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May 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Editorial

Commentary: Why Innovation's More Important Than Ever

Deborah Lockridge

By Deborah Lockridge

Never have we seen so many potentially paradigm-changing developments coming at the industry so quickly, writes editor in chief Deborah Lockridge.

Tags: HDT Truck Fleet Innovators, Future Trucks, Autonomous Vehicles, Nikola Motor Company, Uber for Trucking

May 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Cover Story

Six Steps to Thwart Cargo Theft

By David Cullen

“Cargo theft hasn’t necessarily gotten worse lately, but there is more sophistication on the criminal side than 20 years ago when it was strictly a crime of opportunity,” says Eric Fuller, CEO of U.S. Xpress. But there is much motor carriers can do to help protect customers’ goods and their own assets and employees from heists.

Tags: Asset Management, Cargo Theft, Crime, Cargo Nets, Security

May 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Editorial

Analysis: Look Deeper Into GDP Numbers for Better Trucking Insight

Photo: istockphoto.com/rimeimages

By Evan Lockridge

GDP doesn't always tell the whole story of trucking's economic climate. That's why MacKay & Company developed its proprietary measure, Truckable Economic Activity, reflecting the portion of the GDP that spends its time in trucks.

Tags: Economy, MacKay and Co., GDP

May 2017, TruckingInfo.com - WebXclusive

Inside U.S. Xpress' Award-Winning Leadership Development Programs

U.S. Xpress headquarters in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Photo: Deborah Lockridge

By Deborah Lockridge

We may hear a lot about the driver shortage and even the technician shortage, but increasingly trucking is facing a shortage of talented leadership as well. U.S. Xpress has been taking steps to combat that. HDT's Deborah Lockridge talked to company leaders about their efforts.

Tags: Leadership, U.S. Xpress

April 2017, TruckingInfo.com - WebXclusive

The Future of Tolling in America

Photos: PrePass

By Andrew Johnson

Regardless of what happens to improve infrastructure at the federal level, state and local governments are increasingly taking steps to improve roads and bridges through tolling.

Tags: Infrastructure, Tolls, Infrastructure Funding, Highways

April 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

The Big and Small of Last Mile Delivery

Final-mile delivery, like this one by XPO Last Mile, requires not only getting the product there in a specific time window, but often can involve getting it into the customers’ home and even setting it up. Photo: XPO Logistics

By Deborah Lockridge

E-commerce is driving a last-mile delivery boom, with everyone from startup drone makers to big less-than-truckload operations getting in on the business. Part four of our Trucking in the 21st Century series.

Tags: E-commerce, Amazon.com, Delivery Fleets, Last Mile Delivery

April 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Editorial

Commentary: Driver is King at All-American MATS

Deborah Lockridge

By Deborah Lockridge

At this year's MATS, Made in America was still a big selling point for many trucking suppliers, writes editor in chief Deborah Lockridge.

Tags: Drivers, Events, MATS

April 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Cover Story

2017 Truck Fleet Innovators

Meet some of trucking’s best and brightest leaders.

By David Cullen

Please allow us to introduce you to four forward-thinkers who are helping lead the trucking industry to overcome challenges and grasp opportunities smartly and swiftly.

Tags: Awards, Heavy Duty Trucking magazine, HDT Truck Fleet Innovators

April 2017, TruckingInfo.com - WebXclusive

What, Me Worry About Higher Interest Rates?

By Evan Lockridge

What does last month's interest rate hike by the Fed mean to trucking? Evan Lockridge explores the question in his monthly HDT Econ Watch column.

Tags: Economy, Interest Rates, Federal Reserve

March 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Department

Weigh Station Bypass Saves Time for Car Hauler

Moore Transport has been successful recruiting drivers for its fast-growing fleet, but long waits at weigh stations were taking a toll on driver satisfaction. Photos: Courtesy Drivewyze

By Deborah Lockridge

One of the biggest challenges for Ohio-based Moore Transport, a fast-growing auto carrier, is getting experienced drivers. But wasted time pulling into weigh stations multiple times a day was wearing on driver satisfaction.

