Electronic Logs Mandate: Outrage & Applause

The comment period is over. Here’s what the industry and others had to say.

August 2014, - Feature

by Oliver Patton, Former Washington Editor - Also by this author

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Comments on the proposed electronic logging device mandate cover the full spectrum of reactions, from outrage and disdain at Big Brother government to applause for a sensible and long-overdue safety rule.

Most of the 2,213 comments are from individuals who do not like what the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is planning to do. Many include substantive suggestions for how to improve what the agency is proposing.

The core of the 256-page ELD proposal is the requirement that drivers who fill out paper logs must eventually switch to electronic logs. The proposal also covers technical standards for the devices and the supporting documents that regulators need to confirm compliance. And it sets requirements to ensure that electronic logs are not used to harass drivers.

The proposal was published in late March, and the comment period ended June 26 after being extended 30 days.

The individual comments typically focus on the regulatory burden the agency is proposing.

James Bennett said he is a 30-year owner-operator with no accidents and is not sure he’ll stay in the business if he has to use an ELD.

“I do not need an ELD,” he said. “It does nothing for me and my operations, or my bottom line.”

Hundreds of owner-operators say electronic logs have the effect of pushing drivers harder during their duty time.

“I will have no choice but to drive in traffic, adverse weather conditions, and/or while fatigued because I can’t take a nap … because the clock is tick, tick, ticking away,” said Ryan Allison.

On the other hand, some individuals support the rule.

Charles Bolin said he thinks ELDs should be required on every truck.

“I would compare an E-log rule to a rule requiring employers to use electronic time clocks rather than handwritten time cards to prevent payroll fraud,” he said. “It makes good business sense and it keeps local companies honest about whether their drivers really qualify for the local driver logbook exemption.”

Henry Albert put it this way: “Quite simply, electronic log books bring accountability and compliance to the trucking industry.”

Most of the major industry interest groups generally support the proposal and filed extensive comments on its details.

ATA Supports Mandate

American Trucking Associations said it is confident that ELDs will improve compliance with the hours of service regulations.

The group noted that FMCSA data showed strong correlation between compliance with the 2010 hours of service rules and lower crash rates.

ATA wants the agency to move quickly, but not so quickly that it opens the rule to legal challenges.

“The agency must conduct research and analysis to ensure that a final rule is judicious and defensible.”

The association also wants the agency to look for ways to promote voluntary adoption.

It pointed out that it’s likely to take three years to put the mandate into effect ­­— a year to finish the rule and two years’ grace before ELDs are required for those who use paper logs. Regulatory delays or litigation could push that out even further.

Meanwhile, carriers that already have ELDs or that move quickly to install them will be at a competitive disadvantage against carriers using paper logs, ATA said. Paper logs, for instance, record time in 15-minute increments, while ELDs are precise to the minute.

“These inequities ultimately penalize early adopters and will discourage other fleets from installing ELDs before the final deadline to do so, especially under the new, more restrictive hours of service rules,” ATA said.

The agency could encourage voluntary adoption by extending the “grandfather” period for automatic recording devices that meet existing requirements, ATA said.

It also could give current ELD users a break by reducing the violation weight assigned to minor log violations in the CSA safety enforcement system. Or, give carriers additional credit for each inspection in the Safety Measurement System’s hours of service category.

Another incentive could be to provide a grace period for enforcement of the new rest break requirement, since compliance is more stringently enforced if the driver uses an ELD.

ATA suggested a number of improvements.

It said that besides extending the grandfather period for existing devices, the agency should allow carriers to use more precise location standards than the ones it has proposed.

And the agency should look for a better way to identify drivers. The proposal calls for use of the commercial driver license as an identifier, which is an improvement over the earlier approach of using carrier-assigned driver ID numbers, but the agency should look for even better ways to do it, ATA said.

ATA disagrees with the idea of requiring carriers to get driver approval before editing ELD data. It said carriers should be able to make changes on their own when, say, correcting errors that don’t affect driving or on-duty time rules.

ATA also said the supporting documents requirements are excessive and unnecessary: ELDs will ensure compliance and eliminate the need for the supporting documents that police use to confirm compliance.

ATA also said the agency should look for ways to minimize the impact of the rule on companies that rent and lease equipment.

Other Trucking Comments

The Trucking Alliance, a group representing a half-dozen carriers that have strenuously lobbied for the ELD mandate, said the rule will be the most significant change for trucking since deregulation in 1980.

The Alliance urged the agency to stick with an accelerated implementation schedule, and to drop its plan to require carriers to have a printer attached to each ELD. Carriers should be able to use printers if they want to, but they should not be mandated, the Alliance said.

Two Alliance members, J.B. Hunt and Knight Transportation, stressed concern about the printer requirement in separate comments.

Hunt also suggested that the agency consider ways to allow HOS data to be transferred from one ELD to another. And Knight said the agency’s supporting documents proposal requires too many documents.

“It is our experience that enforcement generally relies on no more than two to three supporting documents,” Knight said.

YRC Worldwide, the holding company for less-than-truckload carriers YRC Freight, Holland, Reddaway and New Penn, said it supports the ELD mandate because it will improve overall industry compliance with the hours of service rule.

But compliance is not an issue for YRC Worldwide carriers because they operate between fixed terminals and supervisors monitor the start and finish of their drivers’ shifts, the company said.

The process of implementing ELDs will be complicated and time-consuming, YRC said. For this reason, the agency should give carriers three years, rather than the proposed two years, to make the transition.

Enforcement Concerns

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, which represents the police who enforce the rule, is concerned about the schedule for compliance.

The agency’s four-year plan will complicate enforcement, CVSA said.

During the first two years, there will be three ways to keep track of hours: on paper, with grandfathered automatic onboard recording devices, and with ELDs. Carriers that use paper logs will have to plug in ELDs at the end of two years, but those that use AOBRDs or pre-rule ELDs will have another two years to bring their systems into compliance with the mandate.

CVSA is proposing that there be a three-year grace period for all carriers.

“In this scenario, any existing electronic devices for recording driver RODS would no longer be permitted after the third year,” CVSA said. That would give suppliers time to meet the demand, carriers to budget the change and enforcement agencies to train their staff.

CVSA also wants the agency to be sure it accounts for what it will cost enforcement agencies to implement the rule. It suggested that the agency include police equipment and training in its regulatory impact analysis.

CVSA is at odds with ATA on the question of supporting documents. It agreed with the agency’s proposal but added that drivers should be required to keep the documents for seven days.

