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November 2012, - Feature

Waytek Introduces its PVC-Coated Momentary Start Push Button Switch

Waytek added this PVC-coated momentary start push button switch to its line of automotive switches.

Waytek Inc., a distributor of electrical wiring supplies, has added a PVC-coated momentary start push button switch to its line of automotive switches. It is sealed with PVC coating for harsh environments.

November 2012, - Feature

Talbert Introduces New 50-Ton Traveling Axle Trailer

Talbert Manufacturing's new 50-ton 5051 Traveling Axle trailer.

Talbert Manufacturing will soon introduce its 50-Ton 5051 Traveling Axle trailer. The 5051TA has been designed for customers that need to comply with 43-foot kingpin laws and regulations.

November 2012, - Feature

Carrier Transicold Introduces Supra 60-Series Truck Units

Carrier Transicold's new Supra 60-series truck refrigeration units feature compliance with 2013 emissions requirements from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Tags: Reefers, Carrier Transicold

November 2012, - Feature

TARA Chooses Wade & Partners as New Association Manager

The Truck Frame and Axle Repair Association has decided to make Wade & Partners the management team to lead the association, effective immediately.

Tags: Business, Associations

November 2012, - Feature

Ridewell Releases Trailer Air-Ride Yoke Suspensions

The RAR-240 has a 25,000-pound capacity and 8- to 9.5-inch ride height.

Ridewell announced the expansion of the RAR-240 series of trailer air-ride suspensions. Now available for order are yoke mount suspensions designed specifically for use with Ridewell brand axles with Wabco PAN 22 air disc brakes.

Tags: Suspensions

November 2012, - Feature

Using the Safety Management Cycle

By Kathy Close, Contributor

The Compliance, Safety, Accountability enforcement model has been fine-tuned on multiple occasions since the program's inception by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Tags: Compliance, CSA, Safety & Compliance

November 2012, - Feature

Natural Gas: What Fleets Need to Know - Natural Gas Truck and Engine Information

Announcements about new natural gas engines, bi-fuel engines and aftermarket conversion systems are coming faster and faster

Tags: Alternative Fuels & Hybrids, Natural Gas, Alternative Fuels, Liquefied Natural Gas, Natural Gas Vehicles, Cummins

November 2012, - Feature

Natural Gas: What Fleets Need to Know - Natural Gas Fueling Infrastructure Growing

One of the key roadblocks to wider adoption of natural gas fuel by the trucking industry has been a lack of fueling infrastructure. In the past, natural gas was mostly an option only for companies that could return to a central fueling station each night.

Tags: Alternative Fuels & Hybrids, Liquefied Natural Gas, Natural Gas, Natural Gas Vehicles, Alternative Fuels

November 2012, - Feature

Natural Gas: What Fleets Need to Know - Fleets Using Natural Gas

SLIDE SHOW: FedEx Freight is one of many companies trying out natural gas fuel. click here

A growing number of fleets are testing or making large-scale deployments of natural gas powered vehicles. Here's a sampling, including a slide show of some of these fleets and others

Tags: Going Green, Natural Gas, Natural Gas Vehicles, Alternative Fuels, Liquefied Natural Gas

November 2012, - Cover Story

Maintaining Diesels

By Jim Park, Equipment Editor & Tom Berg, Senior Editor

You don't have to go far to find a fleet having trouble with engines. Mostly they report emissions systems problems, not surprising given the short time the engine makers had to meet the Environmental Protection Agency's tight timelines. To be fair, owners of diesels meeting EPA 2010 standards are reporting fewer problems than they had with the first few generations of EPA 2007-compliant engines

Tags: Under The Hood

November 2012, - Feature

Maverick Transportation Launches Video Production Department

Maverick Transportation has launched an in-house video production department as a part of its growing public relations and marketing efforts

Tags: Information Technology, Maverick

November 2012, - Feature

Meritor Launches Fras-le Hydraulic Disc Brake Pad Program

Meritor's Aftermarket business has begun distribution of the Fras-le Work Truck and Fleet Disc Brake Pad Program to its customers

November 2012, - Feature

Freightliner 2013 Calendar Now Available

Freightliner Trucks announced that its 2013 calendar is now available to order.

