4651  -  4700  of  5532

October 2008, - Feature

DuraPlate Products Group Launches Website

Wabash National Corp., Lafayette, Ind., announced that its DuraPlate Products Group has launched a website focused on DuraPlate composite panels

October 2008, - Feature

ArcLogistics 9.3 Optimizes Routes and Schedules

ESRI, Redlands, Calif., announced the availability of ArcLogistics 9.3 routing and scheduling solution for fleet management

October 2008, - Feature

Amsoil Introduces Diesel Concentrate Plus Cold Flow Improver

Amsoil, Superior, Wis., introduced its Diesel Concentrate Plus Cold Flow Improver, which combines the detergency of Diesel Concentrate and the anti-gelling properties of Amsoil Cold Flow Improver in one convenient package

October 2008, - Feature

Cadec and Procuro Offer Management Solution for Food Distributors

Cadec Global, Manchester, N.H., announced that its Mobius TTS system now integrates with Procuro PIMM, providing a complete cold-chain management solution enabling food distributors to track and validate temperature of product in real time

October 2008, - Feature

Aljex Software Launches Load Board

Aljex Software, Middlesex, N.J., launched the Aljex Load Board, which offers available truckloads from Aljex's freight broker and 3PL (third party logistics) provider customers

October 2008, - Feature

Roadranger Gear Lube Available At OEMs

The fuel-saving Roadranger FE 75W-90 synthetic gear lubricant is now available through every major heavy-duty truck original equipment manufacturer in North America

October 2008, - Feature

Tire Pressure Monitors for Wide-Based Single Tires

Fleet Specialties Co. announced three new Tire Sentry systems designed for trucks and/or trailers with wide-base tires

October 2008, - Feature

KPA Acquires Rights to HR Online System

KPA of Lafayette, Colo., has acquired the exclusive rights to HotlinkHR's online forced process compliance system (HR Online System), to sell to and service the transportation market

October 2008, - Feature

Trans-Lucent Markets Upgrades AccuFreight Index

Trans-Lucent Markets, Guelph, Ontario, launched its upgraded AccuFreight Index, giving current and new subscribers enhanced features for better access to freight rate comparisons

October 2008, - Feature

Nexiq Offers New Diagnostic Software for Navistar Engines

Nexiq Technologies, a brand of Snap-on Equipment Solutions, Rochester Hills, Mich., released the Navpak application developed for Navistar electronic-controlled engines

October 2008, - Feature

TransCore Expands GlobalWave Portfolio

Transcore added a series of new features to its line of GlobalWave satellite products and services for in-cab communications and trailer tracking

October 2008, - Feature

Peterbilt Offers Factory-Installed LNG

Peterbilt will offer three new liquefied natural gas (LNG) configurations on its Models 387, 386 and 367 in 2009. The factory-installed LNG system is part of a joint agreement between Peterbilt and Westport Innovation

October 2008, - Feature

Navistar Adds Tractor To DuraStar Hybrid Line

Navistar is expanding its line of diesel electric hybrid trucks with the addition of the International DuraStar Hybrid tractor, targeted toward general freight haulers and food/beverage distributors

October 2008, - Feature

Multi-Purpose Borescopes With UV and White Light LEDs

TP-9350 Cobra

Tracer Products, Westbury, N.Y., introduced the Cobra and Cobra-Plus multi-purpose borescopes featuring built-in UV LED and white light LED, enabling technicians to inspect and leak check pistons, intake valves, A/C evaporators, fuel systems, radiators and EVAP systems without disassembly.

October 2008, - Feature

Jost KKS Comfort Coupling System Wins Innovation Award

The new Jost KKS Comfort Coupling System won the Trailer Innovation 2009 award in the safety category at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Germany

October 2008, - Feature

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems For Tethered or Untethered Trailers

Tire Sentry, Westlake Village, Calif., introduced models TMS-6RC-TL and TMS-8RC-TL low power wireless tire pressure monitoring systems

October 2008, - Feature

Isuzu Finance of America Expands National Finance Offerings

Isuzu Finance of America has launched its finance and lease products to all Isuzu, GMC and Chevrolet W series dealers nationwide

October 2008, - Feature

Filter Clean Services Introduces Charcoal Filter

Filter Clean Services of Vancouver, Wash., introduced the Pure AirFlo charcoal filter for the automobile, trucking and heavy equipment industries

October 2008, - Feature

TMW Imaging Version 3.1.0

TMW Systems, Cleveland, Ohio, reported the release of TMW Imaging version 3.1.0, which is available with integrations for enterprise software packages TruckMate, as well as TL2000 for the IBM System

October 2008, - Feature

Covenant Launches Purchasing Program for Truckers

Covenant Transport Solutions, Chattanooga, Tenn., announced it has formed Fleet$avings, a new business division that will provide truckers and private fleets with a purchasing program to save money on operating expenses

October 2008, - Feature

Con-way Multimodal Enhanced Quick Pay Program for Carriers

Con-way Multimodal, Portland, Ore., the nationwide truckload brokerage division of Menlo Worldwide Logistics, announced the launch of an enhanced Quick Pay program which provides carriers multiple payment options and schedules

October 2008, - Feature

PHH Arval Launches New Regulatory and Compliance Service

PHH Arval has introduced a new program to help fleets with trucks stay in compliance with U.S. federal safety regulations

October 2008, - Feature

Qualcomm In-Cab Scanning Service

Qualcomm announced its In-Cab Scanning service as an addition to the OmniVision Transportation suite of services

October 2008, - Feature

East Genesis II for Frame-type Dump Trailers

East Manufacturing has made its smooth bottom Genesis II floor technology available for East frame-type dump trailers

October 2008, - Feature

Qualcomm Introduces Fuel Manager to Help Fleets Control Fuel Consumption and More