Another issue for police is drivers who use their truck as a personal conveyance. The meaning of “personal conveyance” is not clear, CVSA said.

It proposed a definition that says the driver may use his truck for personal transportation for a “short distance”: to and from the nearest lodging or restaurant, or between his home and his normal terminal, but no more than 25 miles or 30 minutes.

CVSA said it supports ELD certification by the manufacturer, based on a standard set of compliance procedures.

Also, the devices should be able to import and export data from other makes. And CVSA wants the agency to make sure that the states have the technology and communications systems to access ELD data at roadside inspections ­— before the mandate takes effect.

OOIDA Aims at Legal Issues

Comments by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association read like a prelude to a lawsuit. The group challenged the legal, constitutional, and technical foundations of the proposal.

It said the proposal fails to meet the legal requirement that ELDs automatically and accurately record driver hours of service.

Under the proposed rule, drivers will manually enter a change in duty status, which is neither automatic nor necessarily accurate, the group said.

“FMCSA embarks on this ill-advised program without any evidence that currently available ELDs, which require the manual input of changes in duty status, will provide the slightest improvement over paper logbooks which also depend upon manual input of such information,” OOIDA said.

Further, OOIDA said, the agency ignores the constitutional question of mandating a device to monitor driver conduct without a warrant. The agency should have solicited comments on this issue in its proposal.

“Without providing for the due process rights of truck drivers, the proposed rule’s imposition of electronic monitoring is an unconstitutional deprivation of a driver’s freedom of movement.”

OOIDA also contended that the agency’s cost-benefit analysis is deficient. It said the analysis does not address the question of who should bear the cost of ELDs, and it contains no credible data on the relationship between ELDs and hours-of-service compliance.

Safety Advocates Approve

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety endorsed the proposal, saying it is long overdue, but had concerns about some of the details.

One issue is that the proposal permits portable ELDs that drivers could manipulate to skirt the hours of service rules, Advocates said.

The group wants the agency to require ELD systems to have data storage that is hard-wired to the engine, so that the truck’s operation is logged whether or not the portable portion of the system is activated.

Advocates also cautioned against allowing log data to be transmitted through the carrier or an intermediary, rather than stored in the ELD.

“Each individual with the capability to modify a record represents an additional opportunity for the data to be altered or falsified,” the group said.

In addition, the proposal should include stiff penalties for violations, Advocates said. “The entire premise of the rule will be undermined unless motor carriers and drivers have a strong incentive to comply.”

Advocates also questioned the agency’s cost calculations. It said that the estimated cost of adding ELDs to existing fleet management systems is too high, as is the estimate of a monthly printer cost of $153.

Response From ELD Suppliers

ELD suppliers support the mandate but have concerns about a number of provisions.

PeopleNet, a leading provider of automatic logging systems, echoed carrier concerns about the requirement that carriers use printers to display log data.

The initial purchase cost to the industry for printers would be almost $900 million, with annual operating costs of almost $165 million, PeopleNet said.

A less expensive alternative would be to make printers optional for carriers and equip weigh stations and police cruisers with the devices, the company said.

Omnitracs, which provides a widely used hours of service tracking system for long-haul carriers, listed a number of technical concerns. Among them: the proposal’s requirements for data transfer use technologies that are not easily adaptable or available for police.

Another provider, Drivewyze, said the agency should cut back its list of communications options to make it easier for police. The key options are printers and web services, the company said. Email is redundant and USBs have operational limitations.

What’s Next

The agency will review these comm    ents, make any changes it believes are necessary and post a final rule. The rule probably will not emerge until next year.

There is a bill in Congress that would require the agency to act by the end of next January. But the bill may not pass before then, and in any event the issues set forth in these comments are likely to require many months of study before the agency is ready to go.


  1. 1. john wood [ September 02, 2014 @ 04:36PM ]

    it sucks bigtime

  2. 2. Steve P [ September 06, 2014 @ 08:14AM ]

    This is what the major trucking companies are pushing for. so as that they and their rookie steering wheel holders can compete with In the real world of people they cannot control.This is a way to control every small business trucking company. With the help from the ATA and the Unions not to mention anyone that is trying to get more involved In more government control of America and it's people.

  3. 3. Terry Rafter [ September 06, 2014 @ 12:15PM ]

    I would like to receive an answer to "who owns the Electronic Log".
    I have ten years of paper log books. These log books (filled in by me) recorded my time no matter which truck, or company I worked for. The log books were always considered the "DRIVERS LOG BOOKS". The company could not edit the copy in my log book. If a driver is involved in a court case, or becomes involved with the IRS are the logs his property or do they belong to the company?

  4. 4. Steve [ September 07, 2014 @ 03:45PM ]

    A true e-log system would be CDL holder provided so no weekend worriors, multi-employer, employer reimbursed, links to any class 7 or 8 data logger

  5. 5. Nacho [ September 07, 2014 @ 08:07PM ]

    America land of freedom? All u people the support the ELD u just give the government one more step to control are life's , Fidel Castro. Teach America how to control peoples life and we talk so much BS you should be ashamed of your self.

  6. 6. Lee Lenard [ September 07, 2014 @ 09:16PM ]

    The "Most Dangerous Mandate" that could have ever happened to public safety, driver and truck safety!!!! "Queen Anne" lives on even after stepping aside from "The Dictatorial Reign of the Ferro". She wanted this so badly for the big business that stands to make $ millions from the small operators to supply the systems to non for hire businesses that own trucks for the furtherance of their businesses and small for-hire trucking companies that do not have enough profit margin to purchase the mass computer systems needed to support the EOBC. I know they will be told they can lease or contract with a system that will be ongoing until that business drains all the reserves and profits.....I as a key manager have been thru the purchase, contracts, installation and implementation of 3 different systems with 3 different employers...all a long drawn out ordeal with the final cost being about 4 times what the original quotes and contracts were agreed upon to be. In addition, added computer/data processing "Techs" had to be hired to keep the systems running and be able to do the constants upgrades that every company selling these systems are so good at coming up with. Those salaries go on forever! They are over and above the staff already needed to run the computer systems to operate the company core business. The lost productivity each day of drivers having to enter the mass data and the office staff time wasted each day is staggering....just look and observe at any truck stop... the driver does just not stop and get out of the truck or get in and go

  7. 7. Jeff [ September 08, 2014 @ 11:04AM ]

    Again we are downgrading our Owners and drivers who have time and time again proven that they are safe company with safe drivers. Why? Maybe because we allow new drivers into the industry that do not have the respect of the industry. We are the econo drive force of the country, nothing gets bought unless the truck brings it there. Those of us who are safe, worked hard to get there and keep it. Why we would force someone with an impeccable record to have them spend their hard earned money when they have proven that they are safe.