November 2012, - Feature

Ford-Westport CNG-Gasoline Bi-Fuel System

Westport LD, part of Westport Innovations that makes heavy-duty engines larger trucks, is partnering with Ford in a bi-fuel system for SuperDuty F-250 and F-350 pickups.

November 2012, - Feature

EcoDual Achieves EPA Approval for the Cummins ISM 11L Engine

By Kate Harlow

EcoDual LLC, a provider of dual fuel conversion systems for heavy-duty diesel trucks, has achieved authorization from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to begin installing its systems on all 29 engine families of the 2004 to 2009 Cummins ISM engines.

Tags: Cummins, EcoDual, Conversion Kit, Natural Gas

October 2012, - Feature

Trucking 'Fracking' Water

By Tom Berg

The Uinta Basin in northeastern Utah is among the places in the U.S. where natural gas is being recovered in the ongoing energy boom. As in other areas, great quantities of specially treated water are being used to liberate the ga

Tags: Trailers, water truck, Fracking

October 2012, - Feature

5 things you should know about cloud computing

By Jim Beach, Contributing Editor

Cloud computing has been getting a lot of attention in the information technology space. Before you put your head in the cloud, though, there are some things you should understand about the concept of cloud computing

Tags: Information Technology, Cloud Computing, Qualcomm, Telogis, Decisiv, Drivewyze PreClear, Equinox Owner-Operator Solutions, Business Management

October 2012, - Feature

Keep Tires Running Straight and True

By Jim Park, Equipment Editor

In tire and wheel mounting, the line between right and wrong is a thin one. A few thousandths of an inch on either side of correct can throw tires and wheels into a mean wobble or cause them to bounce up and down like pistons

Tags: Tires, Wheels

October 2012, - Feature

Are your batteries up to the challenge?

By Jim Park, Equipment Editor

Uptime and utilization are everything, so you don't want a truck sitting on the shop floor during basic battery maintenance. Most fleets pull the batteries at the first sign of trouble and replace them with fresh batteries to get the truck moving again, planning to deal with the bad batteries later. But what killed the batteries in the first place

Tags: Under The Hood, Batteries, Maintenance

November 2012, - Feature

2013 Kenworth Calendar Offers Images of Trucks

The 2013 Kenworth Appointment Calendar

The new 2013 Kenworth Calendar is now available for order. The new calendar offers images of Kenworth's broad product line, including aerodynamic, vocational, traditional and medium duty trucks at work in scenic environments

November 2012, - Feature

CMA Announces Two New Double Coin Tires

CMA's new RSD3 drive position tire for winter applications.

Double Coin Tires and China Manufacturers Alliance LLC, a tire manufacturer and marketer, introduced two new tire

October 2012, - Feature

Bendix Updates Diagnostics Software, Enhances Video-based Training

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems has released the version 6.5 of its ACom diagnostics software.

October 2012, - Feature

EnerSys Rebrands Odyssey Batteries

EnerSys has rebranded its existing line of Odyssey batteries as Odysset Extreme Series batteries to differentiate between the existing product line and a new line of batteries for the consumer market

October 2012, - Feature

Chrysler Begins Production of Ram 2500 CNG Pickup Truck

The Ram 2500 CNG pickup truck.

Chrysler announced that the first Ram 2500 Compressed Natural Gas pickup trucks began coming off the assembly line at the company's Satillo, Mexico, assembly plant, on Oct. 29

October 2012, - Feature

Wingman Guarantees 5% Mileage Increase

Wingman, the air flow control product from Airman Inc., now guarantees a 5% miles per gallon increase or Airman Inc. will buy the Wingman back.

