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March 2012, - Feature

Gunk Launches Reformulated Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner

Gunk, provider of engine cleaning and degreasing products, reformulated its Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner to more quickly remove brake fluid, dust build-up and oil from all brake parts

March 2012, - Feature

Shorepower Offering Free Electrical Plug-In Kits

Shorepower Technologies and Cascade Sierra Solutions are offering 1,300 free connector kits on a first-come, first served basis.

Shorepower Technologies and Cascade Sierra Solutions are offering 1,300 free connector kits that allow drivers to plug in to power pedestals at truckstops and other locations

March 2012, - Feature

AT&T Debuts Global Cell-ID Service, Ruggedized Smartphone

AT&T is offering its new Global Cell-ID, which can help optimize routes or schedules in real time based on cell-ID information from devices in more than 100 countries, even without GPS

March 2012, - Feature

Volvo Trucks Offers Active Braking, Lane Departure Warning System

VEC with Active Braking uses a radar sensor, inset in the front bumper, to monitor stationary objects and vehicles moving in front of and to the side of the truck.

Volvo Trucks' latest safety technologies, Volvo Enhanced Cruise with Active Braking and a Lane Departure/Driver Alertness Warning System, increase driver safety through advanced sensor technologies that monitor road conditions and driver behavior

March 2012, - Feature

Fireboy-Xintex Offers Methane Gas Detector System

This methane gas detector is designed for alternative fuel vehicles and is incorporated into the design and re-design of vehicles using CNG and LNG.

Fireboy-Xintex Inc. offers the Xintex Methane Gas Detector for alternative-fuel commercial vehicles, including Class 6, 7 and 8 trucks, local delivery and refuse truck

March 2012, - Feature

Double Coin Fuel-Efficient Tire Line

Double Coin Tires and China Manufacturers Alliance introduced the OptiGreen Series of EPA SmartWay Verified fuel-efficient tires

March 2012, - Feature

Continental Improves Road Service Program

TrukFix, Continental Tire the Americas' emergency road service hotline and assistance program, underwent a series of strategic enhancements to provide better customer service, communication and reliability when commercial drivers need assistance

March 2012, - Feature

Parasitic Loads and Battery Life

Testing for parasitic loads: A multi-meter is connected to a battery and to the vehicle wiring. There is an inline fuse along the negative cable that is used to prevent current from the electrical system from blowing the multi-meter fuse.

It used to be when you turned the vehicle off, all electrical loads went away. Now that today's trucks use electronics full time, including the extra hotel loads for driver comfort, these electrical loads (parasitic loads) increase the demands on the vehicle electrical system

Tags: Maintenance

March 2012, - Feature

More than Miles: Routing/Mileage Companies Branch Out

By Jim Beach, Contributing Editor

In trucking, miles are currency, and there are few companies that have become more synonymous with trucking than commercial routing and mileage software providers. Few truckers start, execute or navigate a trip that wasn't planned using

Tags: Information Technology

February 2012, - Feature

Racor Releases Heavy-Duty Air Cleaners

Racor's new heavy-duty air cleaners are meant for high dust environments with excessive vibration and extreme temperatures.

Racor Division of Parker Hannifin Corp. launched its new composite heavy-duty air cleaners

February 2012, - Feature

Funding Your Idle Habits: A Quick Guide to Idle Reduction Equipment Funding

By Josh Lupu, Marketing Manager, Webasto Product North America

If you drive a truck or maintain a fleet, chances are you've heard talk about other companies getting emissions reduction equipment at a reduced rate, or even free with government funding

Tags: Operations & Fuel Economy

February 2012, - Feature

Beijer Electronics Launches New TREQ-VM Mobile Data Terminal

Beijer Electronics' TREQ-VM is available in a new design, allowing for deployment in either fixed-mount or removable versions.

Beijer Electronics Inc. introduced the new rugged TREQ-VM mobile data terminal.