  8. 8. Big Joe [ September 09, 2014 @ 06:17AM ]

    "Further, OOIDA said, the agency ignores the constitutional question of mandating a device to monitor driver conduct without a warrant."

    Without a warrant? Come on OOIDA. Your agenda is pretty stomp the heck out of any regulation that interferes with the ability of independent drivers to do whatever they want, as if operating a big rig for a living is some sort of unalienable right. It isn't. When you take on this much responsibility, you give up some of your rights to privacy. The FAA monitors pilots "without a warrant", as they should. There's your precedent. The job of plowing down a crowded interstate with 80k gross deserves similar regulation of operator conduct as flying a commercial aircraft, as well as similar education and salary requirements. That would knock a few cavemen out of the labor pool, but that might be a good thing.

  9. 9. Barnell Marek [ September 19, 2014 @ 08:33AM ]

    I find it interesting as to how organizations such as ATA can make statements supporting certain rules or laws without polling their members. I think they only go to their large members and go with what those members want to project. I know I was never ask if I supported ELDs as a member of ATA.

  10. 10. Dave Wise [ September 26, 2014 @ 06:40AM ]

    There has been no proven link between compliance and reduced crash rates. Having a 14 hour clock flies in the face of safety common sense. When the drivers clock starts ticking the moment he goes to work he will be under pressure to get as much done as possible before time runs out.
    That results in speeding through reduced speed areas, not stopping when fatigued and a whole host of other unsafe actions. I can't believe the safety advocates do not understand this. Give some flexibility before you start ELD'S

  11. 11. RonQ [ October 06, 2014 @ 09:34PM ]

    This article cracks me up. It gives voice to every trucking trade group, governmental regulatory agency involved, and other interested parties in reverent detail. OOIDA gets 1 paragraph. Lawyers and governmental regulations run amok have ruined one of the last solid American labor sectors where decent money could still be made by entrepreneurial individuals and small businesses who could get ahead by working harder. Everything is now a metric to be logged, recorded, stored, analyzed, compared, and used as some reason for future changes to the rules. This BS is sucking the life and the satisfaction out of a simple, time-honored profession. Not surprisingly, it's by those who have nothing to lose by messing with it. Trucking has been reduced to a liability calculation in some lawyer's spreadsheet somewhere. Congratulations.

  12. 12. johnny k [ October 13, 2014 @ 10:31AM ]

    the h with it take a2 weeks pay vacation at the same time when you come back to work all of that bs will be gone away let Obama and his punt govt. buddys see what trucking is all about ps us cave men still rule the highways the h with dot be aoutlaw its more fun.

  13. 13. Jimmie Mayo [ October 25, 2014 @ 10:43PM ]

    this sucks big time. an't going make no money for sure now.

  14. 14. Cisco Kid [ November 06, 2014 @ 11:44AM ]

    Being an owner operator, I think I should have a choice weather or not I should have to spend extra money to put a eld in my truck. Plus I only run 150 mile radius of my home. I think for owner operators, it should be a choice. I think its BS!

  15. 15. John Lord [ March 14, 2015 @ 08:09AM ]

    ATA and OOIDA need to look into the IRS ruling what defines an employee or a Independent contractor. Some companies are forcing Independent contractors to place ELD,s in there trucks now. What I am finding from the IRS this makes a difference between an contractor being employee of the company or independent. Witch makes the company liable for Fed and SS. Med Care tax with holdings.

  16. 16. Connie Fitzpatrick [ April 08, 2015 @ 01:13PM ]

    The ELD's would be ok if you went back to the old way of HOS the working oof 14 hours straight driving 10 breaking after 8 is a royal pain you are forcing drivers to drive when they are tired and take 10 hours off it it is only an hour from home because the 14 hours are up. It is crazy you shouls be able to stop and sleep when necessary and drive when not tired. it wouldnt matter than how you get your 14 hours within 24 as long as you are rested . It has been scientifically proven that the hour before and after the sun comes up the body naturally shuts down but these rules say if these hours are within your stright 14 you have to drive.. What ever happened to the driver knowing when and when not to drive. it is hard enough that shippers are not working your schedule but now you have to drive the governments schedule.

  17. 17. mac [ April 19, 2015 @ 10:04AM ]

    I think there is going to be a lot more danger on the roadway with these elf cause if u don't get the load there on time u get a butt chewing and if u get tired and know u can't stop your creating a hazard on the roadway so your screwed either way u go with the damn things

  18. 18. gc3 [ April 26, 2015 @ 11:44PM ]

    As soon as my company sticks one of these things in my truck, thats when ill be handing them the keys.!
    Ive been an ice road trucket for 10 years. And I love my job, but I did not sign up for this.

  19. 19. Hoosh [ May 05, 2015 @ 08:48PM ]

    The day they mandate that politicians must log their every move electronically, I'll buy into this BS. Unless that happens, I'm with gc3, I'm done. No more good pay = no more busting my hump on these rotten highways.

  20. 20. Garrett Garside [ May 13, 2015 @ 01:33PM ]

    How fucking stupid unless you want twice as many trucks on the roads three times as many retards driving them . These new trucks suck as far as breaking down . No place to park . And not to mention in the end the consumer will pick up the bill that has doubled because it will cost twice as much to get it there and twice as long on the truck . We are all ready a crippled nation and this will not help any thing even the overall safety of the highway . It all ready sucks out there no one for very long will drive truck it will just bring in a new bunch of foreigners that don't have one clue about slick roads or truck safety because in India things are not based that way and most of these people are foreigners . I could see if your safety rating was in the tank or something to that matter but come on . This is government bullshit that is no more than wanting to control what feeds them . STUPID PEOPLE

  21. 21. PDPC [ May 22, 2015 @ 02:43AM ]

    This is bs im done when this goes into effect. I'll sell my truck and take up a new career. We as owner operators should shut down Washington with our trucks park them in Middle of highway and be like oops out of hour cant move. This is being pushed by big business so they can make more money. Trucking statistics say out of all wrecks only 2.4 percent are commercial vehicles and only .5% are the trucks fault. So why do we need this? screw you big government. Get out of our lives.
    Further more i unload and load of the morning and go to sleep and drive over nights while the highways are less congested and stop and nap when tiered. been over the road for 6 year and drive CMV for 10 with out one accident.