October 2012, - Feature

Prime Drivers Compete in Olympic Distance Triathlon

Driving tanker, flatbed, and refrigerated trailers, seven Prime drivers recently arrived in Anderson, S.C., to compete in the Revolution 3 Olympic-distance triathlon relay and aquabike

Tags: Driver Stories

October 2012, - Feature

EcoDual Partners with VFG to Provide Financing for Dual Fuel Conversions

EcoDual has partnered with Vision Financial Group to provide lease-to-own financing options for its diesel to natural gas dual fuel conversion systems for heavy-duty diesel-powered trucks.

October 2012, - Feature

Blue Tree Systems Expands to All Vehicle Types

Blue Tree Systems announced its R:Com fleet management system is now available on all vehicle types, including pick-up trucks, cargo vans and passenger vehicles

October 2012, - Feature

Cadec Partners with ISE for eDVIR Application

Cadec Global has teamed up with with Innovative Software Engineering to deliver integrated electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report capabilities in its PowerVue fleet management software.

October 2012, - Cover Story

Building a Culture of Safety

By Deborah Lockridge, Editor in Chief & Jim Beach, Contributing Editor

In 1986, the Chernobyl-4 nuclear reactor exploded, spewing molten core fragments and radiation. It killed more than 30 people and contaminated 400 square miles around the Ukrainian plant. A "poor safety culture" was identified as a major factor. That was one of the first uses of the term

Tags: Topics & Trends

October 2012, - Feature

Cargo Vans Update: Business thriving, though some casualties

By Tom Berg

Like most commercial truck sectors, sales of full-size cargo vans and walk-in vans are thriving and even booming - but there are casualties. The electric truck business, while still viable, is taking a hit, with two suppliers in financial straits

Tags: Light & Medium, Cargo Vans, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, General Motors, Nissan, Nissan NV, Natural Gas Vehicles, Ford Transit Connect, Freightliner, Navistar, Smith Electric Vehicles, Step Vans

October 2012, - Feature

Natural Gas: What Fleets Need to Know, Part 3 - What's the payback?

Dart Transit launched a small fleet of CNG-powered tractors dedicated to Andersen Window Corp. While CNG-fueled trucks cost about $45,000 more, Dart projects that fuel cost savings $25,000-$35,000 per year, per truck.

By Deborah Lockridge, Editor in Chief

The environmental and image benefits of being "green" and reducing dependence on foreign oil are among the reasons fleets are looking at natural gas fuel for trucks, but even the most diehard "green" fleet is still looking for a return on its investment

Tags: Alternative Fuels & Hybrids, Natural Gas, Natural Gas Vehicles, Alternative Fuels, Liquefied Natural Gas

October 2012, - Feature

HDA Truck Pride Automates Purchase Orders

HDA Truck Pride has signed a multi-year joint agreement with HDX Services and GCommerce to automate the Purchase Order to Invoice process between its members, HDA Truck Pride headquarters, and its vendor and end-user partners

Tags: Technology

October 2012, - Feature

Kenworth Adds Next Generation of Paccar Engines for 2013

The 12.9-liter Paccar MX-13 engine is designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty truck applications. The engine is available for Kenworth Class 8 models, including the Kenworth T660, T680, T700, T800 and W900.

Kenworth is enhancing its engine line-up for 2013 with the addition of the next generation of Paccar proprietary engines. Kenworth customers can now specify the new Paccar MX-13, Paccar PX-9 and Paccar PX-7 engines on new Kenworth truck order

October 2012, - Feature

Tyre Lyna Introduces Nitrogen-Infused Tire Sealant

Tire Lyna manufacturer Lyna Manufacturing recently introduced Nitrogen Infused Tire Lyna Sahara at the U.S.-Canada border crossing

October 2012, - Feature

Corrosion: Why Put up With It?

By Guest Commentary Richard A. Nay, CEO, Van Nay Corp.

Take a look as you drive the highway. Look at the trucks and trailers representing major corporations. See the corrosion?

