Worldwide, ELDs, Autonomous Vehicles

November 2013, TruckingInfo.com - WebXclusive

5 Things Drivers Never Should Do at the Scene of an Accident

Photo by Keith via Flickr

By Don Jerrell, Associate VP, HNI

The time to plan how you’re going to respond at the scene of an accident is before you are involved in an accident. How a truck driver responds on the scene has a major impact on the outcome of any claims that may follow.

Tags: Driver Safety, Driver Training, Accidents, Drivers, Safety & Compliance, HNI

April 2013, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Safety&Compliance: Beware these background screening pitfalls

By Deborah Lockridge

If you haven't taken a look at your driver hiring and screening procedures in a while, it's time for a thorough review to avoid running afoul of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Tags: Safety & Compliance

April 2013, TruckingInfo.com - Cover Story

5 Trends in Private Fleets

John Lamonica is president and CEO of Lamonica's Pizza Dough Co., and is the proud owners of three Kenworth trucks that deliver his pizza dough.

By Deborah Lockridge

John Lamonica knows pizza. He can tell you why Brooklyn water makes great pizza dough, and how he has worked to get the same level of great flavor in his California operations using high-quality ingredients and filtered water. The president and CEO of Lamonica's Pizza Dough Co. is also proud of his three bright-red Kenworth trucks that deliver pizza dough to Costco and other customers in southern California.

Tags: Technology, NPTC, Safety & Compliance, Private Fleets

February 2013, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Con-way Communicates Safety

Con-way Freight works to stress safety to its employees in a variety of ways.

By Kate Harlow

With the advent of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s flagship Compliance, Safety, Accountability program, a new premium was put on safety. This required a number of fleets to focus on the issue like never before.

Tags: FMCSA, Con-way Freight, CSA, Safety & Compliance

July 2012, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Speed Limiters: Is the cure worse than the disease?

By Commentary Jim Park, Equipment Editor

Drivers hate them. Fleets love them. I'm talking about truck speed limiters, which to my mind are a blunt solution to a technically delicate problem: how to manage truck speed and efficiency without rendering the things undriveable.

Tags: Safety & Compliance

May 2012, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Cut Costs with an Accident Management Program

By Luann Dunkerly, Contributor

Most trucking companies are not taking advantage of a proven way to achieve significant net cost reductions: outsourcing their accident management program

Tags: Safety & Compliance

March 2012, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

How Do You Know Your Drivers Are Doing Proper Inspections?

A strong safety culture, driver training and accountability all help make sure pre-trip inspections are done properly. (Photo courtesy of Con-Way)

By Deborah Lockridge

A key strategy that has emerged for fleets to help improve their scores under FMCSA's new Compliance, Safety, Accountability enforcement regime - more commonly known as CSA - is a proper pre-trip inspection

Tags: Safety & Compliance

February 2012, TruckingInfo.com - Cover Story

The New Hours Rule: Did FMCSA Find A Sweet Spot?

By Oliver B. Patton, Washington Editor

Almost no one is happy about the new hours of service rule. Maybe that means the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration made the moves that will lead to stability, at long last. Or maybe not.

Tags: Safety & Compliance, Hours of Service

February 2012, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Cargo Securement: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You Under CSA

This great-looking load shoul dbe placed out-of-service for violations. How many can you spot? (See the answer at the bottom of the story.)

By Jim Park, Equipment Editor

You can hide a multitude of sins inside a van trailer, but with an open deck trailer, any indiscretions are out in the open for all to see -- including DOT roadside inspectors

Tags: Safety & Compliance

February 2012, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Top 5 Cargo Securement Violations

By Jim Park, Equipment Editor

In 2011, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance inspectors conducted about 2 million vehicle inspections. In the cargo securement sphere, the most common violations found during roadside inspections were "failure to prevent shifting cargo" (16,345) and "leaking/spilling/blowing/falling cargo" (10,872)

Tags: Safety & Compliance

January 2012, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Driving Tips to Protect Light-Duty Fleets This Winter

By Ed Iannuzzi, Automotive Resources International

As we settle into the new year, winter 2012 is just beginning to flex its muscles

Tags: Safety & Compliance

January 2012, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Stability Control: Cheap Insurance

By Commentary Rolf Lockwood, Editor at Large

Some time soon, if we don't already, we'll have a rulemaking proposal that ultimately will put a stability-control system on every new tractor, and maybe retrofit such a system on all tank trailers too, old or new. I'm sold on both ideas

Tags: Safety & Compliance

January 2012, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Schneider National Safety Guru Don Osterberg on the FMCSA's New Enforcement Program

Schneider National's efforts to improve its CSA scores have resulted in a favorable trend in the number of inspections with violations. Photo by Jim Park.

