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October 2012, - Feature

Time Running out for CARB Compliance on Trailer Aerodynamics

Jan. 1, 2013, will bring heavy fines for truckers who cross into California without SmartWay verified aerodynamic devices such side skirts or boat tail fairings that improve fuel economy 4% to 5% on their 53-foot or longer box and refrigerated trailers

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September 2012, - Feature

Sandwich Supplier Saves Fuel, Cuts CO2 with New Reefer Truck

By Tom Berg, Senior Editor

Ever buy a cold or hot pre-made sandwich from a convenience store, maybe where you gas up the car? Then there's a good chance that it was a Deli Express product made and delivered by E.A. Sween, a family-owned foodservice compan

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July 2012, - Feature

Study Sparks Industry Conversation on Fuel Economy

By Scott Perry, Ryder

With the fluctuating cost of diesel and the multiple variables affecting fuel efficiency, even the most experienced fleets often are challenged with finding ways to keep improving fuel economy

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June 2012, - Feature

Traction vs. Fuel Economy?

Are we giving up traction in order to lessen 
rolling resistance? The short answer is yes, but not to the degree some might imagine.

By Jim Park, Equipment Editor

Traction is a funny thing: We know when we don't have enough of it, but can we quantify how much is enough? It's a question that arises when discussing fuel-efficient tires

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June 2012, - Feature

How to Spec for Fuel Efficiency

Schneider National does a lot 
of evaluating before including a component as part of a fuel-efficiency spec.

By Jim Park, Equipment Editor

You can't rightly expect a driver to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to fuel economy. It takes a huge amount of discipline to stay on top of the driving, but given the right tools, even a mediocre driver will do reasonably well

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May 2012, - Feature

Factory Installation Ensures Inverter-Charger Safety, Company Says

The Xantrex Freedom HF inverter-charger is offered as an option by major truck manufacturers. The inverter-charger powers in-cab loads such as TV and microwaves without idling by utilizing the truck’s batteries.

As inverter usage grows among truckers who want to convert standard battery (DC) power to AC household current to power electrical appliances and entertainment systems and reduce idling, Xantrex Technology recommends installation by a truck OEM or an authorized dealer

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May 2012, - Feature

MPG for Mediums

Downtown streets still pose a threat to delivery fleets' tires. Nobody will give up protection for fuel economy; the tire people say they won't have to.

By Jim Park, Equipment Editor

The medium-duty world is dominated by the rental and leasing sectors and the pickup and delivery sector, at least in terms of the Class 5-7 trucks using 17.5- and 19.5-inch tires. What they want dictates what the tire makers deliver

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April 2012, - Feature

Walmart Tests New Truck Prototypes to Increase Efficiency

Walmart's hybrid assist tractors use a traditional diesel drivetrain in conjunction with an electric motor to recover energy normally lost during braking to provide additional torque in high-load situations such as going up hills.

To improve the efficiency of its Class 8 heavy-duty trucks, Walmart U.S. Logistics, in partnership with truck and component manufacturers, built the following prototype tractors, according to its 2011 Global Responsibility Report

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