Tags: Drivewyze, Weigh Stations, Weigh-Station Bypass

March 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Q&A: Old Dominion Freight Line Exec on Scope, Scale, and Growth

By Deborah Lockridge

Old Dominion Freight Line recently posted a short animated video highlighting the scope and scale of the less-than-truckload carrier. We spoke with Chip Overbey, senior vice president of strategic planning, to learn more about OD's impressive growth strategy.

Tags: Old Dominion Freight Line, LTL, Q&A

March 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

ELD Certification: What Does it Really Mean?

One ELD provider, Eroad, is using a third-party verification program to help give customers peace of mind. Photo: Eroad

By Deborah Lockridge

Motor carriers beware: FMCSA does NOT “certify” ELDs. What you need to understand about the electronic logging device mandate's "self-certification" process and how to help make sure you have a compliant device.

Tags: ELDs, ELD Mandate

March 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Editorial

Commentary: Separating Electronic Logs and Hours of Service

Deborah Lockridge

By Deborah Lockridge

The underlying issue for many fleets really isn’t so much the notion of using an electronic device to track driver hours — it is the hours of service regulations themselves.

Tags: Hours of Service, ELDs, ELD Mandate

March 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

The Long and the Short of Truckload Today

Intermodal is playing a larger role in changes in long-haul trucking. Ports on the East Coast, like the Port of Savannah, may see more traffic coming through the newly expanded Panama Canal, which could result in less freight being trucked across the country from West Coast ports. Photo: Port of Savannah

By David Cullen

In the third part of our Trucking in the 21st Century series, we look at how the length of haul is no longer the yardstick for truckload — innovation and flexibility are.

Tags: Intermodal, Logistics, Truckload

March 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Cover Story

14 Things You Need to Know Before ELDs Become Mandatory

By Deborah Lockridge

Come Dec. 17, the paper logbooks that truck drivers have been required to use to track their hours of work and rest since the 1930s will be history for interstate trucking operations. Here are 14 things you need to know before that day arrives.

Tags: Hours of Service, ELDs, ELD Mandate

March 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Analysis: Mining for Economic Gold

This graph shows the comparative performance of the Transportation Services Index (blue) and Gross Domestic Product (orange) over each quarter in the last three years.

By Evan Lockridge

There are largely overlooked nuggets of information buried in the numbers about the economy and trucking that could be the most telling sign of where conditions are headed, writes Evan Lockridge in his Econ Watch column from the March issue of Heavy Duty Trucking magazine.

Tags: Economy, TSI, GDP

March 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

5 Ways to Avoid Late Load Payments

By Jeremy Robison

There is nothing fun about not getting paid for the loads you have hauled. Fortunately, there are a few solutions to help you eliminate or lessen the need to chase late payments.

Tags: Factoring, Billing, Freight

March 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Choosing a Telematics Service Provider for the ELD Mandate

By Ben Osborne

The December 2017 deadline for the ELD mandate is looming and fleets are feeling the pressure to select a telematics service provider to electronically log hours-of-service records. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution and fleets must examine what they need from their newly-required technology.

Tags: Telematics, Noregon Systems, ELDs, ELD Mandate

April 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Department

California Carrier Builds Own ELD

Photos: Best Yet Express

By Deborah Lockridge

California carrier Best Yet Express decided to develop its own ELD system, which would go beyond the ELD mandate that kicks in this December and become a true productivity tool.

Tags: California, ELDs, ELD Mandate

February 2017, TruckingInfo.com - WebXclusive

Q&A: Don Daseke on Going Public

Don Daseke

By David Cullen

On Feb, 28, the day the firm he founded began trading as a public company, Don Daseke, chairman and CEO of Daseke Inc., spoke with HDT Executive Editor David Cullen about the process the flatbed fleet operator followed to go public-- and why going public had been a long-held goal of his.

