2001  -  2050  of  5620

February 2012, - Feature

Air Conqueror Series Wheel Cavity Cover Compatible with All Tractor, Trailer Wheel Types

Solus Wheel Cavity Covers have a donut design that allows access to the hub.

Solus now offers Air Conqueror Series wheel cavity covers compatible with all wheel types including wide-base

February 2012, - Feature

Tracer's Heavy Duty Kit Features Compact Leak Detection Flashlight

The TP-8647HD leak detection kit by Tracer features a cordless blue light LED detection flashlight.

Tracer Products introduced the TP-8647HD, a leak kit featuring the Optimax Jr, a cordless, blue light LED leak detection flashlight

February 2012, - Feature

Auto AirTamer Purifies Cab Air

The Auto AirTamer uses advanced electrostatic purification technology to purify the air inside a truck.

By HDT Staff

The makers of the Auto AirTamer say the device lets drivers breathe cleaner, healthier air on the road

February 2012, - Feature

Corsa Exhaust Line for Light Commercial Trucks

Corsa Commercial Exhaust is a new brand of stainless steel cat-back exhausts for working trucks

January 2012, - Feature

Illinois Lock Company Releases Weather-Resistant Wing Locks

Illinois Lock Company's weather-resistant wing locks have built-in flip-up cap to provide protection from the elements.

Illinois Lock Company introduced a complete line of weather-resistant wing locks for both indoor and outdoor applications

January 2012, - Feature

Dunlop Steer Tire for Regional, P&D Applications

The new Dunlop SP348 for Goodyear is an all-position steer tire for regional fleet, school bus and pickup and delivery applications.

Goodyear expanded its portfolio of Dunlop brand truck tires with the new Dunlop SP348, an all-position steer tire for regional fleet, school bus and pickup and delivery applications

January 2012, - Feature

UPS Driver Ron 'Big Dog' Sowder Reaches 50 Years Accident Free

UPS Driver Ron Sowder recently celebrated 50 Years of accident-free driving for UPS.

By Genevieve Conti, Assistant Editor

Ron "Big Dog" Sowder has a good reason for his nickname: He's driven 50 years and 4 million miles without a single accident

Tags: Drivers

January 2012, - Feature

California Air Resources Board Approves Hug Mobiclean R DPF

The California Air Resources Board approved the Hug mobiclean DPF to improve air quality.

The California Air Resources Board verified the Hug Filtersystems mobiclean R diesel particulate filter for use with most non-EGR on-road diesel vehicles from 1991 to 2006

January 2012, - Feature

Vigillo Enhances CSA Scorecards for 2012

Vigillo's newest version of its CSA scorecards puts a strong emphasis on drivers by incorporating advanced Driver Essentials

January 2012, - Feature

Driving Tips to Protect Light-Duty Fleets This Winter

By Ed Iannuzzi, Automotive Resources International

As we settle into the new year, winter 2012 is just beginning to flex its muscles

Tags: Safety & Compliance

January 2012, - Feature

Getloaded Launches Integrated Automatic Posting & Searching Solution

Getloaded, an internet-based logistics load board company, introduced Web Services, a new interface that integrates customers' systems directly into the Getloaded network

January 2012, - Feature

Goodyear Launches G619 RST for Spread Axle Trailers

Goodyear's new G619 RST  features 18/32-inch tread depth and a four-belt casing.

Goodyear developed the G619 RST, a new tire for spread axle trailer applications

January 2012, - Feature

Top Dealers Talk about 2010 Engines

By Engine Smarts Deborah Lockridge, Editor in Chief

So far, the new engines built to meet the Environmental Protection Agency's 2010 emissions mandate are performing far better than their EPA-2007 predecessors. That was the consensus of this year's nominees for the American Truck Dealers/Heavy Duty Trucking Truck Dealer of the Year

Tags: Engine Smarts

January 2012, - Feature

CEI Group Says Truck Fleets Missing Opportunities to Cut Accident Costs

Fleets may be missing opportunities to reduce the cost of accidents by millions of dollars, according to Luann Dunkerley, The CEI Group's manager of business development for truck fleet services

Tags: The Bottom Line

January 2012, - Feature

Kenworth Radios Now Offer Bluetooth Capability

Kenworth now offers Bluetooth capability with its NavPlus system as well as factory-installed radios.

Kenworth now offers Bluetooth capability for factory-installed radios

January 2012, - Feature

Lite-Check Releases Tester for Trailer Roll Stability ABS

The new Inspector 920 is Lite-Check's new automated tester for trailer electronics and ABS.