February 2012, - Feature

Hino Trucks Forms Tank Program With Amthor

Hino Trucks and Amthor International formed a Tank Body Program for the refined fuel, propane, fire prevention, vacuum/septic and related tank industries

February 2012, - Feature

GreenWay Miles Introduces Driver Sustainability Training

GreenWay Miles launched its new Driver Sustainability Training service to reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions

February 2012, - Feature

Some Cleaner Diesels Unreliable, Expensive, Say Fleet Execs in TMC 'Report Card'

By Engine Smarts column Tom Berg, Senior Editor

Some clean diesels of the 2000s have been disruptively unreliable and most are discouragingly expensive, but performance has improved as manufacturers try hard to fix them, said fleet executives at last week's annual meeting of the Technology & Maintenance Council

Tags: Engine Smarts

February 2012, - Feature

Ahern and Associates to Offer Buyers Boot Camp

Ahern and Associates introduced its Buyers Boot Camp to prepare owners of trucking and logistics companies to make their first acquisitions

February 2012, - Feature

Firm and Fair: Recruiting and Retention at ADM

By Deborah Lockridge, Editor in Chief

"It pays to operate in accordance with the law." That's one way ADM Trucking Inc., Decatur, Ill., is able to recruit and retain drivers, according to Sam Richardson, assistance vice president of operations

Tags: Drivers

February 2012, - Feature

New Pig Truck Mount Spill Kit

New Pig's new spill kit mounts to a truck's exterior for quick access.

New Pig's Truck-Mount Spill Kit prepares drivers for leaks and spills at fuel islands or other areas. The spill kit mounts to the truck's exterior to provide quick access to cleanup supplies

February 2012, - Feature

Mitsubishi Fuso Offers Oil Pan Heater Option on New Canters

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America will offer an oil pan heater to aid in starting its commercial medium-duty trucks in cold weather. The oil pan heater replaces block heaters that were available on earlier Fuso FE and FG models

February 2012, - Feature

Teletrac Expands Integration With TMW Systems and TruckMate Dispatch Software

Teletrac announced availability of an interface between its Fleet Director GPS and vehicle tracking solutions and TruckMate, an enterprise transportation software solution from TMW Systems

February 2012, - Feature

Volvo Trucks Offers New Support Services

Asist, Volvo Trucks Web-based service management tool, is part of the Volvo Trucks Support Service offering. Asist gives customers real-time repair status and the ability to manage all service communications through one tool.

Volvo Trucks' new aftermarket offering, Volvo Trucks Support Services, provides fleets in the U.S. and Canada with solutions to help maximize performance of transport operations

February 2012, - Feature

An All-Too-Common Conflict

By Commentary Rolf Lockwood, Contributing Editor

Successful trucking depends on successful relationships - in every corner of our game. Nowhere is this more true than in the hyper-difficult connection between drivers and dispatchers

Tags: Drivers

February 2012, - Feature

TMD Friction's Air Disc Brake Pad Overcomes Disc/Drum Incompatibility

By Jim Park, Equipment Editor

A new air-disc brake pad friction material from TMD Friction of North America, Textar T3070, is first TMC approved replacement option for newer tractor designs with air disc brakes on steer axles and drum brakes on drive axles

February 2012, - Feature

SmartTruck's UT-1 System Debuts at TMC

SmartTruck's UT-1 System is EPA SmartWay verified and CARB compliant.

The UT-1 Trailer UnderTray System from SmartTruck, a lower-cost and smaller version of SmartTruck's popular UT-6 System, offers a 5.5% improvement in aerodynamic efficiency over trucks not equipped with the system

February 2012, - Feature

Cummins Adds 12-Liter to On-Highway Natural Gas Engine Lineup

Cummins is expanding its on-highway natural gas engine lineup with the Cummins Westport natural gas ISX12-G.

