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More Killer Truckers for your viewing pleasure

August 12, 2013

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Stay close to your televisions on Tuesday, Aug. 13. That's when Discovery Channel will air ID Investigates: Killer Truckers. It's the latest episode in a string of salacious spectacles highlighting everything evil that lurks out there in the night. The show is beamed into 84 million U.S. households, and it's just the kind of PR boost trucking needs like another DPF.

The press release sent to most major media outlets to promote the show begins, "Big rig drivers of America’s interstates rule the roads and supply our lives, delivering everything from clothing and food to livestock and fuel. But for some asphalt cowboys, the highways provide more than a living. They serve as a hunting ground."

Oh great, just what folks need to hear.

The program highlights the deeds of four truckers-turned-serial-killers, John Robert Williams, Robert Ben Rhoades, Wayne Adam Ford and Adam Leroy Lane, all now safely behind bars and best forgotten.

But hey, what television journalist can resist the opportunity to play on American's fear and loathing of truck drivers by retelling the gruesome and wholly unrepresentative stories of these four creeps. There are what, 3 million truckers in this country? That a handful of them go off the rails committing sadistic torture and murder makes it necessary to cast a pall over this entire industry?

Here's another chunk of the press release: "ID Investigates: Killer Truckers pulls back the curtain to explore contributing forces and environments that breed criminality along our nation’s highways through the lens of four distinct stories of tragedy ..."

Contributing forces and environments that breed criminality along our nation’s highways? I guess that some 2,999,996 of this nation's truck drivers have so far managed to avoid the sort of temptation that led the other four down such a dark path is some sort of a victory for humanity. Are we all potential serial killers because we eat truck stop food, listen to country music and record every minute of our lives in a logbook? That seems to be the message intoned in that PR blurb.

I'm saddened by shows like this. I don't think they do anything toward honoring the memories of the victims, or to warn the public of the real dangers og driving aggressively around trucks. Such shows are just another stain on the tarnished canvas that television has become. And they tarnish the reputation of all the hard-working men and women who would go as far as trying not to run over a stray raccoon on an Interstate highway.

Upon reading of the upcoming broadcast, I took the liberty of researching the four demons soon to be idolized by the Discovery Channel. They are all despicable excuses for human beings, unworthy of anything more than a very brief obituary.

"Investigation Discovery’s all-new documentary special, ID INVESTIGATES: KILLER TRUCKERS takes a hard look at predators in the fast lane, illuminating a dark corner of America’s mobile society, in which the open road can both hide and drive deadly intentions."

I can hardly wait. 


  1. 1. Tom [ August 12, 2013 @ 07:37AM ]

    Must be sweeps month!

  2. 2. Tim [ August 14, 2013 @ 04:07PM ]

    On a lot less of a fatal note. I think Ice Road Truckers has become an embarrassing representation of the noted 3 million truck drivers in North America. Some if those drivers need to have their CDL's yanked. I only hope the millions of viewers don't think we truck drivers drive like that and tear up our equipment.

  3. 3. Kathy H [ August 14, 2013 @ 04:36PM ]

    I'm not sure if this will be posted. But one of the "experts" in this series. Isn't as much of an expert as she would like to known as. I've had personal attacks from her, and have known others that had it happen to them as we'll. I have no idea whom she knows to get the press and attention she gets. But someone seriously needs to dig up her past as well. Not everything is as it seems.

  4. 4. DKP [ August 15, 2013 @ 05:54AM ]

    Programs like this are truly a shame. There are many safe, friendly, courteous and helpful truck drivers out there. Why don't they do a series on the many good deeds that truckers do. I see news articles frequently where a Trucker will help a stranded motorist or assist in some other way to actually save lives rather than taking the. How about a show that focuses on that aspect!

  5. 5. Michael [ August 25, 2013 @ 05:24AM ]

    Not a lot of choice on tv these days. If it's not those programs it's some "Boo Boo" show about uneducated Georgians or some moronic show about ducks.
    Bring back The Flintstones!

  6. 6. Patti [ October 02, 2013 @ 09:11AM ]

    I recently married a truck driver.Our honeymoon was on the road.I got to learn how to strap down.Was so much fun.But it's hard work.I can't stand the media sensationalism.These are hard working men and women.There are crazies in all walks of life.My husband is a very patient kind man.You have to be with all the other nuts on the road.Like the ones that pass a semi then slow down..

  7. 7. chere [ October 25, 2013 @ 10:56PM ]

    I'm sitting in a big rig in a trucks as we speak... my fiancee is a driver and I tag along from time to time to load and such. Well like all said theres killers all around us truckers preachers teachers etc. I am a forensic freak thought and do enjoy watching this kind of stuff. From my experience all truckers I ran into and met are polite for the most.

  8. 8. chere [ October 25, 2013 @ 10:57PM ]

    *at a truck stop*


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