Tags: Equipment Issues

October 2012, - Feature

4 Ways Oakley Maximizes Driver Recruiting AND Retention

By Francis Hare, Contributor

Little Rock-based Oakley Trucking maintains a turnover rate less than 1/3 the current industry average for fleets the American Trucking Associations categorize as "large" (above $30 million in revenue). How

Tags: Drivers

October 2012, - Feature

Blue Tree Offers New Temperature Probe

Blue Tree Systems Inc., a provider of trailer tracking, reefer monitoring and in-cab fleet management solutions, now offers a temperature probe to continuously deliver accurate cargo temperatures

October 2012, - Feature

Talon Logistics and CNG

Talon Logistics' Volvo VNM daycabs use dual frame-mounted CNG tanks, rather than the back-of-cab cabinet frequently seen.

Last year, food and fuel retailer Giant Eagle unveiled its first two compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations in the Pittsburgh area at its Beechnut Drive retail support and distribution center. The demonstration included a fuel-up of one of its brand-new natural gas-powered VNM daycabs

Tags: Alternative Fuels & Hybrids

October 2012, - Feature

East Built-in Tarp Storage for Drop Deck Trailers

East has introduced new safety option to their drop deck trailers, an all-aluminum tarp storage box built into the floor of the upper or lower deck.

East introduced a new option for its drop deck trailers - an all-aluminum tarp storage box built into the floor of the upper or lower deck.

October 2012, - Feature

Investcorp Sells Fleetpride

Investcorp is selling heavy-duty truck and trailer parts retailer FleetPride Inc. to global investment firm TPG. FleetPride, based in The Woodlands, Texas, was established in 1999 as a result of the merger of Quality Distribution Service Partners and HDA Parts System Inc. It was bought by Bahrain-based Investcorp in 2006.

Tags: Issues

October 2012, - Feature

Medium-Duty Engine Problems Decrease, Downtime Increases

Hino engines rank highest in customer satisfaction for a fifth consecutive year.

As medium-duty truck engine technology advances, more complicated repairs lead to more unscheduled downtime, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2012 U.S. Medium-Duty Truck Engine and Transmission Study

Tags: Managing the Shop

October 2012, - Feature

What HD Distributors Should Know About Cloud Computing

By Jim Beach, Contributing Editor

Cloud computing has been getting a lot of attention in the information technology space. Before you put your head in the cloud, though, there are some things you should understand about the concept of cloud computing

Tags: Technology

October 2012, - Feature

Titan to Introduce Polymer, In-Bed Diesel Fuel Tank

Titan Fuel Tanks, a manufacturer of high-performance aftermarket fuel tanks, is introducing its new cross-linked polyethylene, In-Bed Diesel Fuel Tank

October 2012, - Feature

Driver Orientation: How Much is Retained?

By Guest Commentary Megan Younkin, Contributor

In my seven years with Strategic Programs Inc., I have yet to come across a transportation organization that does not have an orientation for their newly hired Professional Drivers

Tags: Drivers

October 2012, - Feature

Alumax Dump Body 50% Lighter Than Steel

DuraClass says its new Alumax heavy-duty aluminum dump body offers high strength and low body weight for long life and maximum payloads

October 2012, - Feature

Pegasus TransTech Releases Transflo 2012 R2

Pegasus TransTech released its newest version of Transflo. Transflo 2012 R2 is the latest update of the document management solution that helps transportation companies go paperless

October 2012, - Feature

Kinedyne Enhances Load Binder Products

Kinedyne recently revised its chain/load binder product offering to make them fully compliant with newly released industry standards.

October 2012, - Feature

ATA Adopts New Position on Sleep Disorder Screening and Testing

By Deborah Lockridge, Editor in Chief

LAS VEGAS - Seeing disturbing indications that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration may plan to address the issue of sleep apnea among truck drivers with a "guidance" rather than a rulemaking, the American Trucking Associations has a new policy positio

Tags: Health Issues, Sleep Apnea, ATA, Health, sleep disorders

October 2012, - Feature

Trincon, Ohio Trucking Association Announce Education Program

Trincon Group, a national transportation industry advisory firm, in conjunction with the Ohio Trucking Association, announces Ohio Trucking University, a new series of educational programs focused on key issues within the trucking industry.


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