January 2010, - Feature

Great Customer Service

Being customer-focused helps win the pricing battle. (Photo by Jim Park)

By Deborah Lockridge, Editor

What do your customers value? A survey of HDAW attendees said availability/delivery of a product was the top thing, followed by the product knowledge of your sales staff, and third by customer service/ease of doing business

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January 2010, - Feature

MEMA Financial Services - Because no news isn't always good news

In this uncertain economic and financial environment, you may want to keep your company's finances and credit information to yourself

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January 2010, - Feature

Getting To Know You - Everyone wants to know why fleets buy, but the reasons behind those decisions can be as individual as the people who make them

With slowing freight volumes and high fuel costs squeezing fleet profits, your customers may be looking to trim costs wherever they can, including in their parts purchases

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January 2010, - Feature

Partnerships Key During Challenging Times

By Guest column Joe McAleese

Relationships - whether among family members, friends, colleagues, or business associates - enrich our life experiences. And they are never more needed, more appreciated, or more important than during challenging times

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January 2010, - Feature

Network Your Way To Success

By Guest column Marc Karon

I had a call recently from a young distributor looking for a part. I had met him at Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week this year. After taking care of his part need, we discussed the upcoming HDAW '09 event

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January 2010, - Feature

Why Do Fleets Buy?

Every day, millions of replacement parts are purchased in North America for commercial trucks

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January 2010, - Feature

Putting a Price on Value

You get product into your customers' hands faster than your competitors. Is that what the customer really wants? For some, that will add value. For others, it won't. (Photo by Jim Park)

By Jim Park, Contributing Editor

Twenty-eight bucks for a windshield wiper? I was driving through Maine on one of those oppressive gray days when moisture permeated the air

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January 2010, - Feature

Building a Better Salesperson

Most sales reps are stuck in a sales model that emphasizes features and benefits, but leaves the customer guessing about the bottom-line impact of products on their business.

By Steve Rose, Guest Contributor

The commercial vehicle industry is facing one of its most difficult periods in decades, thanks to economic and EPA regulatory issues

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November 2006, - Feature

The 'China Effect'

By Benjamin Gordon, BG Strategic Advisors

It's a case of natural selection in the trucking industry. Some truckers will thrive, while others fall behind.

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