February 2012, - Feature

J.J. Keller Launches Online Tractor-Trailer Driver Training

J.J. Keller introduced its online Tractor-Trailer Driver Training - School Edition, providing resources for instructors to enhance their curriculum and offer distance learning for students

February 2012, - Feature

Phillips Introduces Sta-Dry Weather-Tite Seven-pin Connectors

The Weather-Tite seal effectively blocks any contaminants from entering at the 7-way connection, Phillips says.

Phillips Industries introduced Sta-Dry Weather-Tite Connectors, seven-way male connector plugs with integrated seals that stop moisture from entering the electrical system

February 2012, - Feature

Phillips Industries Unveils "Game-Changing" Swivel Nosebox

The socket swivels above the nosebox, allowing 40 degrees of movement in either direction.

Phillips Industries latest innovation in electrical socket technology, the Sta-Dry Tracker, will significantly improve the connection between the tractor and trailer.

February 2012, - Feature

ATDynamics Introduces TrailerTail Technology for Roll Door Trailers

ATDynamics' TrailerTail Roll is projected save over 6 gallons of fuel for every 1,000 miles a trailer is pulled at highway speed.

ATDynamics, Inc., is launching a new aerodynamic system for roll-door semi-trailers capable of saving the transportation industry a projected $3 billion in fuel over the next decade

February 2012, - Feature

Great Dane Shows New Champion SE Vans at TMC

Attendees of the Technology and Maintenance Council 2012 Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition will be the first to see Great Dane's all new Champion SE dry freight vans

February 2012, - Feature

Great Dane Offers Emergency Road Service for AdvantEdge Customers

Following the successful launch of its national account parts and service program just over a year ago, Great Dane is set to roll out emergency road service (ERS) exclusively for its AdvantEdge customers.

February 2012, - Feature

Laydon Makes Skirts for Intermodal Trailers and One Simple Design

Laydon Composites has designed a short skirt for intermodal trailers and a wishbone-shaped underskirt with a single center main section for operators wanting something simpler than traditional twin skirts

February 2012, - Feature

Double Coin Has New Wide Tire, 7-Year Casing Warranty

Double Coin's FT125 should have EPA SmartWay validation later in 2012.

Double Coin announces a widebase-single tire for trailers, and a seven-year casing warranty for several of its tire models

February 2012, - Feature

Solus Designs New Mount, Cuts Cost of Wheel-Cavity Cover

Solus LLC says the wheel-cavity cover it introduced three months ago has a new mounting system and a price about half the original's

February 2012, - Feature

Fontaine Offers Trailer Renewing to Save Money

Fontaine Renew takes old, beat-up trailers or container chassis and makes them look and haul like new at one-third to one-half the cost of a new vehicle.

By Tom Berg, Senior Editor

Fontaine Trailer Co. has begun a trailer refurbishing operation that can extend the lives of flatbeds and other types at a fraction of a new trailer's cost

February 2012, - Feature

Dana Expands Spicer Diamond Series Driveshaft Product Line

 Dana's Diamond Series driveshaft was recently recognized by Frost & Sullivan with its Technological Innovation award.

Dana Holding Corp. says its Spicer Diamond Series one-piece aluminum driveshafts now covers approximately 60% of North American heavy truck applications

February 2012, - Feature

Meritor Wabco Announces New Safety, Braking System Products

Meritor Wabco has enhanced its System Saver 1200 Plus air dryer.

By Truckinginfo Staff

Meritor Wabco Vehicle Control Systems announced products to increase driver and highway safety, plus two new air system efficiency innovations

February 2012, - Feature

Continental Announces Low Platform, High Load Capacity Trailer Tire

Continental's new HTL2 Eco Plus tire is available for commercial trucks in sizes 215/75R17.5, 235/75R17.5 and 245/70R17.5.

Continental says its new, low platform trailer tire offers a combination of structural durability and improved fuel economy

February 2012, - Feature

Doran, SafetyTrax Launch Real-Time Vehicle Tracking Web Application

SafetyTrax and Doran have a new web-based software application that provides real-time updates for global position and vehicle tracking indicators along with tire pressures and temperatures for every vehicle in a fleet.

