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Driver Dilemma: A Year-Long, In-Depth Series on the Driver Shortage
By Deborah Lockridge
For 2015, as the trucking industry is dealing with the worst driver shortage and capacity crunch in its history, Heavy Duty Trucking is delving into the topic of truck drivers. A year-long series in the magazine is complemented by WebXclusive features.
Do Sign-On Bonuses Work?
By Deborah Lockridge
"In the second half of 2010, we had zero companies offering sign-on bonuses. We've gone from zero to nearly 50 percent of the companies offering some sort of sign-on bonus or transition pay."
Photo by Ryder System.
Safe Winter Driving Tips
By Mel Kirk, Ryder System
General preventive driving habits can make a big difference in winter driving safety. Here are some tips to make driving in hazardous conditions safer.
Photo via Ryder System. 
Winter Truck Maintenance Tips
By Mel Kirk, Ryder System
Make sure your vehicle is properly serviced and maintained before the winter season begins to keep your fleet up and running.
Hours of Service Hot Button Questions, Part 3
By Rick Malchow, J.J. Keller
Every year, hours-of-service questions from drivers and carriers make up the vast majority of inquiries concerning the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. In this final installment in a three-part series, we look at the 34-hour restart rules.


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Pre-Employment Screening Added to iiX Background Checks Pre-employment Screening Program records are now available as part of iiX’s suite of commercial driver background checks. The records provide employers with a quick way to screen driver safety profiles.
Satellite TV Package Designed For Truckers EpicVue says it's the first to offer a premium in-vehicle satellite TV system packaged exclusively for fleets, marketing it as a driver recruiting and retention tool.
Trucking Unlimited Buys The acquisition will allow Trucking Unlimited to streamline the process of both finding and posting online driving jobs.m for $800,000.
Hazmat Driver Training Published by J.J. Keller J.J. Keller & Associates is offering a program, Hazmat Transportation: Driver Training, to help motor carriers meet Department of Transportation requirements, avoid penalties for noncompliance, and protect their Compliance, Safety, Accountability scores.
Transflo On-Demand Transmits Documents Efficiently Pegasus TransTech’s new Transflo On-Demand service allows drivers to print, fax or email documents stored in the network to expedite the delivery of paperwork to truckers on the road.
Myths vs. Reality of Driver Monitoring: a Whitepaper
Three common driver risk management myths that could put your business at risk are busted in this informative white paper. In order to truly know and act to correct risky driver behavior, businesses must be able to confront their own misconceptions about what effective driver monitoring really entails.
Improve Fleet Performance by Changing Driver Behavior
GPS vehicle tracking provides a powerful tool for managing your vehicles more effectively, helping you control fleet costs and improving productivity. Fleet operation isn’t just about the vehicles but also the people who drive them.
How to Use Telematics to Control Fleet Costs
GPS vehicle tracking systems can generate positive results in many areas, including employee productivity, driver safety, and more. What really stands out is telematics ability to lower costs.


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