  22. 22. trucker [ June 06, 2015 @ 05:41PM ]

    It's very simple, no more owner operators, monopoly is on it's way, you will not be able to buy your own new truck, you will work for big companies for + or - 40 cents per mile, Corruption incorporated

  23. 23. tippy [ June 10, 2015 @ 10:45PM ]

    Yeah im with everyone else the dick heads in dc are a bunch of fuckn weirdos and retards and trucking alliance is a bunch of cock suckers they need to put a rope around there necks and jump off a bridge along with ata nitsa and the epa and all the other yuppie safty Faggots I've been trucking 32 years as a o/o and don't need a fucking baby sitter

  24. 24. Gooch [ June 30, 2015 @ 06:58AM ]

    Let's pay attention to bigger pictures and what is written in the foreground and background. The intent is to have safer conditions, however behind the scenes is a rather disturbing picture.
    Pay attention to what happens on your cell phone when an application is updated. Permissions are granted to the applications to track you, control the phone.
    ELD's are another avenue of tracking your every movement on the road. The electronic data will be collected at every cell tower that the ELD's use for communication purposes. Effectively, you will be able to be tracked every inch of where you drive, including your times.
    Where does the money go? Subsidies to the goverment as well. Another avenue to extract taxes and fees for government slush funds. It's not so much about safety, rather control........

  25. 25. Shane [ July 13, 2015 @ 11:34AM ]

    The really sad part is that hard working men and wemon of this country are the ones that will feel the hit. When this all comes to a head and is mandatory the price of everything will go up by half, but wait the smart people pushing this will not care for they make hundred thousand a year. Where the other 98% of the country make less than 25 thousand a year. When is this country going to wake up and see what is going on, it is no longer the home of the brave it is home to the slave's for that is all we are. We get poorer while the rich get richer and you have to speak five languages to get any thing done. WAKE up people we are headed for a DICKtatorship and then what? I no for me when this come about if I do not get out all togethier I will be getting dubble what I do now. In closing thanks to all you jackass people that are on the cell phone doing your make up or just flat out driving like you are Jeff Gordon thanks.

  26. 26. Thrash [ July 24, 2015 @ 09:36AM ]

    ELD suppliers support the mandate. Sure they do, they're like the guys selling pitchforks in hell.

  27. 27. Neal [ July 31, 2015 @ 07:28AM ]

    Just more of the constitution going out the window.We lose more of our rights everyday.The governments over regulation of everything. They can put there nose in all ur buissness but can't handle there own. I love trucking but when they put E-Log in my truck then I'm thru running over the road. I would hope a lot of drivers see it my way. In prison they tell u when to get up and when to go to bed and E Log does just that. We have a new style of driver anyway today and for the most part they know nothing about trucking anyway. It's all gone to hell along with everything else in our country . Its very sad!

  28. 28. Neal [ July 31, 2015 @ 07:36AM ]

    When they make it mandatory and E Log goes in my truck then I'm thru running over the road. More of the contituition going out the window. I'm such an idiot that I have to have an electronic dog collar to tell me when to go to bed and when to get up, u know kinda like prison. Its the new age of trucking and truck drivers, the real one are a rare breed today! The ole school.still exist but barely. So when u tell me how to run my truck then take my truck and stick it up ur ass. I hope more feel as I do and the shame of it all is we could tell the government what to do if we could stick together. Those days in our country are gone and its no longer a government for the people but a government for the government; Its truly sad!

  29. 29. Greg [ August 02, 2015 @ 07:34PM ]

    Neither E-logs, paper logs or speed limiters like Canada demands, create safe drivers. Common sense makes a safer driver. The politicians do not have a clue how to create safe drivers. After 34 years of safe driving, I'm giving up my livelihood. Every day I see the most reckless drivers on the road now are E-log users with speed limited trucks. They are taking huge risk behind the wheel, because they are being forced to drive under these conditions. They drive fast through construction zones and parking lots, because the clock is ticking with their e-log and speed limited truck. If the government wants to mandate this junk, then mandate hourly pay, at a union pay rate, for all drivers and mandate home time every weekend, for a minimum of 48 hours.

  30. 30. kim l. cosby [ August 05, 2015 @ 12:25PM ]

    I've never understood why the government needs the e-logs anyway, if they are so good , why do drivers need to carry paper log books to back up the electronic devices in the case of a failure, just use the fail safe to start with because the information is only as good as the driver input anyway. The large companies are the only ones the government contacts with for input that helps the big companies control the industry. It all started with Werner and the Quallcom and has only gotten worse since, the whole purpose being to force the small companies and owner operators out of business, leaving the big companies to run the industry like the want too. If the drivers, whether company driver or owner operator, logged like they were supposed to this would not be happening, BLAME YOURSELVES. Were you ever told log it like it is? By the way e-logs suck. All this government regulation reminds me of a time gone by according to history, taxation without representation. If the industry has been deregulated I'd like to know where.Almost every truck out there has a satellite communication device on it now, which is used for tracking speed, location , projected times of arrival and time spent loading and unloading,dot mandated breaks and all times stopped or moving. What more can they be after but to limit the ability of an individual to work as guaranteed by our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Anybody for tea? Like the Boston Tea Party?

  31. 31. LCL [ August 20, 2015 @ 12:08PM ]

    take a look at the average motor carriers CSA scores (they are available to the public). Most of them are terrible. why? Bc drivers are not following the rules and logging legally. If drivers were all doing 'what they signed up' to do, the paper logs would be working fine, but they aren't. As a result, there is very little motor carriers can do to enforce HOS regulations without the threat of drivers quitting (and they always threaten). Drivers don't just dislike regulation, they don't want to play by any rules whatsoever. The way of the cowboy/outlaw driver is over and it's not b/c of bigger companies or any political agenda.....It's b/c the 'basic' rules of the game can't be followed. Regulations aren't going anywhere, but how big and far-reaching they become will be dictated by the drivers ability to cooperate with them. The industry is changing and acting like it's all been designed to squeeze you out of a job is an argument that DOA. It's called adapting, evolving and innovation and it's the bedrock principle of Capitalism. I'm not saying the system is fair, i'm saying it is what it is. You want to change it, then find ways to effectively change it. Organize, call you senator, run for office. Unit then, don't wish it was easier, wish you were better. Industries are constantly changing and always subject to innovation. When is the last time you bought a CD??