In a collaborative integration project, Doran and SafetyTrax launched a Web-based software application that provides real-time updates for global position and vehicle tracking indicators along with tire pressures and temperatures for every vehicle in a fleet

February 2012, - Feature

Alliance Truck Parts Launches Online Parts Cross-Reference Tool

Alliance Truck Parts launched an online parts lookup tool to help customers find the right part among countless competing numbers and naming conventions.

Alliance Truck Parts launched an online parts search tool, creating a single point of access to find and cross-reference parts

February 2012, - Feature

TripPak Services Launches Internet-Based Imaging System

TripPak Services launched TripPak Exchange, an Internet-based imaging system to improve processes in the supply chain for drivers, fleets, shippers and brokers

February 2012, - Feature

Quantum Natural Gas Tank Boasts Lighter Weight

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide introduced a new composite compressed natural gas tank targeting commercial natural gas fleets including refuse truck applications

February 2012, - Feature

Mack Trucks Offers MVASIST Free With New Trucks

MVASIST is now free with the purchase of a Mack truck.

MVASIST, the fleet service management platform from Mack Trucks, will now be available at no charge to customers who purchase a new Mack truck

February 2012, - Feature

Sylectus Expands TMS to Include NAFTA Coverage

Sylectus expanded its web-based Transportation Management Software network to include partner fleets and carriers that specialize in North American Free Trade Agreement services

February 2012, - Feature

Cargotec's Ottawa Yard Tractor Gets Gasoline V-10

Compared to a comparably equipped diesel-powered terminal tractor, the gasoline-powered version takes less time to reach top speeds and has higher maximum speeds in both third and fourth gears.

Cargotec USA has expanded its Ottawa trailer spotter line with a gasoline-powered model. It uses Ford's 6.8-liter, 3-Valve V-10 engin

February 2012, - Feature

E-Z Pack, Waste Pro Release CNG Solid Waste Collection Truck

E-Z Pack and Waste Pro released a CNG solid waste collection truck.

E-Z Pack Manufacturing is now offering a rear-mounted front loader compressed natural gas solid waste collection truck

February 2012, - Feature

Eaton Offers Bundle Package to Extend Fuller Reman Transmission Warranty

Eaton introduced a bundle package for its lineup of remanufactured and aftermarket components that extends warranty coverage of an Eaton Fuller Reman transmission to three years.

Eaton Corp. will now extend warranty coverage of an Eaton Fuller Reman transmission to three years with the combined purchase and installation of an Eaton Advantage Series clutch and Roadranger-approved lubricant

February 2012, - Feature

On/Off Highway Tires: One Size Won't Fit All

Tires such as Bridgestone's M843 provide a balance of good traction, good fuel economy and good tread life when used as an all-position tire.

By Jim Park, Equipment Editor

A racehorse would do about as well dragging a plow through a muddy field as a plow horse would do plodding down the back stretch at Churchill Downs.

Tags: Tires

February 2012, - Feature

Training Technicians - Part Two

Younger people don't much want to read training manuals, and they're adept at computer use. Tailor your training accordingly.

By Rolf Lockwood, Contributing Editor

In part one, we talked about how important it is to train technicians, and how classroom training that affords hands-on experience is the best. However, it's not always feasible to send your techs off for training or even to allot hands-on time at your own location

Tags: Managing the Shop

February 2012, - Feature

Which Maintenance Software is Right for You? (Part 1 of 2)

O&S Trucking in Springfield, Mo., uses software to track each individual piece of equipment from cradle to grave and understand all the costs.

By Rolf Lockwood, Contributing Editor

The need for first-rate maintenance of trucks and trailers is obvious, so let's not start this article blathering about the necessity of cost control and the ever-increasing challenge of safety compliance. All that's a given

Tags: Information Technology


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