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March 2006, - Editorial

A Look At 2007 Diesel Emissions

By Jim Winsor, Executive Editor

Here's a preview of exhaust hardware you'll be seeing on '07 diesel engines.

Tags: EPA, DPF

March 2006, - Editorial

Idle Conversation

By Deborah Whistler, Editor

Best way to conserve fuel? Shut those engines down.

Tags: Idling, Fuel Prices

March 2006, - Editorial

Will You Be Ready For Seven-Dollar Diesel?

By Doug Condra, President

Over the next five years, trucking needs to go all-out for fuel economy.

Tags: Oil Prices

March 2006, - Test Drives

Stable Environment

By Tom Berg, Senior Equipment Editor

The bendix anti-rollover system keeps mack mixer on its wheels.

Tags: Mack Trucks, anti-rollover systems

March 2006, - Test Drives

Ram 3500 Gets Heavier

By Tom Berg, Senior Equipment Editor

Dodge Trucks has added 1,000 pounds to the gross vehicle weight rating of its Ram 3500 Chassis Cab model.

Tags: Natural Gas, Ram Truck

March 2006, - Test Drives

International Announces Two More Big XT Pickups

By Tom Berg, Senior Equipment Editor

The on/off-road MXT's styling is vaguely reminiscent of a Jeep Commando from the 1960s or '70s.

Tags: International

March 2006, - Test Drives

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

By Oliver B. Patton, Washington Editor

Next generation kicks it up a notch.

Tags: Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

March 2006, - Feature

Tractor-Trailer Aerodynamics

By Tom Berg, Senior Equipment Editor

Streamlined power units are a given, and research on trailer aero improvers should make them common, too.

Tags: Equipment, Trailers

March 2006, - Feature

Surviving an audit

By Patricia Smith, Senior Editor

Tips for making compliance reviews 'positive and peaceful' events.

Tags: Compliance, Audits

March 2006, - Feature

Trucking Visionary

By Don Schneider Chairman Schneider National Inc.

Schneider is a high-tech company that happens to own a few thousand trucks.

Tags: Schneider National

March 2006, - Feature

One Truck To 21,000

By Jerry Moyes Chairman/CEO Swift Transportation Inc.

From owner-operator to mega fleet, swift has grown through strategic acquisitions.

Tags: Swift Transportation

March 2006, - Feature

Opening New Doors: Harry Muhlschlegel, New Century Transportation

By Deborah Lockridge

This former owner-operator, a 2006 HDT Truck Fleet Innovator, is constantly re-inventing typical trucking practices.

Tags: LTL, HDT Truck Fleet Innovators

March 2006, - Feature

The Leading Edge

By Max Fuller, Patrick Quinn U.S. Xpress Enterprises

As an early adopter of new technologies, U.S. Xpress has avoided the bleeding edge.

Tags: U.S. Xpress

March 2006, - Feature

The Driver is Key

By Duane Acklie Chairman Crete Carrier Corp.

Low driver turnover comes with hiring right and treating them right.

Tags: Driver Turnover

February 2006, - Test Drives

Driving A Basic F-350 Super Duty

By Tom Berg, Senior Equipment Editor

It's Plain Jane but very comfortable, and as capable as you'd expect a Ford to be.

Tags: Ford F-350, Ford Super Duty

February 2006, - Test Drives

Driving Volvo's VT800

By Tom Berg, Senior Equipment Editor

It's made for hauling heavy loads in contemporary style and comfort.

Tags: Volvo, Diesel, Heavy Haul

February 2006, - Editorial

Big Changes In 50 Years

By Jim Winsor, Executive Editor

Here's a nostalgic review of some of the names and brands that have come and gone over the past half century.

Tags: TMC, Powertrain

February 2006, - Editorial

Praise For America's Road Team

By Deborah Whistler, Editor

Grooming drivers to be part of America's Road Team can only improve your driver team and your company's image.

Tags: Driver Safety, Volvo Trucks, America's Road Team

February 2006, - Editorial

Safety Belt Non-Use: Let's Stop The Silliness

By Doug Condra, President

Truck drivers aren't getting the message, and it's costing lives – theirs.

Tags: Driver Safety, Truck Drivers, Seat Belts, U.S. DOT

February 2006, - Cover Story

TMC Celebrates 50 years

By Jim Winsor, Executive Editor

Here are just a few of its many accomplishments, colorful characters and "war stories" from the early years.