  32. 32. William young [ August 21, 2015 @ 07:08PM ]

    As opposed to Greg comment, I was on my way home from work at 1:30 in the morning, I ran into a construction zone with only one lane and out of nowhere comes a set of headlights in my rearview mirror. Shortly after, trying to do the speed limit through the construction zone and being pushed, I had to hit the brakes because there was a cone in the middle of the lane. Those headlights in my rearview mirror turned out to be a Schneider driver and when I hit the brakes to avoid the cone the Snyder driver damn near ran right over the top of me. I pretty much followed him home and confronted him to find out what his problem was, the kid was only 21 years OLD And had only two months of driving experience. Well I asked him what his problem was, he stated I'm so sorry I was just trying to beat my electronic log device home before I ran out of hours. I also drive commercially for 20 years and in those 20 years, that moment was as close as I thought I would get to dying all because the driver was trying to beat his electronic logbook home.....

  33. 33. John Kessner [ September 13, 2015 @ 04:17PM ]

    E logs can be altered at the back end its not a fail safe system its made that way.

  34. 34. James H [ September 18, 2015 @ 04:43PM ]

    It's getting harder now to even find people who want to drive out here what do you think this well do to some of us who don't mine it. I'll tell you I'm done when this takes place I well Park it after 29 years of giving my servers too this country

  35. 35. MR.T [ September 18, 2015 @ 07:02PM ]

    Then there complaining about having drivers shortage with all this BS and new rules nobody wants to drive anymore

  36. 36. Jim Hobbs [ September 29, 2015 @ 04:49AM ]

    I just pray to the Lord that all this holds off for 5 more years. Then I can quit. As a 1 truck owner operator, I just don't make enough money to make all the change. My '91 Peterbilt is all mechanical. One fine truck, but headed to the scrap pile, because some dunderheaded politicians have a cushy job, at my expense, dreaming up crap.

  37. 37. Jack Miller [ October 07, 2015 @ 12:51PM ]

    I've been an owner operator for 32 years. No violations nothing and the government is going to tell me how to operate my truck? Well ill be damed. I'll sell my trucks. No more money for the b states I travel in no more taxes nothing. I've had it

  38. 38. Dennis Dietz [ October 08, 2015 @ 06:05AM ]

    They will bring over more middle eastern erstwhile to drive's all in a plan to destroy America... a lot of drivers have to stop and take naps during the day now they're not going to do that. If they're on their 14 they're going to keep pushing it all the sleep cause more accidents more people are going to die. But the lawmakers are stupid and you can't fix stupid when it comes to stuff like this. If there was no longer it all people would drive when they were awake sleep when they were tired. Simple as that but like I said you can't fix stupid

  39. 39. Dennis Dietz [ October 08, 2015 @ 06:12AM ]

    75% of the drivers over here now are cut rates from other countries. Already destroying the trucking industry. The more Middle Easterners the more we lose America. I used electronic logs at Walmart because it worked there drop and hook go be glad when your day was done to go to bed. But there was times when I doze off during the day but still not stopped because I wanted to get them last few miles in cuz I was on my 14. Had to quit using them and quit Walmart because I'm 42 years accident free and I could see where I would probably have one on electronic logs... like I said they need to put logs now in cars and breathalyzers in all four wheelers come on truck drivers stick together and start our own organization... the reason this is happening is because there's no truck drivers that stick together because there's very few truck drivers out here they're all from somewhere else

  40. 40. Jerry L [ October 12, 2015 @ 09:45AM ]

    I agree that elogs should be used in all police vehicles an anything that is used in tow or box truck Just how long would that last? Just one 30 minute break in 11 hours of work an when the reach there 70 hours in 8 days they have to stop working an take a manitory 34 hour break. Government wants control well if there is no police patrolling you city streets or public roads maybe they'd realize where the problem started from. If drivers would stand up for this industry in stead of hide behind there big radios maybe stuff would get better out here!!

  41. 41. marc [ October 26, 2015 @ 03:10AM ]

    If people driving on the road care about there family being safe on the road u better stop the e logs from into effect. U will have robots driving

  42. 42. sj [ October 28, 2015 @ 04:45PM ]

    I think small companies with 8 trucks or more need electronic logs because I know co.with their drivers it's just paper logs and they soup tht up doing 600-700 overnight and Over sized loads they go around scales and I know their have gone 1000 miles overnight to get their in am delivery they just mark it on paper logs as legal when they aren't . Do Small companies should have to get elogs also and I think cameras tracking should be on all trucks also to many truck drivers are picking up prostitutes and hooker all with diseases bring it home SHAMEFUL CAMERAS AND ELOGS FOR ALL DRIVERS!!!!!!!

  43. 43. sj [ October 28, 2015 @ 04:47PM ]


  44. 44. sj [ October 28, 2015 @ 04:47PM ]

    Sorry USA

  45. 45. Jj [ November 01, 2015 @ 10:13PM ]

    No elog and your right sj sorry usa for having racist people like you and this has nuthing to do with what language you speak your just hating on people but o well do ur job and don't worry bout other people

  46. 46. Odie [ November 03, 2015 @ 04:46AM ]

    To the older hands on the road that have been in the industry 30t years it's bad.we don't need eld we need trainers with 10years or more training the new drivers.A driver with 6months total experience training a new person is real stupid and that's the real problem. Pay those people to train with skills from all their years of experience and you'll have safer roads for sure. Simple isn't it!

  47. 47. Joe spears [ November 07, 2015 @ 01:52PM ]

    Piss on the government. Iv been out here over 35 yrs I'll burn my truck to the ground!!! Before I put any led or any other kind off crap on my truck!!!!! Piss on the government!!!!!!

  48. 48. Ox [ November 19, 2015 @ 12:40PM ]

    This is one of the main reasons that there is a shortage of drivers now. Because many have already quite because of this and many more will. If you don't believe me check a bill on the house floor right now to lower the age limit to 18. So when your family gets ran over by some dumb ass high school kid behind the wheel of a 80,000 pound vehicle all you D.O.T. loving idiots need not start your whining you know exactly where to point the finger.