Tags: Mergers & Acquisitions, Daseke Inc.

February 2017, Business Fleet - WebXclusive

Truck Fleet Targets Niche Filming Market

Angel Aerial's fleet includes Kenworth box trucks. Photo by James Miller

By Amy Winter-Hercher

New York City-based Angel Aerial rents its diverse fleet of trucks and equipment to the film and TV industries — and has used its fleet to help the city in times of need, including after the 9/11 attacks.

Tags: New York City, Truck Fleet, water truck, Box Trucks

February 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Department

UPS Team Tackles Complex Cross-Border Logistics

UPS has operated in Mexico for 25 years. Photo: UPS

By Deborah Lockridge

In 2014, UPS established a center of excellence for U.S.-Mexico trade. A team of experts evaluated and improved offerings, focusing on shippers’ needs. Then early last year, UPS announced it had strengthened those cross-border services.

Tags: UPS, Cross-Border Trucking, Mexico, Logistics

February 2017, TruckingInfo.com - WebXclusive

A Salute to President's Day

Photo: Ad Meskens / Wikimedia Commons

By HDT Staff

Heavy Duty Trucking is recognizing President's Day by presenting some of our most recent coverage of our new President's policies as they relate to trucking.

Tags: Donald Trump

February 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Cover Story

How E-Commerce is Changing Trucking

By Deborah Lockridge

In the second part of our Trucking in the 21st Century series, we examine the rise of e-commerce and how it is changing the trucking industry.

Tags: E-commerce, Amazon.com, Delivery Fleets, Last Mile Delivery

February 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Controlling Creeping Fleet Costs

Photo: iStockphoto.com

By Jack Roberts

Running a successful fleet means keeping an eye on both your front office costs, as well as what’s happening in your shop and in the yard.

Tags: Operating Costs, Depreciation, Procurement, Full-Service Leasing, Maintenance Costs

February 2017, TruckingInfo.com - WebXclusive

How ‘Intelligent’ is Your Business?

Graphic courtesy TMW

By TMW Systems

Where are you on the ladder of business intelligence? Using big data can help you understand potentially thousands of variables to help you boost competitiveness and profitability.

Tags: TMW Systems, Big Data

February 2017, TruckingInfo.com - WebXclusive

Analysis: Freight Rate Thaw May Be in the Works

The Cass Truckload Linehaul Index shows while freight rates weren’t as good last year as they were in 2015, they were mostly better than in 2014 and appear to be heading higher this year. Source: Cass Information Systems Inc., and Avondale Partners

By Evan Lockridge

Data suggests that freight rates for truckload linehaul and intermodal movements may finally be headed higher, after being frozen in lower territory the last couple of years, says Business Contributing Editor Evan Lockridge in his February Hotline column.

Tags: Freight, Cass Truckload Linehaul Index, Freight Rates

February 2017, TruckingInfo.com - WebXclusive

Special Report: Trucking in the 21st Century

By HDT Staff

Trucking in the 21st Century is our 10-part series and accompanying web-only coverage of the rapid technological changes impacting trucking and logistics.

Tags: Information Technology, Truck Platooning, Future Trucks, Autonomous Vehicles

February 2017, TruckingInfo.com - WebXclusive

Q&A: Roadrunner Freight President on Being the Economy LTL Provider

Grant Crawford Photo courtesy of Roadrunner Freight

By Deborah Lockridge

We spoke with Grant Crawford, president of Roadrunner Freight, about the less-than-truckload operation's recent rebranding that focuses on offering reliable, non-expedited service at a lower cost.

Tags: LTL, Roadrunner Transportation, Q&A

January 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Department

Old Dominion Dominates Data

Data from PeopleNet units on trucks plus external information, like weather reports, generate graphics on the big wall map. Dispatchers can see it all from their nearby work stations. Photo via Old Dominion Freight Line

By Deborah Lockridge

A high-tech command center helps Old Dominion Freight Line track freight, trucks and drivers as they move across the country.