By Deborah Lockridge, Editor in Chief

We spoke with Don Osterberg, vice president of safety at mega-carrier Schneider National and a leader in trucking safety, about the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's new Compliance, Safety, and Accountability enforcement progra

Tags: Safety & Compliance

January 2012, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Data Shows Speeding and Log Violations are Main CSA Culprits; Technology Can Help

Electronic logs are touted as a high-tech solution for the two leading violations in the Fatigued Driver BASIC: driver's record of duty status is not current and a log violation in general form and manner. Photo courtesy of PeopleNet.

By Jim Beach, Contributing Editor

When the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rolled out its Compliance, Safety, Accountability program in late 2010, a number of carriers were surprised to find a poorer safety rating than they enjoyed under the old SafeStat

Tags: Safety & Compliance

November 2011, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Monitoring Driver Behavior Can Improve Safety, Reduce Costs

By Jim Beach, Contributing Editor & Deborah Lockridge, Editor in Chief

Driver monitoring has evolved tremendously in recent years. Some carriers still rely on reports from a 1-800 "how's my driving" number to find out when a driver is driving poorly, but many more are putting technology to wor

Tags: Safety & Compliance

August 2011, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

9 Ways to Keep Cargo Safe and Secure

By Deborah Lockridge, Editor in Chief

Last November, cargo thieves made off with a truckload of pharmaceuticals worth several million dollars

Tags: Safety & Compliance

June 2011, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Groups Offer Information on Cargo Theft

As we report in the July 2012 issue of Heavy Duty Trucking, cargo theft is on the increase. One way to combat it is by using the resources below

Tags: Safety & Compliance

March 2010, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Best Solutions For Locking Up Tools

The Master Locking System from Knapheide Manufacturing includes a bar that runs the interior of each side of the body. (Photo by Knapheide)

By Tom Berg, Senior Editor

New York City is famous for horror stories about crime in general and theft in particular. Here's one we just heard: A tradesman had all his expensive power tools stolen from his locked van by someone who was destructively determined

Tags: Safety & Compliance

November 2009, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Stability Control Technology Can Lead to More Conservative Drivers

By Diana Britton, Managing Editor

While the use of stability control systems could mean the difference between a collision and the avoidance of a crash, it also could help you create safer, more conservative drivers

Tags: Safety & Compliance

November 2009, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Trailer Safety: Easy On, Off and Walking for Drivers With These Products

Air cylinders raise the railing along the top of this dry-bulk tanker for safe use by a driver or worker. They drop back down when loading or maintenance is complete.

By Tom Berg, Senior Editor

Falling from a tall trailer will almost certainly result in broken bones or worse for a driver or maintenance person, and will cost thousands of dollars in medical and worker's compensation claims

Tags: Safety & Compliance

August 2009, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Security Smarts: Protecting Your Cargo, Trucks and Drivers

Photo by Jim Park

By Deborah Lockridge, Editor

The hijacking of the Maersk Alabama by Somali pirates and the dramatic rescue of its captain may have captured the nation's attention, but the hijacking and theft of trucks and trailers is a greater threat to the U.S. econom

Tags: Safety & Compliance

August 2009, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

'Hey, Where'd My Truck Go?' Driver Security Tips

By Jim Park, Equipment Editor

Short of rotting pig guts or trash destined for landfill, crooks will grab just about anything they can dispose of quickly and sell without a trace

Tags: Safety & Compliance

August 2009, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Eyes on the Road: First Observer Takes Over for Highway Watch

By Oliver B. Patton, Washington Editor

Truck drivers' long and storied tradition as Knights of the Road took on new meaning after 9/11

Tags: Safety & Compliance

August 2009, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Summit to Focus on Distracted Driving

Recent concerns about the dangers of text messaging and other distractions while driving have prompted a gathering in Washington, D.C., to address the issue in late Septembe

Tags: Safety & Compliance

July 2009, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Report: Cargo Theft Losses on the Rise

While thefts rates vary between commodity groups and industries, across the board the average loss per cargo theft incident is sharply on the rise, according to a report from FreightWatch International

Tags: Safety & Compliance

June 2009, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Rollover Control: Electronic stability technology

By Tom Berg, Senior Equipment Editor

Not a lot of truck buyers are choosing electronic stability enhancement devices, but maybe they should - because they could be saving big bucks

Tags: Safety & Compliance

May 2009, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Book Review: "Safety for the Long Haul"

By Oliver B. Patton, Washington Editor

Every truck safety professional in the country should read this book. And every trucking company owner or chief executive, upon whom the ultimate responsibility for safety lies, should be familiar with it

Tags: Safety & Compliance


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