Tags: TMC

February 2006, - Feature

Repairs on the Run

By Tim Barton, Contributing Editor

When you're talking OTR service, it all boils down to choices.

Tags: Maintenance, repair

February 2006, - Feature

Maintaining Tires

By Evan Lockridge, Contributing Editor

Taking care of your tires is one of the easiest types of routine maintenance you can perform on a truck.

Tags: Tires

February 2006, - Feature

Shop-Floor Diagnostics

By John Bendel, Technology Editor

A particular tractor might have Meritor Wabco brakes, a Caterpillar engine and a multiplexed cab.

Tags: Technology, Tractor, Southeastern Freight Lines, JPRO

February 2006, - Feature

Spec'ing For Low Maintenance

By Tom Berg, Senior Equipment Editor

Certain equipment allows trucks to run longer without scheduled or unscheduled work. Here are some examples.

Tags: Maintenance, Spec'ing

February 2006, - Feature

Breakdown Solutions

By Deborah Lockridge, Senior Editor

Our annual guide to help you manage on-the-road emergencies.

Tags: vehicle breakdown

January 2006, - Editorial

Power Loss In Cold Temperatures

By Jim Winsor, Executive Editor

Blended diesel may be important to smooth winter operation, but there are trade-offs to consider.

Tags: axle

January 2006, - Test Drives

International 9900IX

By Tim Barton, Contributing Editor

The 9900ix is International's premium tractor

Tags: International, Tractor

January 2006, - Editorial

HOS: Here And There

By Deborah Whistler, Editor

New Canadian hours of service rules are much the same as in the U.S. - but they're more flexible.

Tags: Canada, Regulations, Hours of Service

January 2006, - Editorial

Revising Stopping Distances: A Kinder, Gentler NHTSA

By Doug Condra, President

Today's regulators don't operate like those who forced the brake law on us.

Tags: Proposed Legislation, NHTSA

January 2006, - Cover Story

Good Part, Bad Part?

By Deborah Lockridge, Senior Managing Editor

There's no denying that counterfeit parts are bad news - but it's not all that simple.

Tags: Counterfeit Goods, SKF

January 2006, - Feature

Eye on The Environment

By Deborah Whistler, Editor

DaimlerChrysler develops hybrid, fuel cell technologies.

Tags: Technology, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids

January 2006, - Feature

Non-Compliant Lighting

By Deborah Lockridge, Senior Editor

When it comes to lighting, there's another factor added to the equation: compliance with federal safety standards.

Tags: Regulations, Lighting, LED Lighting

January 2006, - Feature

The Heavy Duty Aftermarket

By HDT staff

What is it? Who's included? Where's It Going?

Tags: Parts, Replacement Parts

October 2004, - Feature

Wriggling Through a Capacity Crunch

By Patricia Smith, senior editor

Freight is growing at a record-breaking pace. Tight capacity appears to be driving up rates. Capital is available for expansion. But, once again, the industry finds itself hemmed in by a familiar problem: finding and keeping good drivers.

December 1996, - Editorial

Friend Or Fiend?

By Andrew Ryder, editor

You don't have to be a Luddite to have a love-hate relationship with computers. I see them as invaluable tools to create and process information more quickly. But I'm also painfully aware of their fallibility.

Tags: computerization

December 1996, - Cover Story


By HDT staff

HDT editors hit the road to report what truckers really face since the lifting of the national speed limit. Some drive, some ride with veteran pros. All tried to run the posted speed...or lower. Here are their personal accounts from across the country.

Tags: Speed limit, Speeding

December 1996, - Department

Taking the Internet On-Board

By Ken Stadden, Technical Editor

Fleets are beginning to tap the Internet's power; wireless product/service choices are broader than ever.

Tags: Technology

December 1996, - Feature

Communications From The Vendor Side

By HDT Staff

There is also much going on in wireless communications for trucking that does not have to do with the Internet.

Tags: Qualcomm, Technology, RFID, vehicle wireless technology, Teletrac

December 1996, - Feature


By Denise Pauley, Assistant Managing Editor

Former State Troopers say split speeds make truckers `the fall guy;` predict rise in speed trap enforcement

Tags: Speeding


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