Qualcomm announced the availability of Fuel Manager, a module in its Performance Monitoring service. As part of the OmniVision Transportation suite of services, Fuel Manager helps fleets reduce fuel consumption by tracking and managing vehicle and driver behavior

October 2008, - Feature

Delphi Offers Collision Warning System For Trucks

Delphi is now adapting its collision warning systems for commercial vehicles. The system can help warn truck drivers of impending danger in front of the vehicle

October 2008, - Feature

Delphi Launches Next-Generation Fuel System

Delphi Corp. launched its first common rail system for high durability medium- and heavy-duty applications

October 2008, - Feature

Phillips Industries' Qwik-Snap 3-Hose Holder

Phillips Industries has made its new Qwik-Snap 3-Hose Holder a standard component in its Tracker Bar Spring Kits

October 2008, - Feature

Cintas Rentable Women's Comfort Pant

Cintas Corp., Cincinnati, Ohio, released the Women's Comfort Pant rentable uniform pants designed for women

October 2008, - Feature

Kaeser's Airtower Series

Kaeser, Fredricksburg, Va., released its new Airtower compressor packages, which combine a rotary screw air compressor, storage tank and dryer in one compact unit

October 2008, - Feature

Panasonic Upgrades Toughbook Notebooks

Panasonic announced updates to its business-rugged Toughbook notebook computer line with the introduction of the thin-and-light F8 and upgrades to the tablet alternative T8 and the ultraportable W8

October 2008, - Feature

Navistar Switches to Mitsubishi Electric Starters

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America's heavy duty truck starters are now standard equipment on all Class 8 International branded trucks produced by Navistar Inc

October 2008, - Feature

Meritor Wabco, East Team Up To Offer InfoLink Trailer Info Standard

Meritor Wabco Vehicle Control Systems announced a new program with East Manufacturing on its Enhanced Easy-Stop trailer anti-lock braking system with InfoLink Gateway Communications capabilities

October 2008, - Feature

Tire Pressure Monitoring For Drop-and-Hook

Advantage PressurePro announced the release of their new Intelligent, "Drop-and-Hook" Tire Pressure Monitoring System

October 2008, - Editorial

Tire Selection In A New Environment

By Steve Sturgess, Executive Editor

Give me 10 cents and I'll hand you back a dollar.

Tags: Michelin, Fuel Efficiency

October 2008, - Editorial

Formula For Regulation

By Deborah Whistler, Editor

A bad truck accident, plus public outcry for increased regulation equals more expensive trucks.

October 2008, - Editorial

An $8 Billion Fiasco

By Doug Condra, President

It shouldn't have taken a cash shortfall for the Highway Fund to be repaid.

Tags: Congress, Highway Funding, Highway Trust Fund, Highways

October 2008, - Test Drives

Class 1-2 Roundup

By Tom Berg

Redesigns, New Features Add Value

Tags: Toyota, Pickup Trucks, Nissan, Ford, General Motors, Redesign, Test Drive

October 2008, - Cover Story

At A Snail's Pace

By Deborah Lockridge, Senior Managing Editor

The economy likely will stay in the doldrums until at least the middle of 2009, but the trucking industry may have weathered the worst of it.

Tags: Economy, OPEC, Fuel Costs

October 2008, - Feature

Will Fleets Pre-Buy?

By Steve Sturgess, Executive Editor

Anticipation of 2010 emissions regulations could cause fleets to pre-buy equipment, but that might only weaken the market.

Tags: Heavy-Duty Trucks

October 2008, - Feature

Highway Reform Tops Washington Agenda

By Oliver B. Patton, Washington Editor

The federal law that sets long-term surface transportation policy will expire next October.

Tags: FMCSA, Congress

September 2008, - Feature

Accellos Acquires Prophesy Transportation Software

Colorado-based Accellos Inc., a provider of logistics, warehouse, 3PL, transportation, and mobile resource management solutions, announced the acquisition of Prophesy Transportation Software

September 2008, - Feature

Select International Introduces Driver Assessment Solution

Select International, Pittsburgh, has introduced RoadWorthy, a remote assessment that provides intelligent decision support for driver selection

September 2008, - Feature

Grote Introduces Motion-Activated Interior LED Dome Lamp

Grote Industries announced the latest addition to its LED WhiteLight product line. The new, low-profile S100 LED surface mount dome lamp features built-in infrared motion activation, eliminating the need for installation of an independent switch

September 2008, - Feature

Aero Bright Visor For M2

Hendrickson Bumper and Trim, Joliet, Ill., released a Hendrickson Aero Bright visor for Freightliner Business Class M2 medium-duty trucks

September 2008, - Feature

Kenworth AG130 Front Air Suspension Brochure

The Kenworth AG130 Front Air Suspension brochure is now available from Kenworth dealers in the United States and Canada

September 2008, - Feature

Prophesy Expands Truck Tracking Hardware

Prophesy Transportation Solutions expanded its mobile communications solutions, adding several new data and voice networks, GPS devices, account services, and the Sprint/Sanyo PRO-700 model handset

September 2008, - Feature

TMW Systems Launches TMT ServiceCenter

TMW Systems, Orlando, Fla., announced the availability of TMT ServiceCenter software designed to support service centers performing both contracted outsourced fleet management services as well as retail maintenance and repair services

September 2008, - Feature

Champion Laboratories Offers Vendor Managed Inventory

Champion Laboratories, Albion, Ill., has begun offering product ordering, inventory management and tracking services to its customers through a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) platform

September 2008, - Feature

Kenworth Introduces Hybrid Tractor

Kenworth introduced a new Kenworth T370 Class 7 diesel-electric hybrid tractor for local haul applications, including beverage, general freight, and grocery distribution


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