Tags: Telematics, Old Dominion Freight Line, Vehicle Tracking, Asset Tracking

January 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Feature

Regulatory Outlook: Sunny if Foggy for 2017

“I believe there will not be a ton of regulations that will go 180 degrees due to the change in administration.” – Bill Sullivan, American Trucking Associations

By David Cullen

Trump the candidate promised to eliminate two regulations for every one enacted. Can Trump the president really do that?

Tags: Regulations, Infrastructure, Donald Trump

January 2017, TruckingInfo.com - WebXclusive

Tolls: Managing Your Drop in the Bucket

By Sandy Johnson

No matter what you think about public-private partnerships — not to mention the various authorities that predate the National Highway System — they can make fleet compliance complicated. Navigating the various tolling systems in each state can be confusing, but here are some tips to help figure it all out.

Tags: Tolls, Electronic Tolls, Infrastructure Funding

January 2017, TruckingInfo.com - WebXclusive

In Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Photo: Public Domain

By HDT Staff

Heavy Duty Trucking is recognizing Martin Luther King Jr. Day by presenting some of the significant content of our editorial staff that has appeared recently in our daily newsletters.

Tags: Heavy Duty Trucking magazine

January 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Editorial

Commentary: Cutting to the Chase

Deborah Lockridge

By Deborah Lockridge

“In many ways, Tom was both the conscience and subconscious of the trucking press corps." Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge wishes a happy retirement to HDT Senior Editor and long-time trucking industry journalist Tom Berg.

Tags: Retirement, Heavy Duty Trucking magazine

January 2017, TruckingInfo.com - Cover Story

Trucking in the 21st Century

By Deborah Lockridge

How technology, from e-commerce to autonomous vehicles, is reshaping trucking and logistics.

Tags: Truck Platooning, Future Trucks, Last Mile Delivery, Autonomous Vehicles

January 2017, TruckingInfo.com - WebXclusive

Q&A: TCA's David Heller on the Regulatory Landscape

David Heller Photo: TCA

By David Cullen, Executive Editor

Late last month, HDT quizzed David Heller on how the trucking regulatory landscape might shape up this year. He’s got an excellent vantage point on all that, having recently been promoted by the Truckload Carriers Association from director of safety and policy to vice president of government affairs.

Tags: FMCSA, Regulations, Truckload Carriers Association, Q&A

January 2017, TruckingInfo.com - WebXclusive

Analysis: Lessons From Interesting Times in the Spot Market

Source: DAT Solutions 2016

By Evan Lockridge

Traditionally, transportation and logistics managers start planning in earnest for the coming bid season with a look back at the previous year for indicators about the future. Well, consider that tradition officially “bucked.”

Tags: Spot Freight, Freight Rates, DAT Solutions

January 2017, TruckingInfo.com - WebXclusive

A Look Back at 2016

By HDT Staff

Now that 2016 is behind us, for this special New Year's Day (observed) newsletter, we wanted to reflect on the year that just ended by compiling lists and stories to encapsulate 2016 from the trucking industry’s perspective.

Tags: Heavy Duty Trucking magazine, New Year's

December 2016, TruckingInfo.com - WebXclusive

Remote Diagnostics Add Up for Dart Transit

Photo courtesy of Kenworth

By Truckinginfo Staff

Dart Transit has had improved uptime and fewer tows on its fleet of 300 Kenworth T680s running the remote diagnostics program Kenworth TruckTech+.

Tags: Kenworth, Remote Diagnostics, Dart Transit

December 2016, TruckingInfo.com - WebXclusive

Happy Holidays From Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine

Photo courtesy of Today's Trucking

By HDT Staff

Heavy Duty Trucking’s staff will be out of the office today and Monday for the Christmas holiday weekend and will be back to cover trucking news on Dec. 27.