  49. 49. Rocycee walker [ November 20, 2015 @ 02:41PM ]

    You are so right about young inexperienced drivers training an driving a large truck a driver should be able to sleep an time he feels tired everybody internale clocks are not the same it's a bad law mostly by people who don't or have never driven a truck

  50. 50. ldydrives [ November 21, 2015 @ 06:25PM ]

    Before they start to make this ELD thing happen, they need to go into recording the high speed ratio that ALL the trucks that are e quipped with them and see that having them on board the commercial vehicles those tractors are SPEEDING in slow speed limit zones/the reduction of pull/power of the trucks performance due to thier own company mechanics messing with how the electronic set up of the motor.
    If anything the manufacture should be the one's installing the ELD's on the equipment NOT the companies.
    By companies messing with tje engine I believe that VOIDS the warranty on the motor.
    As far as crashes go
    Look to foreigners who hold CDL's in the united states that are in this country working under work visa's/companies who lower thier equipments speed to 65 who are pushing there driver's to make delivery of merchadise/company owners who do not make sure the tractor /equipment is properly maintained when a driver complains about the tractor/brokers who at the 11th hour because thw freight has to go
    There are all kinds of factor that is being blamed on the company truck driver in the 2010 CSA book that the company driver has no control over VERY FEW company accountabilities for the company.
    I went from driving a tractor that did a speed of 80 mph to a 65 mph
    to not be pushed hard after my car accident 11 years ago and even ran an ELD with my current company 99.9 percent of my loads were because I was adhering to the ELD installed on my truck and therefore did not earn the miles to make but a just barely getting by paycheck. I made more money as assistant manager of a convienience store/loom tech fixer/half of machinery over hauler than I do since they started messing around with the Rules Of Service for commercial tractor operators.I mine as well go back to convienience store work.
    BTW I am a driver of over 15 years

  51. 51. Jaxon [ November 28, 2015 @ 03:54PM ]

    If they are going to force drivers into ELD then they need to look at the way the trucking industry is paying, (especially to the company driver) if a driver gets stuck in traffic, weather etc. he just lost money some days lots of it. If ELD's become mandatory across the board I for one want to be paid for every minute I sit in traffic or a at the shippers/consignees yard. You need to start looking into how drivers are paid as well.

  52. 52. Thomas Duncan [ December 10, 2015 @ 05:31PM ]

    Nothing to do with safety.The caliber of truckers has dropped so far in the 38+ years I have been out here it is unbelievable. The powers out there have reduced it to a minimum wage job for foreign labor from all over the world.100 % turnover rates and people think mothing is wrong.My freedom is threatened and I take it seriously screw these tryannical bastards

  53. 53. Bryce [ December 10, 2015 @ 07:03PM ]

    I will not conform to this government infringement on my rights. The government is not going to gps track my every move in my equipment that I own. My family and so many others have given a lot to this country to be treated like a criminal. This disgrace of a government screams rights and freedom to bring in bunch of refugees into our country with no regard to the ones coming to wage jihad against our citizens in our own land, but then more than willing to crush us productive tax paying citizens all in the name of "public safety" or "greater good". Simple answer to this do not conform. Period. Stand up for ourselves and what we work for. I love this country always have always will but this government is a tyrannical corrupt bunch of domestic enemies hellbent on killing the American dream and our way of life. Lead speaks louder than votes.

  54. 54. Bryce [ December 10, 2015 @ 07:19PM ]

    Thomas I agree with you. Maybe they should deal with the real problems we have. As in quit outsourcing our jobs and work to all these foreigners pouring over here driving junk white Volvos that haven't been washed in 10 years and trailers not fit for a storage trailer. No respect or courtesy for any others on the road.

  55. 55. Richard F Griggs [ December 11, 2015 @ 06:31AM ]

    Yup all I see is the E Log 65 MPH trucks speeding thru construction zones thru cities there a wreck looking for a place to happen because guys are trying to get miles and get as far as they can before the idiot E - Log runs out of time and they are nothing but a traffic hazard in trucks before it's over they'll be more wrecks and people killed out those idiot logs I've been out here for 42 years and the government just wants to control the movement of freight and the drivers like everything else they have taken control of and the people of this country just keep letting it happen your freedom is about gone one law at a time

  56. 56. richard newman [ December 12, 2015 @ 02:27PM ]

    You guys are so full of shit you know if the government would force car drivers to use a log there would be even more life's saved why don't you champion that?the fact is the big trucking outfits will have it over the little o/o a driver for them can spend half the day at a loading dock (common)and switch trailers with another of there many drivers and still get the customers load delivered on time if the o/o can't cut corners who do you think a shipper would want to deliver there freight? When a driver is stuck at loading dock for hours on end waiting to load or unload he is back in the sleeper doing what he normally does during off time with paper logs o/o can keep that dead dock time from killing there botom line which the big companys can get around thanks alot e log jerks

  57. 57. richard newman [ December 12, 2015 @ 03:07PM ]

    As a o/o I don't have a problem with driving being limited to 11 hours a day but to count all that dead dock time against you is crazy, you get your load info and drive afew miles (usually less then 20 miles) to the loading location where you must wait and wait and wait well waiting the driver is not working but kicking back just like when on your 30 minute break am I right? For dot to count those hours against a driver is just another way to get what the government really wants which is every body does a little work for a little money and screw the idea if you work hard you can do better am I right?if the government was just so worried about "safety " why are they talking about letting teenagers get cdls?and I see a lot of old lady's and others who have no business driving a 80000 pound truck out there driving them.the government would say they can't keep people from getting a job and making money I guess even in the name of safety so why screw o/o for safty?

  58. 58. richard newman [ December 12, 2015 @ 03:19PM ]

    I'll tell you why because drivers driving for a big company doing a little work for a little money while the big company gets fat is just how big business wants it so guess what,(follow the money )

  59. 59. Jeremy freeman [ December 12, 2015 @ 10:18PM ]

    So with many different wordings of the new mandate, is a 2000 titled truck exempt or is it actually 1999-older. My truck title says its a 2000. But build sheet and door post say manufacture date was 8-13-1999

  60. 60. Andrew walma [ December 13, 2015 @ 02:52PM ]

    I run only michigan and go from one side of the state to the other. I do go more than 150 air miles but home everynight. How is this going to work. It goes against model year. I've got a 2005 glider with mechanical cat motor. ELD won't hook to a mechanical. I don't think it will work in the long run. This rule is designed for the long haul people pulling freight boxes. I pull super trains dump trailers. Should have to have one and yes I use logs cause I go farther than 150 miles. It's not rite

  61. 61. chester w. emerick [ December 20, 2015 @ 06:19AM ]

    the long n short of it. the best of America work for a living, the worst of America is in Washington dc.