Lite-Check introduced the Inspector 920, ab automated tester for trailer electronics and ABS

January 2012, - Feature

Rear View Safety Offers Backup Camera Systems for Commercial Vehicles

Rear View Safety introduced backup cameras designed for use in commercial trucks and cargo fleets. The products include various camera and screen models as well as multi-channel mobile DVRs designed for inter-fleet communication and management

January 2012, - Feature

Greenspeed to Chase Speed Record for Petroleum Fueled Trucks Using Vegetable Oil

This August, Boise State University's student club Greenspeed will use vegetable oil in hope of breaking the existing 215-mph world land speed record for all vehicles in the diesel truck classification, including those that burn traditional fuel

Tags: Alternative Fuels & Hybrids

January 2012, - Feature

Cummins Retunes ISX11.9 for Better Economy, Renames It ISX12

By Tom Berg, Senior Editor

Engineers at Cummins have retuned their-heavy duty ISX11.9 diesel for better performance and fuel economy, and marketers have stepped up promotion of the engine by renaming it the ISX12

January 2012, - Feature

Networkfleet Fuel and Service Card with Integrated Reporting

Networkfleet's new fuel card offers more control over fuel expenses by providing detailed reporting.

Networkfleet announced its new Networkfleet Fuel and Service Card with integrated fuel card reporting

January 2012, - Feature

Volvo Trucks Expands XE13 Horsepower Offering

By Truckinginfo staff

When Volvo Trucks introduced its XE13 "exceptional efficiency" integrated powertrain package last September, it only was available with a 425-horsepower rating. Today it announced it had added a 455-horsepower rating for the XE13

January 2012, - Feature

Ryder Launches RydeSmart 3.0 Onboard Telematics System

Above is a screen shot of a RydeSmart report view, an aerial satellite map view of a vehicle being tracked with RydeSmart.

Ryder System introduced RydeSmart 3.0, its next-generation onboard telematics system

January 2012, - Feature

Racor Introduces 700 Series Fuel/Water Separators

Above, Racor's new 700 Series fuel filter/water separator.

Racor Division of Parker Hannifin introduced the 700 series fuel filter/water separators with integrated priming pump. The 700 Series fuel filter/water separators are equipped with a fuel-priming pump for easy priming. The separator assemblies are two

January 2012, - Feature

Exide Introduces New Products at HDAW

Exide Technologies launched the Extreme Power 1000, its newest heavy-duty battery.

Exide Technologies launched its newest heavy-duty battery, the Extreme Power 1000, at Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week in Las Vegas this week

January 2012, - Feature

Meritor Releases Advanced Aftermarket Brake Linings, adds PlatinumShield II for Reman Brake Shoes

Meritor added two innovations to its line of remanufactured aftermarket brake products to improve brake shoe life and to standardize fleet lining options with new reduced stopping distance rules

January 2012, - Feature

Navistar, Continental Ready to Sell Front Discharge Concrete Mixers Assembled by Phoenix

By Tom Berg, Senior Editor

Navistar International and its Continental Mixer subsidiary have completed an assembly agreement with Indiana Phoenix and say they are ready to take orders for an integrated front-discharge mixer chassis

January 2012, - Feature

Freight Wing Launches 2012 AeroFlex Side Skirt

Freight Wing's new generation of AeroFlex skirts are fuel-efficient, lightweight and durable.

Seattle-based Freight Wing launched its new generation AeroFlex 2012 side skirts

January 2012, - Feature

OTC Introduces Portable DPF Cleaner

The OTC 5286 is compact enough to be transported onto construction, industrial, and agricultural job sites for on-site cleaning.

OTC Tools has released a new a portable diesel particulate filter cleaner, the OTC 5286

January 2012, - Feature

Pana-Pacific to Distribute New Engine Start Module From Maxwell Technologies

Maxwell Technologies inked and agreement with Pana-Pacific to distribute its new ultracapacitor-based engine start module for trucks.

Maxwell Technologies has entered into a one-year agreement with Pana-Pacific to distribute Maxwell's new ultracapacitor-based Engine Start Module in the United States, Canada and Mexico

January 2012, - Feature

Load Delivered Logistics Introduces Mobile App

Load Delivered's new Load Finder app is available for iPhone and iPad.

Load Delivered Logistics launched a new mobile phone application, Load Finder

January 2012, - Feature

Allison Transmission 1350 Model Adds Towing Ability

The new 1350 model will provide an option within Allison's 1000 Series models for towing capacity of up to 30,000 pounds.

Allison Transmission released its new 1350 model, which will provide an option within its 1000 Series models for towing capacity of up to 30,000 pounds

January 2012, - Feature

Bendix Announces Schedule for 2012 Brake Training School

The schedule for Bendix's 2012 Brake Training School, a three-day course designed for both new and experienced technicians, includes 20 cities in the U.S. and Canada

Tags: Brakes

January 2012, - Feature

Betts Spring Introduces Lightweight Anti-Spray Poly Fender

The Sprayoff poly fender works to enhance safety and reduce costs through weight reduction and diminished damage from corrosion.