Tags: Christmas

December 2016, TruckingInfo.com - WebXclusive

Q&A: SunteckTTS Leaders on Merger, Technology

By Deborah Lockridge

Sunteck Transport Group and TTS Holdings just officially closed a merger deal creating what they say will be one of the largest multimodal, agent-based freight management service providers in the U.S. We talked to the leaders of the new entity about the merger and how technology is changing the industry.

Tags: 3PL, Mergers & Acquisitions, Big Data, Freight Uberization

December 2016, TruckingInfo.com - Editorial

Commentary: Lessons from an Election

Deborah Lockridge

By Deborah Lockridge

Editor in chief Deborah Lockridge contemplates the lessons of the volatile 2016 presidential election and what the trucking industry can learn from it.

Tags: Driver Shortage, Politics, Donald Trump

December 2016, TruckingInfo.com - Cover Story

The Next Generation: HDT's Emerging Leaders

By Deborah Lockridge

Meet HDT's inaugural Emerging Leaders, a group of young professionals who are influential, innovative and successful, who can point to outstanding accomplishments and leadership qualities, and who have a passion for the trucking industry.

Tags: Awards, HDT, Emerging Leaders

December 2016, TruckingInfo.com - Editorial

Analysis: The Uncertainty of a New President

Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics

By Evan Lockridge

After an uncertain first half of the year, we finally got the economic news that we had been hoping for with third-quarter GDP. But no sooner were we breathing sighs of relief, everything becomes uncertain…again.

Tags: Economy, Regulations, Cross-Border Trucking, Donald Trump

November 2016, TruckingInfo.com - WebXclusive

Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving postcard circa 1900 showing turkey and football player. Image via Wikimedia Commons

By HDT Staff

HDT is closing its offices for the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, please enjoy some of our best long-form features, photo galleries, and commentary from the past few months.

Tags: Thanksgiving

November 2016, TruckingInfo.com - Editorial

Commentary: 3 Things to Be Thankful For

Deborah Lockridge

By Deborah Lockridge

You don’t have to be a driver to know there are plenty of things we can complain about in trucking. In the Nov. editorial, editor-in-chief Deborah Lockridge suggests three things trucking can be thankful for.

Tags: Technology, Fuel Prices

November 2016, TruckingInfo.com - WebXclusive

Q&A: Anthony Wallace, CEO/Founder of Am Trans USA

Anthony Wallace Photo: Am Trans USA

By David Cullen, Executive Editor

HDT chatted recently with Anthony Wallace, CEO and founder of Am Trans USA, which provides freight transportation and logistics services. Within one year of launching the company, in 2014, Wallace guided it to surpass sales of $6 million. He expects that number to triple in 2016 along with the number of employees.

November 2016, TruckingInfo.com - WebXclusive

Analysis: Economic Growth Springs Back to Life

By Evan Lockridge

Economic growth has suddenly returned in the 3rd quarter but in his latest column Evan Lockridge asks, will it continue?

Tags: Economy, ATA, GDP

October 2016, Work Truck - Feature

Upfitting High-Roof and Compact Vans

Adrian Steel’s Drop-Down and Grip Lock Ladder Racks provide lighter options for ladder storage and ease of access. (Photo: Adrian Steel)

By Lauren Fletcher

From ladder racks to cargo solutions to partitions and more, van upfitting options are ready for any make, model, and vocational use.

Tags: Cargo Management, Partitions, Ladder Racks, Van Upfitting

October 2016, TruckingInfo.com - Department

How A. Duie Pyle Manages Warehouse Information

A. Duie Pyle’s dock management system, or DMS, in use. It works hand in hand with Route Planning Solutions to get freight where it needs to be faster.

By Deborah Lockridge

A. Duie Pyle manages warehouse information for more efficient operations, happier drivers and, most importantly, happier customers.

Tags: Information Technology, Managing the Shop


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