  62. 62. Jr [ December 22, 2015 @ 02:01PM ]

    Thing it going to work just look at aca website. Or better the gov is forcing doctors into electritronic records.and they did give billions in grants
    Result too many systems that do not talk to each other making them no better than paper. And the forced e prescriptions then passed rules some rx have to be paper. Were from the gov where here to help rip rr

  63. 63. Bradley W Thompson [ December 26, 2015 @ 03:11PM ]

    I just read every comment. I saw more thought and intelligent comments about the importance of safety than I have heard since I have been apart of this industry, for the past two years and am still learning. The cost needs to be reduced for the small business owners, management needs to show needs to examine situations that do not occur on a regular basis while driving, the older guys need to adapt and teach, the union representatives in DC to be proactive, and the guys that are not following the rules need to be held accountable.

    Why quit over something as simple as a computer, when you already embrace safety and enjoy what you do. Damages are a larger problem than efficiency. Their going to fire my ass on Monday

  64. 64. EJL [ January 07, 2016 @ 12:25AM ]

    Here's a good one. I own an drive a Hotshot but only work 2 days a week. I live in SC an drive to Fla one day and back the next. After this I drop my fifth wheel trailer an hook my dully to my boat an take off fishing in different places and sometimes it's out of state. Question: So if my truck is being tracked every time I start it and move it how the hell is that gonna look to the DOT and why the hell are they allowed to track my private life. I bought this truck in my wife an my name not a company name. Is this not an invasion of privacy ? After 34 years of safe commercial driving ticket free an now I have to be tracked and babysitter. I have a very big issue of the invasion of my private life an I don't think I should have to buy a second vehicle to carry on with my non commercial travels in life.

  65. 65. jeremy [ January 10, 2016 @ 06:36PM ]

    Just had training on Saturday for elog.I operate local starting time 14:00 Monday to Friday.Often, I report for duty and have to wait for a power unit to become available from a returning day shift driver.If I'm assigned a unit at, lets say 15:45, is editing my On Duty Status in the system to 14:00 on that trucks elog going to create conflict with the previous drivers logged in status from 14:00 to 15:45? I forsee problems with this scenario in which I'm challenged to aquire answers.

  66. 66. Thomas [ January 11, 2016 @ 04:17AM ]

    Company driver for 5yrs. Owner Op for the last 8yrs....My truck will be for sale. There's no such thing as freedom in this country. Trucking industry is goin to waste. Ashame how we the people keep this country goin. And the pen pushers behind a desk think they know whats best. Wonder how many of them ever driven a truck over 2 years trying to provide for their family. What a pile of 💩.

  67. 67. Charles Whitfield [ January 12, 2016 @ 12:26AM ]

    Number 1: A real truck driver doesn't need "babysitting" to follow rules and regulations.
    Number 2: A crook is going to be a crook regardless of what the feds conjures up.They will be trying to stop the sun from shining next.
    Number 3: If they are that nervous about trucker safety,etc; why don't they stop all existing,longtime,accident free,rule following,extremely professional drivers out there on the road today and haul the freight themselves?
    Number 4: I'm an ex-Marine, and even in the midst of heavy Viet Nam fire fights, we weren't watched over like the Iraqi oil fields,or,the Afghanistan poppy fields.

  68. 68. Charles Whitfield [ January 12, 2016 @ 12:41AM ]

    Also,it was recognized that something outrageous was developing when they ok'd all these overnight trucking schools.How much is a potential "bare bones" driver recruit going to learn in six weeks? I've seen some bizarre accidents that was caused by drivers that had only driven long enough to learn the gear shift pattern on a parking lot,and not even familiar with unhooking from a trailer! But, all that was because of federal approval. Now,every driver that KNOWS what real truck driving is about,has to suffer because of some scheme that the feds have dreamed up,and now trying to find justification in their own sesspool of propaganda. I don't blame the drivers that is in the position to leave the industry to leave before they starve to death.

  69. 69. mj [ January 12, 2016 @ 12:57PM ]

    This is why I quit driving after 11 hears otr. Thank you us government for ruining a very good thing. October 3 was the day I walked off my job and cleaned out my 2014 t800 18 speed. It was the day safety installed rand McNally elogs. I am a hard runner and am very safe, and had an accident/ticket free 10 years. I don't need a machine telling me when to wake up, when to drive, when to do this or that. I did not drive a governed truck, nor a teuck with this collision avoidance bs. I'm no super trucker at all but Jeez guys c'mon lol. The new trucks are now mostly castrated underpowered automatic transmission, no jake brake, cameras everywhere, e logged, 65 mpg vehicles designed for rookies with zero experience. They really wonder why there is a shortage of drivers too????

    The day this heavily regulated bs is completely reconstructed is the day I will step back into a truck, not a second sooner. And they say this for safety lol? Yeah right ok. So sorry to see what became of this industry.

  70. 70. Mind Games [ January 21, 2016 @ 10:00AM ]

    People it ain't easy looking for a regular job out there the government and I mean Democrats and Republicans have allowed these illegal aliens in here and so many companies are hiring them and if I find one that's doing it I'm calling immigration and suing the company too!
    I'm getting mines one way or another and I encourage other divers to do it wherever legally possible.
    I won't drive a truck for any distance that's going to possibly land me a ticket or in jail nor to satisfy the whims of some CEO or help him to get a good night rest.
    Over 75% of these drivers hate Obama and I'm in that same group and so why should I make the people that donated to his party happy?
    They took the bribes now they'll suffer the consequences...
    Looks like there's going to be an economy that's going crash soon and the only thing I can say is may God help us all...

  71. 71. matt [ May 12, 2016 @ 04:11PM ]

    next we won't be able to buy or sell without a mark.....

  72. 72. teamjw [ June 12, 2016 @ 04:32AM ]

    Time for a nationwide shutdown to oppose this bullshit!!

  73. 73. Littlebit Siggi [ June 18, 2016 @ 09:04AM ]

    Not a trucker but in love with one and I have been on the truck a lot with him. My brothers my sister and my dad is or has drove trucks for years with paper logs and have no violation. My love likes to sleep during the mid day and drives at night . He knows when to go and when to stop by his BODY NOT A COMPUTER!!!!!!! Does the Government have plans of tagging your body also?

