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Goodyear Picks New Truck Mooring System for its Blimp

Needing a reliable truck tough enough to easily handle mooring the Goodyear Blimp, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company chose a modified Mack Granite model as a mast truck for its iconic cargo.

September 8, 2014

What does a Mack Truck have to do with the Goodyear Blimp? Deborah Lockridge explores the topic in her "All That's Truckikng" blog.

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Author: Deborah Lockridge | Posted @ Monday, September 8, 2014 9:00 AM | » Comments(0)

Super-load gives a new definition to the term "big rig"

It took three Mack titans, one in front and two in back, to move the load.

April 20, 2012

How do you move a nearly million-pound load? Design your own trailer, with 192 wheels, and big power from Mack trucks -- three of them

Tags: Special Specs

Author: Deborah Lockridge | Posted @ Friday, April 20, 2012 6:37 AM | » Comments(1)

What do trucks and a yacht have in common?

The PentaGone from Volvo's Penta marine- and industrial-engine company showcases the innovation that can happen with integration.

January 31, 2012

So what were a group of truck journalists doing last week on a 75-foot sport-fishing luxury yacht? Learning about the power of integration

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Author: Deborah Lockridge | Posted @ Tuesday, January 31, 2012 8:35 PM | » Comments(1)

Truck-racing Ryan tackles a new challenge

July 7, 2011

Here's a fun bit of video for your summer vacation watching pleasure: Mike Ryan taking his modified Freightliner race truck up narrow, winding, paved and dirt roads in the 2011 "Climb to the Clouds" Mt. Washington Hillclimb, one of America's oldest auto races

Tags: Special Specs

Author: Deborah Lockridge | Posted @ Thursday, July 7, 2011 8:26 AM | » Comments(0)

And you thought electric trucks were a recent invention....

June 21, 2011

We've seen a lot of interest in electric trucks this past year or two, especially package vans -- the Transit Connect Electric, Internationals' e-Star, the Smith Newton, Freightliner Custom Chassis' MT45-EV. But did you know there were electric delivery trucks 100 years ago

Tags: Special Specs

Author: Deborah Lockridge | Posted @ Tuesday, June 21, 2011 9:11 AM | » Comments(2)

Mack Delivers Special Shuttle to Kennedy Space Center

Mack employees built the simulated Space Shuttle Blake from an old military bus. They pose in 1995.

June 7, 2011

Mack Trucks delivered a special educational vehicle, the Shuttle Blake, to Kennedy Space Center for the final launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour

Tags: Special Specs

Author: Deborah Lockridge | Posted @ Tuesday, June 7, 2011 9:11 PM | » Comments(0)

That's a Really Big Pickup Truck!

Volvo's custom VHD pickup is a hit with visitors to the New River Valley plant.

December 9, 2010

I bet there are some truck enthusiasts who would love to have this baby under their Christmas tree. Oh, wait, at 11 feet high it probably won't fit through the door -- or even in most garages

Tags: Special Specs

Author: Deborah Lockridge | Posted @ Thursday, December 9, 2010 2:42 PM | » Comments(1)

Why Don't Military Trucks Have to Meet the Same Emissions Standards We Do?

November 3, 2010

I got an e-mail the other day from an owner-operator who was curious about why the government doesn't have to follow its own emissions rules when it comes to trucks owned by the military

Tags: Special Specs

Author: Deborah Lockridge | Posted @ Wednesday, November 3, 2010 3:30 PM | » Comments(1)

Aftermarket Truck Equipment Counts in Gathering Groundbreaking Tornado Data

Stormchaser Tim Samaras will be at this week's SEMA show.

October 29, 2010

Viewers of the Discovery Channel's "Stormchasers" program may not give much thought to the truck equipment that helps these daring tornado researchers do their job, but something as seemingly simple as a liftgate can make a big difference

Tags: Special Specs

Author: Deborah Lockridge | Posted @ Friday, October 29, 2010 2:10 PM | » Comments(0)



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