Betts Spring Co. is introducing its new SprayOff anti-spray poly guard

January 2012, - Feature

Gates Offers New Line of Heavy-Duty Water Pumps and DEF Hose

Gates will release a new line of heavy-duty water pumps (above) and new DEF hose line.

Gates Corp. now offers a complete line of heavy-duty water pumps as well as a line of diesel emission fluid hose

January 2012, - Feature

'Tall' gearing and a big engine deliver 12 mpg in a Class 7 truck, expedited-freight hauler claims

By Engine Smarts column Tom Berg, Senior Editor

"Tall" gearing and a large engine are giving an expedited freight hauler the high fuel economy he sought, even if most factory engineers won't approve his spec'ing requests

Tags: Engine Smarts

January 2012, - Feature

Portable Sleep Apnea Monitor Will Make Testing Easier

Precision Pulmonary Diagnostics will offer portable monitor testing of sleep apnea in commercial drivers

January 2012, - Feature

McLeod Software Ships Version 10 of DocumentPower Enterprise

McLeod Software is now shipping Version 10 of its DocumentPower Enterprise business process management and automation solution

January 2012, - Feature

Truckers Matter Adds Recruiting Matters to Web Site

Truckers Matter LLC will enhance its recently launched services site,

January 2012, - Feature

Jabra Releases Latest In-car Speakerphone

The Journey, Jabra's new hands-free speakerphone, is sold at Costco.

Jabra introduced the Journey, a hands-free in-car speakerphone

January 2012, - Feature

Barnhart Introduces New Dual-lane Transport System

Barnhart introduced WesTrac, a new dual-lane transport system for super heavy loads.

Barnhart Crane & Rigging announced the addition of WesTrac Transportation System, a dual-lane transportation system designed for super heavy loads, to its equipment inventory

January 2012, - Feature

Bosch Launches Technical Support Hotline

Bosch announced the launch of a new technical support hotline number for questions regarding Bosch parts, equipment and services. The number is 1-855-BoschTech or 1-855-267-2483

January 2012, - Feature

Firestone Industrial Ride-Rite kits Available for Dodge Ram 2500/3500

Firestone Industrial's Ride-Rite kits are now available for 2012 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 trucks.

Firestone Industrial Products announced its Ride-Rite air helper spring kits are now available for 2012 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 trucks, both two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive models

January 2012, - Feature

Alcoa Introduces New Series of Wide Base Wheels

Alcoa announced the launch of its new line of wide base alumnium wheels. (Photo courtesy of Alcoa)

Alcoa has new series of wide base aluminum wheels, which are engineered through Alcoa's LvL One wheel manufacturing process of light weighting

January 2012, - Feature

Joule Secures $70 Million For Expansion of Biofuel Demonstration Plant

Above: Joule bioreactors at its Texas pilot plant.

Startup company Joule Unlimited Technologies announced it received $70 million from undisclosed private and institutional investors, and the company hopes this funding will bring it closer to a breakthrough in biofuel technology

Tags: Alternative Fuels & Hybrids

January 2012, - Feature

NADA University Introduces Guide to FET Rules for Truck Dealers

The National Automobile Dealers Association's NADA University introduces a new guide to FET compliance rules for truck dealers

January 2012, - Feature

Eaton Extends Standard Warranty for Reman Transmission Vocational Models

Eaton has extended its reman transmission standard warranty coverage for vocational models to two years. (Photo courtesy of Eaton)

Eaton extended the warranty coverage for its Eaton Fuller Reman and Eaton Fuller Flex Reman vocational transmissions from 18 months to two years

January 2012, - Feature

Dealer Perspective

By Commentary Deborah Lockridge, Editor in Chief

Each year, I spend some time chatting with some of the nation's top truck dealers, those nominated for the Truck Dealer of the Year award from American Truck Dealers association and sister publication Heavy Duty Trucking

Tags: Issues

January 2012, - Feature

The Great Secret

Steph Sabo, Guest Columnist

By Steph Sabo, Guest Columnist

Everyone is always looking for a competitive advantage, one that will take them over the top. Well, your search can stop, at least for today. Spend your time looking into the Technology & Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Associations

Tags: Issues

January 2012, - Feature

Five Ways Software Can Improve Your Bottom Line

By Jim Beach, Contributing Editor

It's a rare heavy-duty service shop or parts warehouse/distributor that doesn't use some kind of computer software in its operation. It might be as simple as an accounting package such as QuickBooks, or as complex as a full-feature

Tags: Technology

January 2012, - Feature

Are You Planning For Succession?

Lack of planning could mean the end of your business.

By Deborah Lockridge, Editor in Chief

Last year, Midwest Wheel celebrated its 100th anniversary under a fourth-generation owner. Betts Spring is in its sixth generation and just promoted a sixth-generation Betts family member to vice president. But many more small businesses peris

Tags: Business


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