  74. 74. Bone head [ July 11, 2016 @ 11:18AM ]

    I ask this question. Since this E-log has been running. How many accidents has happened. I've been watching ,and 99% of accidents with trucks they have E-log. They are being force to drive, but I know where this is going its not about trucking it about who they can control and how money is made . But I see lawsuits out the but on this one. Large trucking company's I hope you got good lawyer.

  75. 75. Robert W. [ August 16, 2016 @ 11:56AM ]

    I have been driving for 42 years +. Me, switching to electronic logs would be like moving to Australia and driving one of their right side steering wheel rigs. I may have to toss the keys to the owner and say adios.... go back to operating equipment in the construction industry.

  76. 76. Tim Hoover [ October 22, 2016 @ 01:19PM ]

    They want to push electronic logs on us but are they gonna do something about shippers/receivers taking hours to load/unload trucks and the lack of parking areas

  77. 77. Donnie White [ November 09, 2016 @ 01:26PM ]

    I've been trucking almost 30 years not one time have i needed anybody or any computer to tell me i was too tired to drive. With the exception of the CDL mandate this new mandate for computer logs is the single most ridiculous mandate i've seen yet. can you imagine how strained all the drivers( most of which are going to leave out at about the same time everyday) will run out of hours at the same time? Where are they going to park.nobody can find a place to park now. just imagine to cover the same freight we're hauling now we will need at least a third more trucks because of time restrictions. now where are all of those trucks going to park. you don't have enough drivers now to fill all the seats.after many quit because of this truly freedom robbing restriction. where are you going to find all these needed drivers? you people that don't have a clue how this industry operates should quit while you're ahead.there's still a lot of professional drivers out here that was trained properly by other seasoned drivers, but keep it up and you're going to lose those too.

  78. 78. Kevin Watters [ January 10, 2017 @ 04:50AM ]

    I've been a truck driver for 20 plus years this past month has been my first stint using the electric log system & what I found to be not only to be dangerous but also inhumane is the 14 HR rule with this rule i have found that simple day to day acts such as showering or sitting down for a meal are no longer possible on days that I'm transporting goods without it drastically affecting my time of arrival at my next destination especially on days where there's loading or unloading of goods involved and what I've found out to be dangerous about this rule and is the reason you find more fatigued drivers which are causing more accidents with companies (especially with new drivers) is that with using this device if I'm drowsy I'm no longer allowed to take a nap without it effecting my ETA at my next destination because even though I've stopped all work duties and am lying down sleeping that 14hr clock hasn't stopped imagine a office or warehouse employee taking a 30min to an hour nap daily & expecting that to be part of their hourly wage at weeks end comical huh? What would you tell that employee probably something along the lines that I'll pay you for the hours of services rendered but that hour that your not doing work related tasks isn't going towards your clock.. It's not exactly rocket science I'm not sure if the ones behind instituting these laws has ever worked in this profession before or not and I'm not referring to sitting in a office of a corporation that deals with the trucking industry I mean actually driven a truck for a living this is not a 9-5 work day profession & trying to govern it that way is ridiculous the way the current system is set up with the 14hr rule a drivers day goes as follows from the minute you wake up begin to inspect your vehicle you are on a robot like clock with only a 30 minute break to choose from 1 human activity of your choice weather it be taking a nap or eating a fast food meal which might end up having to be to go depending on how many people are in your location and I know someone who has never worked as a driver might say well you can do all that at the end of your day ... But aren't we supposed to use those 10hrs to sleep?? If the decision makers of this industry are intent on using electric devices to dictate how a human being goes about their day abolish the 14hr rule it's not only inhumane it's Dangerous!

  79. 79. William Field [ April 28, 2017 @ 11:52AM ]

    Tell me this, who is going to pay the extra money that the drivers and companies will lose? Why don't all brokers and or agents of brokers have to obtain a REAL BROKERS LICENCE just like a truck driver. Extensive schooling with fees and every year they have to subscribe to the FMCSA for renewal. This will cut out at least half of the brokers that are killing the wages of real people with real families. This will not fix the problem but it will help the wages come up for the hard workers providing for their families.
    Brokers make all the money and screw the trucking companies, you know the guys who are actually working.

  80. 80. D Berry [ May 25, 2017 @ 12:09PM ]

    Lawyers. This is all driven by lawyers and law suits. They just want to be able to look in a driver's past to "prove" he is a bad driver because he went over his hours once, 3 months ago.

  81. 81. T [ June 29, 2017 @ 11:03AM ]

    this will kill the livestock industry! get ready to pay more for your food!

  82. 82. Shane white [ July 10, 2017 @ 06:47AM ]

    Truck drivers need to stand up protest going strike shutting down Washington DC they done it before truck drivers can do it again when Washington DC doesn't get their milk and bread and their grocery stores empty maybe they'll think twice about it but if y'all want to sit back and be little sheep then you get what you get

  83. 83. Shane white [ July 10, 2017 @ 06:48AM ]

    American truck drivers need to go on strike stop letting the government control everything American people do now they're messing with your money

  84. 84. Shane white [ July 10, 2017 @ 06:49AM ]

    Remember we control the stock market to if we don't ship big business product big business losing money

  85. 85. Jason Sianni [ August 12, 2017 @ 12:11AM ]

    Who's the author of the bill. Who's specifically going to be the responsible person for it being proposed and passed?

  86. 86. John [ January 02, 2018 @ 12:03AM ]

    The # 1 cause of commercial truck accidents is inexpirence and just plain ignorant drivers.. most drive like they're in a maserati..and that is in the truckstop parking lot..they have no courtesy.. you sit and video a driver struggling to get backed into a parking spot for your next yourube video post laughing at what real drivers do.. get off your lazy ass and help them out..this whole industry has turned into absoulte shit .a message to companies..a 2 week course does not make a truck month of expirence does not make a driver for all crackerjack box licensed drivers ( We can tell by looking at your truck who are the real drivers) sure they can pass a test.. so can a blind squirrel find a nut.. if the eld is here to stay then rewrite the whole regulation starting with the 14 hour rule..readjust the split sleeper berth rule. that will give a driver an option that may decrease rush hour commercial traffic by 30% and give a break so they don't fall asleep in the middle of the night. TURN ON YOUR C.B. so you know what is up also you can request assistance to help you back into a parking spot..the sign on the back says " this vehicle makes wide turns" make it happen and stop running over shit..take your time and make good decisions..makes life alot easier for all..respect common sense dedication try it it goes along be safe ...and don't stick your finger where you wouldn't stick your face..


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